Introducing Cubby

Last week we announced Cubby, our latest product, and it was overwhelmingly well received. We will be starting an official Cubby blog soon, but until then Cubby-related content will cybersquat here on In order to break the silence I thought I’d take a few minutes and explain what goals we had with creating the product and why we think it’s better than the competition.

Cubby is as simple or as flexible as you want it to be. It’s designed to suit your style, not some arbitrary requirements of the software. Simply put, it works the way you work, not the way we want you to. 

You start off with a single cubby. You put stuff into it and it appears on all your devices as well as in the cloud at If that works for you and you don’t need more complexity, that’s fine. You can also create one or more new cubbies and select where their contents appear. With Cubby, you gain fine control over what goes where. For example, you can have your work docs on your office desktop and laptop, your photos on your laptop and your home computer, and so on. Cloud syncing is optional, so you can set a cubby to sync peer-to-peer between your computers when you don’t need web-based or mobile access to a cubby. With peer-to-peer syncing, cubby content doesn’t count against your cloud storage quota.

Cubby is versatile. To share files with somebody, simply send them an URL that provides read-only access a particular file or folder in one of your cubbies. To collaborate with someone, simply invite them to share a cubby with you, and then that particular cubby will update its contents on the devices of your choice as well as the devices of their choice in real time as changes are made.

Cubby is a safety net. For cubbies that sync with, we retain deleted files and previous versions of stuff you overwrite. This is automatic and doesn’t count against your quota; it simply uses whatever free space you have with us on If you start to run out of unused space, the oldest versions of your files are eventually thrown away, but you can easily check how your storage is used and how much space you have for storing old files.

Cubby is secure. Every cubby has its own encryption key that’s further encrypted by your password. When you log in to and choose high security mode we use your password to temporarily decrypt your cubby keys so we can show you what you store with us, but when you’re not accessing the website we simply don’t have your encryption keys in a usable form. Your computers with Cubby installed do have a copy of these keys so they’re able to sync information back and forth without your intervention. The only downside to high security mode is that if you forget your password and have to reset it without the recovery key that we give you when high security mode is enabled, you lose access to the  stuff that’s in cloud storage. Granted, it will re-sync from your computers as soon as they’re online but still, it’s a hassle so this mode will not be enabled by default.

NOTE: While the underlying high security functionality has been implemented (including per-cubby encryption keys) the high security mode will only be publicly available some time later in the beta.

Cubby is smart. It’s powerful and it’s certainly very easy to use, and under the hood there’s a lot of innovation. One of the coolest things is how your computers running Cubby communicate with each other: every computer is assigned an identifier, part of which is the computer’s public IP address. These identifiers are first sorted and then made to form the points around a simple circle graph. Computers will only connect to their immediate neighbor in the graph, and information will flow only between a particular computer and its two neighbors. Why should you or your ISP care about this? Well, this minimizes Internet traffic and makes Cubby replicate files very quickly. Computers on the same network will have the same public IP address which means they will be neighbors on the graph, talking with each other on the LAN without having to involve your ISP. Computers on the same ISP are likely to have similar IP addresses , so they will be neighbors in the Cubby graph, thereby minimizing inter-ISP traffic; again, making things smoother and faster.

We built Cubby from the ground up because we wanted to create a better experience that’s flexible, secure and super easy to use.  The underlying technology took us a long time to develop but,  we think it’s been worth it. Hope you’ll agree.

You can apply on the Cubby website to be part of the closed beta and chances are you won’t have to wait very long. While the line isn’t short by any standards we are letting in thousands of new users every day.

-Marton Anka (CTO, LogMeIn)

Sandor Palfy

Written by

Sandor is the Chief Technology Officer of the Identity & Access Business Unit at LogMeIn.

184 thoughts on “Introducing Cubby

  1. I’ve been using Cubby for almost a week now and I’m loving it. One of the best features so far has been the unlimited peer-to-peer syncing. We have several shared computers at our small office and often times people end up leaving files all over the place. A frequent refrain is, “my file is on that computer and I can’t get to it because X is using it!” Now I’ve set up a file for each person and sync’d/merged the files across our PCs so that files propagate seamlessly to each user folder before anyone has a chance to complain.

