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Week of May 22, 2015

Since Memorial Day is the unofficial kick-off to summer and many people will be out of the office, we thought we’d focus this week’s Update.me on remote working and how the modern employee is choosing to work. Employees today are choosing to work remotely because they have the tools that allow them to do so, available to them. As a result, the workforce is shifting to a more mobile, connected, and collaborative environment. Here are a few articles around how millennials are driving this shift and some companies who have chosen to support it.

May_1_JM_Blog_200x2005 Big Companies That Support Remote Work
Companies both big and small understand the importance of a remote workforce. Being able to source top tier talent from anywhere in the world and having a more productive, loyal, and dedicated workforce are just some of the reasons why companies are moving out of the office—and into the home office.

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ITbiz_updatemeHave you met the 21st century employee?
While resistance to change continues to be alive and well in many organizations, the world is changing every day. We are in a time when entire economies, organizations and industries are transforming. And yet, we use antiquated organizational change management practices in our 21st century world. The biggest change leaders need to make is to have clarity on the shared purpose of their organization and how to deliver on it in a simple way where employees understand their roles.

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managersorg_updatemeHow Millennials are Driving a Remote Working Revolution
A tech-savvy generation of younger employees is reshaping the way we do our jobs. This UK article explores 4 ways to create an effective remote working experience.

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On May 28, 2015, LogMeIn’s CFO, Ed Herdiech, will be attending the Cowen and Company Technology, Media & Telecom Conference at the New York Palace. Details around the session are as follows:

Cowen and Company 43rd Annual Technology, Media & Telecom Conference

  • Date: Thursday, May 28, 2015
  • Remarks: 2:45 pm ET
  • Location: The New York Palace, 455 Madison Avenue, New York, NY
  • Attendees: Ed Herdiech, CFO

The presentation will be webcast live on the investor relations section of the company’s website at https://investor.logmeininc.com/and will be available for 90 days after the live presentation. For more information, please contact me at 781-897-1301 or rbradley@LogMeIn.com



LogMeIn Central is excited to introduce an update to our Host Preference Package settings.  This settings option, which provides additional value to IT professionals, hides the LogMeIn Client making it invisible to end-users.  Once in place, host deployment becomes even more seamless, providing instant connectivity and support with limited visibility of the LogMeIn product.

Once an administrator chooses this setting, the LogMeIn Client is hidden from end-users in the Start Menu, desktop, and system tray. Administrators have two options: they can apply this setting to existing hosts through host preference package or to new installations through deployment configuration.

This settings option is available with Central Plus and Central Premier. You can find it, live now, in the Configuration menu under the ‘Appearance’ category.



Tip Tuesday – Make your meetings truly collaborative by sharing control!

As more and more businesses shift towards a collaborative atmosphere, less and less meetings are being led by just one person. Presentations are no longer one-to-many; they’re transforming into a conversation where everyone contributes. Some of join.me’s most beneficial features give you the ability to put anyone in the driver’s seat of the meeting, quickly and seamlessly.

The ‘pass presenter’ feature allows the meeting host to pass screen-sharing functionality from their dvice to another person’s device at any time during the meeting. Participants can also request access to takeover the present role. It proves extremely useful for team brainstorms, meetings with remote attendees, or to review multiple documents provided by various people. Everyone can contribute, and anyone take the lead in the matter of seconds. Check out this video to learn how to pass presenter control in your next join.me meeting:

We also understand that not all join.me meetings are the host presenting a document – sometimes it’s beneficial for the people in your meeting to get interactive with content or platforms. Our remote control feature allows meeting attendees to use the presenter’s mouse and control what’s on their screen and device. This feature has been a game changer for our customers who are giving sales demos. Allowing your potential customer to play around with your product, with you on the line to help, is a priceless value-add to your sales pitch.

Check out how to use join.me’s remote control feature in this video. For more user tips, check out our full video library here!


Managing Customer Feedback


We all want customer feedback; it helps us stay connected to our customers, identify problem areas, figure out product and service enhancements, and even helps us come up with new ideas. But being organized about gathering and managing that feedback is crucial for gaining actionable insights. Here are a few tips on managing customer feedback:

  • Keep all your feedback avenues open, including support: Lots of valuable insights can be gathered from Google Analytics and social media analytics (Buffer Analytics, Twitter Analytics, Facebook Insights, etc.). Don’t forget about customer surveys, including those that are built into support solutions, including LogMeIn Rescue. These provide an avenue to ask specific questions to a targeted audience.
  • Keep feedback in the context and perspective: Feedback elicited in a customer support center may be colored by the fact that a support session is emotionally charged. Offering a discount or a prize may also impact an individual who fills out a survey – what are their motivations?
  • Keep the communications two-way: Feedback needs to be a two-way street. Thank your customers for offering feedback and follow up with them. Let them know which problems have been resolved and what enhancements are being made based on feedback, even if you’re not incorporating their suggestions at this time.
  • Keep things categorized: In the world of social media where data is unstructured, you’ll need a way to keep things organized. Start by using algorithms to help classify feedback and to incorporate emotions and underlying issues into your data. Algorithms can categorize data based on keywords, product names, and tags so you can search and filter through the content (similar to CRM systems like Salesforce). In addition, there are a number of textual analytics programs, like Crunchbase and Glassdoor, that apply textual analytics to unstructured information.

Feedback is crucial in improving your business – ensuring you have the methodology in place to capture and manage customer feedback is just as important.

For more tips, check out our blog series on support strategies.


Customer Spotlight: Sprinklr, Connecting a Global Workforce

A few weeks ago we traveled to Austin, Texas to visit our friends at Sprinklr to learn how they are using join.me (and, of course, sample some epic barbecue). If you’re not familiar with Sprinklr, they create social software for brands to engage the voice of the customer through social platforms.