    There are a couple things I’d like to see: 1) Some method to “lock” the cubby application’s sync preferences, so that every user can’t mess with the sync settings, 2) Notification controls, currently each file that is updated produces a little system tray notification, it would be nice to have an option to remove notifications or just show summary notifications when the syncing session is done, 3) And lastly, some *super* simplified literature explaining the benefits and uses of Cubby for people who think the cloud is something in the sky that produces rain.

    • Fabzillion:

      1) This is on our roadmap, including one-way sync (receive-only, contribute-only, etc.) Cant’ comment on the timeline though.

      2) Yup, unnecessary notifications are driving everyone (including me) bonkers. We’ll most likely throttle them back to events on shared cubbies only, but ultimately you will have control over what events trigger notifications. And Mac users, yes, we’ll add Growl support too.

      3) Since this is a beta we’ve targeted more tech-savvy users. But yeah, a doc targeted at Moms and Dads will be forthcoming too.

    • Sorry Pal, we’ll be iOS and Android-only for the foreseeable future. However, we’ll be adding a WebDAV API soon, and when that happens you should be able to find an app on any platform that can talk to Cubby.

  2. I have been waiting a couple of weeks for an invite. Any idea how long before we get a response.


    • Jerry & others waiting for beta invites: unless I’ve done the math wrong the invites we send out every day now outnumber the signup requests that we get. It’s only a few more days, hang in there, ok?

      We’ve built every component of Cubby from the ground up. It has a new file storage engine that we’re very proud of: a clever combination of RAID & RAIN that has very high tolerance for hardware failures yet it’s fast & very efficient in terms of actual storage used. We’re using a brand new NoSQL database that pretty much runs circles around everything else out there in terms of performance and reliability. Then you have the sync engine, the website, the apps – a lot of brand new code. The only way to make this system public is to do so gradually. We’re highly confident that we have no data loss or data corruption bugs (hundreds of LogMeIn employees have been using Cubby with personal & work data for months now), but we need to feel our way around scalability bottlenecks, lest we introduce a final straw somewhere that breaks the proverbial camel’s back. So far things are looking very good, but we need to stick to our rollout plan.

  3. P2P unlimited syncing is really awesome. I’m probably migrating from dropbox to cubby because of this. But it’s very frustrating to have ALL the computers online to make the sync. I want to sync Office and Home, but i can’t have both computers online at the same time.

    Here is my suggestion:

    Please allow SOME cloud storage to P2P unlimited syncing. This cloud storage (like 3 GB) would be used only to the “recent activities” between P2P synchronized computers. This way I can make some changes in my unlimited P2P cubby at work (changes up to 3 GB, for example) and have those changes synced with my home computer without requiring them to be online at the same time.

    I am willing to pay for this (I’m paying for dropbox right now). Maybe the user could choose how much memory he would like to allocate for the “recent activities” of his unlimited P2P cubbies.

    PS: Please send my invitation. I’m crazy to start using cubby.

    • A very interesting idea. We’ll look at this closely, but it won’t be simple to implement. Cubby in P2P mode works on a “pull” model where nodes request files from other nodes based on a perceived need, instead of a “push” model where a source node pushes the updated content to others. Still, a brilliant suggestion and if you’re not in the beta yet I’d send you an invite as our way of saying thanks, but there doesn’t seem to be an email address for you here.

      • Thank you very much for your reply. I was granted access to the beta this morning, and i’m really enjoying it so far. I have no idea how difficult would it be to implement this, but I feel it’s a really fine mix of the P2P and cloud concepts.

        I don’t want to be pushy with you guys right know (you have just released your beta), but i would love to see this done someday.

        I am a paying Dropbox Pro User, and love it. My company in Brazil depends on cloud syncing to exist and I feel Cubby is bringing me something really new. I’m eager to know your price plans.

        Congratulations and good luck!

  4. I just got Cubby and it seems cool but I’m experiencing an issue sharing video with iOS devices. I uploaded a video in the appropriate H264 format and shared it with a public link and it won’t work play on my iPhone and iPad unless I access it via the Cubby app. However, I uploaded the same exact file using cloudapp on the Mac and Pogoplug and did the same thing with creating and sharing a link and it worked just fine. So, it’s not the video itself, so something else is happening. Is that some sites facilitate streaming while others don’t ?

  5. i’d like to be able to create a photo album that I can share publicly, and allow people to view and download just the pictures they’re interested in, with thumbnails to move between images. Dropbox has a access mechanism called “Galleries” where they automatically generate the HTML to present the images in this way – all I have to do is put the images in a folder and ask for a “Gallery” link to it. If you can implement functionality like this, I would very likely be an early adopter! (Further notes: probably over 10GB of images, shared by about 100 users, and if you have any bandwidth caps this could possibly be a concern.)


  6. My feedback (as Java developer):
    1) Please disable the annoying notifications popup (or at least provide a preferences dialog to to it)
    2) Show a log with the last updated files.
    3) Provide support to Eclipse/Subversion files: “.project”, “.classpath”, “all-wcprops”, “entries”, etc. It seems that these files are not uploaded. And some files from my original folder have been deleted: a disaster!
    4) Provide a preference to disable the files history. It take too much space for files that are updated continuously.

    • 1) a popup for each new file added, really annoying if there are thousands of new files being added..-there are much better ways to do this.
      3)I have the same problem and wont be using cubby until its fixed!

  7. What I really miss is the ability to access p2p data on the mobile app (Android in my case). Also the option would be great not to sync p2p folders in the whole but just be able to browse the content and load files on demand.

  8. Got my invite today. It’s awesome. So simple for simple guys like me. Thank you. Bring out a reasonably priced paid version with more storage and features and I’m on board.

  9. Got my invite today as well. Thanks

    I was disappointed that P2P is not available for Android, but not a deal breaker. Did run into a few other problems;

    1) Dragged a file to the default “My Cubby” cubby. That file is not showing up either via web site or android app

    2) Created a new cubby for an existing directory with a bunch of pictures. The cubby itself shows up on the other devices, but not any of the files in it.

    Should the files be visible right away, or does it take a while to show up?

    3) In the Android app, I marked a file as “Saved Locally”. Where is it? I know I can tap on the file to open it, but I need to be able to manually copy it to some other location. Was hoping to find it using ES File Explorer, but not seeing it anywhere.

    EDIT: Just checked again and the files from issue #1 and #2 above are there now so I guess it is just a question of how long it takes. Also, is there any progress indicator showing the syncing?

  10. I have an invite and have set up Cubby, but I’ve seen some issues. As far as I can tell there’s no support site or even email address for help. Where should we take issues?

    The issue I’m seeing is files that won’t upload (to the cloud or another PC) and I’m wondering if it’s maybe a file naming issue. The files are named things like “2012-04-26 Dairy Queen | Free Blizzard.pdf”. They simply never get picked up by Cubby.

  11. All i’m getting is a “Connection error, try again” on the windows program. There is no help or support to resolve any issues e.g. which ports do Cubby use? Support needs to be a lot better if Cubby is going to work. Especially with Google Drive lauching today

      • For me, it was hidden folders that existed as non-hidden on another PC. The destination hidden folder was ignored by cubby, but when trying to create the folder from the source PC, it failed because the folder already existed.

        Setting the folder to NOT HIDDEN solved my issue.

  12. I have put in my invite request and am looking forward to testing the program. I do have a question about the P2P sync process that I’m hoping will work the way I want.

    I’m using three computers (Home, Work, and Laptop)

    If I set up a cubby folder on each computer to sync with each other – how does the sync work?

    My home computer is always on and logged in. I’m assuming (and hoping) that if I turn on the work computer, Cubby will sync the folder with my home computer. Then if I change a file on the work computer it will sync with the home computer. Likeways with the laptop. If I turn it on, it will sync with any changes made since the last time it was turned on. Bottom line, as long as I have one “master” computer on at all times then the other computers will sync to that “master” computer whenever they are turned on.

    Is this assumption correct?


    • I believe you are correct. Bear in mind, though, that you will need to leave the second computer on for long enough to receive the changes from the first, then you can shut the first and the changes will still sync to the third computer, via the second.

      Of course, if you let it also sync online, you don’t need more than one computer on at a time. There is, of course, the storage limit then.

  13. Hello!
    I can’t install cubby on my computer. It’s on domain. What port can i need to open in firewall?


  14. How to force Cubby to NOT use relayed connection between two systems on the same LAN? It is going to take a long time to transfer 10GB between my two computers with Cubby insisting on “tromboning” the file transfers via the Internet. I have turned off all sync with the cloud.

  15. Hi Marton

    You mention in your reply to Jerry a New NOSql database, are there any details you can share? either on the database or the design of cubby.