With about 600 employees in offices around the world, Sprinklr found that getting everyone on the same page was often a challenge. Especially for Katie O’Brien who leads product launches for the entire company, In Katie’s role, making sure that all employees are working together and collaborating is crucial.

Katie and the rest of the Sprinklr team uses join.me across the organization to collaborate internally and to train employees on new product launches. Speed and simplicity are the two main reasons Sprinklr chose join.me, and communication has since improved greatly across the organization.

Watch the whole story here:



On May 18, 2015, LogMeIn’s CEO, Michael Simon, and CFO, Ed Herdiech, will be attending the J.P. Morgan Global Technology, Media and Telecom Conference at the Westin Boston Waterfront. Details around the session are as follows:

J.P. Morgan Global Technology, Media and Telecom Conference

  • Date: Monday, May 18, 2015
  • Remarks: 3:30pm ET
  • Location: The Westin Boston Waterfront, 425 Summer Street, Boston, MA 02210
  • Attendees: Michael Simon, CEO, and Ed Herdiech, CFO

The presentation will be webcast live on the investor relations section of the company’s website at https://investor.logmeininc.com/and will be available for 90 days after the live presentation. For more information, please contact me at 781-897-1301 or rbradley@LogMeIn.com


Update.me – Collaboration, Innovation, and Engagement

Week of May 15, 2015

Huge news in the digital media business was announced this week when Verizon, one of the largest mobile network providers purchased content producer AOL for about $4.4B. With this deal (pending regulatory approval) Verizon will acquire AOL’s online video services, content, news sites, and over $600M in advertising revenue.

This game-changing merger will allow Verizon to better create and manage content for tablet and smartphone users. Consumers can expect to see new, innovative ways to view content on their mobile devices – from TV, to movies, to news, and even advertising. This is just more proof that leading companies are moving toward mobile.

verizonVerizon Buys AOL for $4.4 Billion
Verizon is buying AOL for about $4.4 billion. The deal aims to create a major new player in the digital media business by combining one of the biggest mobile network providers with a leading content producer.

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Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 3.26.38 PMThrough the Enterprise Collaboration Looking Glass
CMS Wire recently hosted a live tweet jam with collaboration thought leaders about collaboration tools and best practices. Catch up with this recap of “Making Sense of the Collaboration Tool Landscape”.

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collaborationZDNetCollaboration Industry Continues to Flourish and Multiply

Has the collaboration industry reached it’s peak maturity, or is there much more on the horizon? ZDNet looks at the future of the industry, and how using collaboration tools can forge truly valuable new capabilities among knowledge workers – if used correctly.

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dominosCraving Pizza? Send an Emoji to Dominos

Talk about innovation. In a new development appealing to their mobile and social media saavy customers, Domino’s will now start fulfilling delivery orders to customers who simply tweet the Pizza emoji.

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LogMeIn Central Introduces Ad Hoc Support!

The LogMeIn Central team has been hard at work building a brand new feature, exclusive to Central Premier, to improve our customer’s IT support experience. Ad Hoc Support is a fast and reliable way to provide support to machines that do not currently have LogMeIn software installed.

With that said, we’re excited to introduce the new Ad Hoc Support feature which includes:

  • Powerful remote support for machines outside your day-to-day list
  • One-time deployment with File transfer, Background Access, and Reboot
  • A simple and intuitive end-user interaction to resolve issues quickly

 “The new Ad Hoc Support feature fulfills an important need in this fast paced, ever-developing field. With Ad Hoc Support we know that we can address end user problems quickly.  Deployment is super-simple and allows for an instant desktop connection once we get a request.  Combined with all the other great features of LogMeIn Central, Ad Hoc Support really completes LogMeIn’s remote support software package.” Bruce Sellnow, OTP3 – MIS/IT, GMI McDonald’s Office

The Ad Hoc Support option can be found on the left-hand navigation menu.







Want to see it in action? Check out our walk-through for admins below.

To see the end-user experience, click here.


Where Contact Centers Are Missing the Mark


The “mobile revolution” has had a profound impact on all aspects of our lives. We’ve all gotten used to anywhere, anytime communication that lets us go shopping while we’re waiting for the train, schedule a doctor’s appointment in the middle of the night, and settle an argument on which film won The Academy Award for Best Picture in 2010 while sitting with a colleague in the lunchroom. We expect to be able to take care of all this on our own terms: whatever the time, wherever we are. And we want it all done fast!

These expectations affect how we feel about the support we’re getting from contact centers. We want support to be quick and on our own terms. Those terms include the fact that, more likely than not, we’re on a mobile device. And, increasingly, we want the option of connecting with support through a live chat channel.

This is the topic of a new report, “Where Contact Centers Are Missing the Mark with Customer Care: Adapting Live Chat and Remote Support for the Connected, Multi-Channel Customer.”

That title is admittedly a mouthful, but the report is one that customer service pros will not want to miss.

The report is based on a survey that Ovum conducted with both contact center managers and customers. Some key findings from the report:

  • Good customer service matters: 76% of the customers surveyed said that they’d stopped doing business with a company after a bad experience.
  • Non-voice channels like live chat and email are rapidly increasing in popularity. So, if you’re not supporting these channels, you may want to consider adopting them.
  • Live chat is a promising support channel – and its use has doubled in the past two years. Not only does it enable you to quickly engage with your customers, but it also lets your agents handle multiple transactions at once.

Download the report for free, here.

And, in case you were wondering, the Academy Award for Best Picture in 2010 was The Hurt Locker.