  16. Like others have mentioned, there seems to be significant issues with Cubby. It doesn’t connect to the internet for me.

    You would think a beta program would allow for feedback/support messages so the programmers can actually obtain information about the beta program.

    I will have to dump Cubby until they figure things out a bit better.

  17. Using Cubby about a week, looks good.

    Several bugs/improvements:

    1. Need ability to rename a cubby. It’s named as source folder, but if I have folders with same name in different parts of filesystem – it’s adds (1) to second cubby. Want to rename it to something more helpful.

    2. Bug: Cubby got named like “???????” if folder name contains non-latin characters (e.g. russian);

    3. iPad app: Why cubby marked for offline access and already synchronized needs an internet connection to read it tree structure? I don’t want to switch to ‘saved files’ list – there is a very big ‘plain’ list there. I want to navigate in original-tree hierarchy, but ‘cubbies’ are available only when online 🙁

  18. Awesome product! No issues so far with either the Cloud or P2P sync. Would like to see the Cubby iOS app to be able to open/save files into Cubby directly like Dropbox and Box or even like Ignition.

  19. Working great for me as well.

    I would like to see scheduling. I have a Macbook that I take to work each day and bring home in the evening. I’d like to have a way for it sync with my home computer via LAN, but not while I’m at work. A simple scheduler would work or a choice to LAN sync only would be even better. Right now I have and iCal event stopping the Cubby service at 8AM and starting again at 5:45PM on my Macbook. That’s worked so far.

    Thank you.

  20. Asked for the invitation yesterday and I’m looking forward to try this software: it seems to be just what I’m looking for. I’d like to have everything in the cloud (for this it would be nice to be able to pay for more cloud space) and decide what files / folders I want to share with whom.

    Great idea!

  21. Am I overlooking something, or is there no “open file in other application.” -option in the cubby iOS app? If not, will this be implemented? Love Cubby so far, but I must be able to work with the files on my iOS devices. Open them in Pages and so on…


  22. After 3 days intensively synchronizing over 35 GB of data, Cubby has worked well. The following bugs/features are sorely needed …
    – Require/force peer-to-peer synchonization over LAN only
    – Schedule synchronization to occur only during specific time of day
    – Centralized management of synchronization amongst groups of systems, ala managed Hamachi VPN
    – How about one dashboard/pane-of-glass for Cubby, Hamachi, and Logmein remote access?

  23. No offence, but just wonder what’s the point of P2P syncing requiring two computers to be online at the same time if I can simply export all my files to a USB and copy them to another computer (and much much faster)?

    • Um – if you are working on your laptop all day and drop it on the way home (breaking the HDD) then you know that the files that you were working on have already been copied to your work pc, your mac at home and your backup server.

  24. Installed computer on Lion with no issues. On my second computer (Snow leopard server) it hangs when “checking invitation”. They are on the same network at my home. Please help!

  25. Please disable the annoying notifications popup on OS X desktop, or at least provide a preferences dialog to to it.

  26. Good feature, it works just fine, nothing to tell against this service.
    Anyway, the is one thing I can’t bear with any application: I don’t have any choice whether I want it to start automatically or not… It starts automatically, and there is no way to disable it. It’s MY computer, MY choice, so please add the option to choose in your next update.

  27. Okay – I’ve tried this and got myself in trouble – admittedly I’m no computer expert. I had no trouble storing things in cubby, among them my “Favorites” folder for the websites I use on Internet Explorer. Now when I go to Internet Explorer and click on the “Favorites” star, nothing but a blank sheet shows and it won’t take any new bookmarks. I tried emptying my cubby, restarting the computer, running system restore, nothing helped. I have no idea what to do now.

  28. Got the invitation yesterday. Thanks.

    Seems to work good, but I feel that there is a major feature missing: the ability to share subfolders of a Cubby.

    Example: I have my “Documents” folder synced between my home and work computers. Now I want to share the folder “DocumentsWork” with a colleague. If I try to make a new cubby of it, to share it, the app says: “The folder you chose is already in the cubby “Documents””… Thanks for telling me! But I want to have the folder “Documents” synced but NOT shared, and the folder “DocumentsWork” synced AND shared…

    This is not a complaint: Cubby is free, and this reason itself makes any complaints unjustified: I would just like to point out something I feel is missing.

  29. I would like to know how the p2p technically works.

    Usage and problem:
    My usage exceeds the 5 gb. So p2p syncing needs to be done.
    But how does Cubby resolves p2p conflicts? How does it manage that? Lets say I edit an mp3 file on my iMac. So the mp3 is renewed (version B) but on my Macbook the same file is edited too (version C). How does Cubby resolve this? With the Cloud you can restore different versions, so that’s a relief! But how does Cubby do this p2p? Is there a safety net?

  30. Got my invitation yesterday and so far I think this is what I’ve been looking for.

    I do, however, have a few issues already (this is what a beta is for, to find out issues, right?)

    1. Would like to see at a glance which “cubbies” are stored to the cloud without having to click the little monitor icon in the app. Would be nice if the app had the same icons that the website does (monitor icon with number and cloud overlay).

    2. Ability to resize app to show more folders without scrolling – I find it a bit difficult on a touchpad.

    3. Ability to exclude files and subfolders inside of “cubbies”.

    4. Huge cpu usage on startup in virtualbox (xp pro guest in Kubuntu host – see # 5 🙂

    5. Would love to see a linux version (just upgraded to Kubuntu 12.04 LTS on my laptop and desktop).

    6. Option to require password at startup instead of auto-login.

    7. Option for manual startup.

  31. Love cubby so far, have played around with it a fairl amount, two feature requests: a) Ubuntu client and b) control over sync, ie: disable for a period, throttle, and most importantly sync on LAN only… or at least “high speed connection”, some level of control would make it very valuable!

    • I fully agree — some way to throttle bandwidth usage (based on time of day, for example) would be ideal.

  32. My desktop client just keeps saying “connecting” without anything happening. There’s no feedback button or support website. How can I resolve this?? The android app is working fine, but the desktop client is the real disappointment.

  33. When will can I get an invite? I have been requesting one for the past week or so. I really would like to try cubby out. Thanks

  34. When can I get an invite? I have been requesting one for the past week or so. I really would like to try cubby out. Thanks

  35. I’ve been playing with this service and it looks great. I’ve been using Microsoft live mesh for a while, which is a great service although it has some very annoying quirks. I’m especially interested in Cubby because I’ve heard that Microsoft is eliminating the P2P syncing during the transition to Windows 8 and SkyDrive. I use Live Mesh primarily to keep files in sync between my home and work computers.

    However, I was very disappointed to discover that you can’t share P2P folders between accounts. I use this feature on live mesh to synchronize my music collection between three of my own computers and two of my spouse’s – it’s a lifesaver. I hope that you will introduce this feature in the future!

  36. I’ve been using Live Mesh (and its predecessors) for years as a dead-simple LANSync solution on Mac and PC. Cubby is a wonderful new addition, especially if MS kills LANSync in Mesh/Skydrive. Some of the feature requests above would be great – especially more selectivity on notifications and sharing.

    I installed Cubby on my Macs and PCs, and for a short while I was in heaven. Simple to set up. Syncs happened fairly quickly. Then, after a day or so cubby.exe started to eat my CPU on two of the windows machines (one Vista and one Win7). I uninstalled/reinstalled and cleared all cubby data, but the problem persisted. I managed to get cubby under control with Process Lasso, but that is a suboptimal solution.

    The second issue is transfer speeds. Cubby is fairly good with LAN transfer speeds, but in side by side testing Mesh is still at least twice as fast. It’s not as big a deal for me as the CPU load, but would be nice if they could optimize both a bit.

    [[For reference, I have been testing almost all of the major sync/backup platforms for over a decade: Crashplan, Sugarsync, Dropbox, SpiderOak, Syncplicity, iCloud, Dropbox, Allwaysync, Syncback, etc. I am fairly sure the CPU issue is not user error (of course, there is always a chance). If LogMeIn can get the CPU issue under control

  37. Hi, I’ve been having trouble. I’m using two Macs (desktop Mini and MBP), Snow Leopard. When I add a folder to one machine, I can see it grayed out on the other machine. When I add it to to the second computer, it will add the folder but then go gray and request that I need to add it again.

    It happens in both directions. I can’t get the folders to sync, regardless of how I add them to the computer (as new or merged) and regardless of which computer ‘initiates’ the sync. Help?

  38. I just installed the program but keep getting “connection problem, please try again” when I try to enter my credentials within the program. To be clear: I fire up the new installed Cubby program on my Mac>it asks for the email address I used to obtain my beta invite>it brings me to a log in screen asking me to sign in using my LogMeIn credentials (which I do have, and is the same as my beta invite email)… but then I get keep getting the connection problem. I can log into Cubby online within a browser, just not into the program itself. Is there a reason and a fix?

  39. Good stuff, have been searching for unlimited syncing, thanks.
    It appears to me that hidden files and/or folders are NOT synced although they are part of a cubby (Win7/Win7)?

  40. what port does cubby use? my company firewall or something is blocking it but i can’t see where. logmein, dropbox, google drive and sugar sync have no issues… so far only cubby and skydrive are having issues with our firewall. i can’t see where though. whats weirder is that i can’t get to either… but it is not showing as being blocked or anything. any solutions?

  41. I was also having connection issues with the error…”cubby connection problems please try again”. I was able to login to the website, but not during the installation of the app. I tried shutting off my Windows 7 firewall, but that did not help. The solution was running the install using “Run As Administrator”. Just for those who are probably having the same issue.


    • Thank you for this reply! I searched for awhile to find a fix. I sadly tried running it once it was installed as admin but never installing as admin.

  42. Hello. Great idea.

    However I am having some problems. The sync seems to be extremely slow. It took all night to sync 1.5GB to the cloud. I am running the latest version of Mac OS X.

    I have just tried a test file. A 45kb word document. I dragged it to the cubby folder on my mac – waited an hour – it did not appear on the cloud (online, iPad or iPhone). So i went to the website and uploaded the file directly to the cloud. It uploaded fine. However, I have waited another hour, and the file still has not appeared on my mac (but it HAS on my iPhone and iPad).

    So I assume there is a sync problem with my mac. Any ideas what it may be?



    • I’m having these same problems with very slow syncing or just failing to sync at all. Any solutions? It makes Cubby a LOT less cool.

      • Weird. Suddenly my computers want to resync. For weeks I only had 2 files 1.9 MB… then all was sync, but now my docs and files want to start afresh. 60 GB 🙁

  43. What are the IP addresses associated with Cubby? I’m trying to monitor bandwidth usage.


  44. Just want to say that this could be all sorts of awesome. I’ve been looking for functionality like this for a long time to sync my desktop and laptop and a friends desktop across town for files we work on together. I’ve tried a couple different sync services, but they never seem to be very reliable.

    Just curious – is there a support site for cubby yet, even if it’s just a user forum?

  45. Please allow peer-to-peer between accounts. This would make Cubby my number one choice. You came out with some strong features. I love forward to its continued evolution.

  46. Thanks for a wonderful product – I’m enjoying it already. Much better than Dropbox, because it can handle multiple folders in different places.

    Feature request: subfolders
    For example, I’d like to sync C:/Files with one computer, and C:/Files/Work with another computer. If I try to add C:/Files/Work, it tells me that it is part of another cubby. I know that, but want separate sync settings for it.

    • Why not just make, for instance, C:/Files NOT a cubby and have subfolders that are cubbies (C:/Files/personal and C:/Files/work) and have different settings? That solves your problem without requiring new functionality of Cubby.

      • Hi!
        It would be a good idea, except that there are MANY more subfolders in C:, and it would be very tedious to set up. Also, I have more sub-sub-sub folders that I want cubby to sync online and with different computers, but want to sync my whole My Documents between my 2 main computers.
        As cubby is in beta, I’m hoping that the functionality I would like will eventually appear. If not, I may look elsewhere, or try using a combination of services.

  47. I’ve been using Live Mesh for years and switched to Cubby for P2P local – definitely faster, etc. – Thank You

    Feedback/Request — Better status information — for example in Live Mesh when u sync a folder between computers the app tells you now many remaining files need to be sync on PC-A, PC-B, etc., for that folder.

  48. It may sound like a small OCD issue, but I would really like to be able to disable the shell extension/integration. I have lots of items that pop open when I right click on files, due to some custom/proprietary work-related software, so I try to avoid extra shell extensions. I can disable cubby’s by removing the .dll’s, but they always reappear.

    • (8 months later)

      Have you tried to remove them physically from the registry rather than just deleting the dll’s?

  49. Where is the love for linux?
    I want to move away from dropbox but some of my PCs run ubuntu.
    Is a linux client in the pipeline or is that just a crazy dream that will never come true?
    tx a lot.

      • I’ve been begging Logmein for customer support. I actually get an exception. Cubby starts, and then immediately exits. This was not always the case.

        Log file sez:

        2012-08-17 09:13:35 (up for 7 seconds)
        Cubby build version: 10686 Windows (NT) 5.1.2600. Service Pack 3
        microsoft c++ exception at 0x7c812afb
        thread 0x1a90 “Website Poller”
        kernel32.dll (0x7c80b729) : GetModuleFileNameA
        cubby.exe (0x6149b1) :
        cubby.exe (0x614927) :
        cubby.exe (0x49543b) :
        cubby.exe (0x4c793e) :
        cubby.exe (0x4c0217) :
        cubby.exe (0x4e707f) :
        cubby.exe (0x4f73ab) :
        cubby.exe (0x4ffa04) :
        cubby.exe (0x4041df) :
        cubby.exe (0x615333) :
        kernel32.dll (0x7c812afb) : RaiseException

        • Read my comment below a few post down. It should hopefully resolve it for you as well, if you haven’t yet gotten it fixed.

  50. The functionality is just what I need, but on my 2011 Mac Mini it uses a lot of CPU, to the extent that I only turn it on when I need to sync something. Which defeats the functionality somewhat. I never have that problem with Dropbox, etc, so a bit disappointed.

  51. I have a VERY basic feature request – Where can I delete Machines from the account?

    Also, I noticed when accidentally overloading a cubby with too much to store (>5GB), even after deleting the culprit files, I am still over limit – It appears that the Archive still stores the files I removed… Where does one edit or purge the archive?

    Maybe since its a Beta, there are missing features, but if you’re going to invite users, we need at least the ability to edit our device profile – I am changing machines from two MacBooks and a Windows PC to two DIFFERENT MacBooks and an iMac (Someone’s got to drive consumer spend, right?) – Is there a way to clean up this account?

    • I’ve been dealing with the same problem. Archive and deleted files are not automatically being overwritten and filled up my available storage space. There is a new feature that will show the number of archive files there are for each file stored on When you hover the cursor over the file a menu icon appears at the end of the line, on the right. That will give you the option to delete the archive versions.

      That still doesn’t solve your problem though because they will end up in the trash and the trash also takes up your storage space. There is no empty trash option on to free up the space. A work around is to go to your main page and look just above your Cubbies. You’ll see: Upload / Create Folder / Show Deleted. If you select Show Deleted, it will show all the deleted files when you enter each of your Cubbies. Now you can check all the boxes on the left of the deleted files; right click and permanently remove them. You will see the change reflected in your capacity bar.

      A major pain to regain space that should automatically be freed back up. I hope it gets fixed soon and Cubby gets out of beta. I’m anxious to buy more space!

      • You actually have to go in, and delete the archive files. In all honesty, I’ve officially given up on this product. It hasn’t worked for weeks, LogMeIn refuses to contact me, and there are way too many issues with it. They released the BETA too soon, and I’ve gone back to Dropbox.

        Way to blow a good idea Cubby.

        • It seems to be working just fine here. It takes a while to find its feet when adding vast folders, but now seems to have settled down. It would be nice to have more control and information. And to know what exactly Logmein was planning.

  52. Hi Cubby, i am trying to sync my Thunderbird Profile Folder but am unable to make this folder a Cubby….. am i doing something wrong?

      • Hi, i have unhidden the folder and still cannot make it a cubby.
        i am trying to sync Thunderbird between two PC’s in the same household. Any other ideas?

        • I have been able to create a cubby out of my Thunderbird profile folder on one machine but I cannot merge it with the profile on the other (both Win 7). “Invalid Folder”.

          On the second machine, I cannot make the profile folder a cubby, either. “Invalid Folder”.

          Both my machines are on my home LAN, and neither folder is hidden.

  53. I have been using cubby for about a week and I must say I am impressed with what I have seen so far. I do have a couple questions: 1) Is the security implemented yet? 2) Do you have a timeline for GA or Production? 3) You mention being able to set up multiple cubbies, is tha under one account or would you need to manage multiple accounts?

  54. What ports does Cubby require? The beta works well on my home computer. On my work computer the Login screen displays the message “connection problem, please try again” in red. I assume the firewall is blocking communication.

  55. Is anybody else experiencing problems with their Windows Cubby? My brother and I are both getting crashes while trying to run the interface. Everything was working fantastic, and for the last 3 days…nothing. Anybody? Help?

  56. I have the same problem as Kevin, cannot login on my work computer through university network – please let us know which port you’re using!

  57. For the past couple of weeks, every time I save a file in a certain cubby, I get a Conflict At … file added, and that file is the same thing, without the changes I just made that minute. Anyone else experiencing this or know how to stop it? Thanks!

  58. I have just started using Cubby and it looks great. I did start off on the wrong foot by trying to sync more that a TB of data in ten files, but that slowed my computers down and also got complaints from my colleague at work about network hogging. Now I just note that while I have a file open on one machine, the others (with inactive versions of the files that are not open) seem to create “conflict at” files?

  59. I still cannot connect when I am at the university network (eduroam and VPN both don’t work). I believe it is a port issue, please tell us which port is used and I might get it tunneled through the firewall.
    On the other hand, dropbox, gdrive and skydrive all work fine, what’s up with cubby?

    • Can we expect a real forum soon? Cubby is great, but it’s hard to see what it’s doing and also could do with ways to tune it. For instance… I want it to keep my docs up to date instantly. but other folders, such as Photos or Music can wait a while. Now I se that my work documents are not being kept up to date because there’s 3GB of music I just added…

  60. Great product, using it for the P2P sync features. Would be great if this was made into a service. I run a windows home server 2011 and want to be able to have it running to pull from my laptop when i add photos to it when on vacation without having to login to the server. It would also be great if this and other logmein programs could be rolled into one program like hamachi and logmein.

  61. The database in one of my computers got corrupted. There is lots of errors in the log file which grows gigabytes in hours and it does not sync anymore. Any way to fix that?

  62. Everything worked great for the first few months, but the last few days when I try to open Cubby all I get is “connecting” … but it doesn’t. Is there some kind of problem? How do I get help from Cubby? I can’t access any of my work!

  63. My home Cubby is working fine… but my work one just sits on “connecting” showing waiting to be attached to an account (it was)… removing and reinstalling does nothing, removing the plist files and reinstalling does nothing… nothing makes it work! I can’t reattach it to my account or anything if it sits there doing nothing…
    anyone got a clue how to make it work again? I quite like Cubby but it doesn’t seem overly stable to me… even for a Beta

  64. When Cubby is running (on OS X 10.8.2) I get constant notifications popping up of “Server connection interrupted” for my NAS storage (Synology). When Cubby is not running, the random disconnections stop. Help? Is there a way to contact Cubby Support? I’d love to send in some log files to help troubleshoot, but I can’t figure out what or where to send!

  65. I tryed the product and so far it does good, had to remove it though, coz can’t seem to find a way to exclude files. Other than that I would serious consider using it instead of Mesh

    Anyone know if theres a way exclude a file or directory inside a cubby?


  66. out of curiosity, anyone want to invite me so I can try it? Cactusmonkey (dot) az (at) GMail (dot) com
    I’d greatly appreciate it.

  67. Anyone seeing constant activity? My Cubby’s been working 24/7 for 8 days now and I can’t diagnose what the activity is all about.

    • I posted this a few weeks ago. I was having the same problem you are.

      I’ve been dealing with the same problem. Archive and deleted files are not automatically being overwritten and filled up my available storage space. There is a new feature that will show the number of archive files there are for each file stored on When you hover the cursor over the file a menu icon appears at the end of the line, on the right. That will give you the option to delete the archive versions.

      That still doesn’t solve your problem though because they will end up in the trash and the trash also takes up your storage space. There is no empty trash option on to free up the space. A work around is to go to your main page and look just above your Cubbies. You’ll see: Upload / Create Folder / Show Deleted. If you select Show Deleted, it will show all the deleted files when you enter each of your Cubbies. Now you can check all the boxes on the left of the deleted files; right click and permanently remove them. You will see the change reflected in your capacity bar.

      A major pain to regain space that should automatically be freed back up. I hope it gets fixed soon and Cubby gets out of beta. I’m anxious to buy more space!

      • Thanks so much for the quick reply. Alas, no luck here. No deleted files or no trash left and still Cubby keeps chugging away. The latest version doesn’t seem compatible with Growl 2 so i can’t even monitor the activity. I noticed the behavior on another synced computer recently too. It’s a large file so I’d hate to start a sync all over again.

  68. I’ve had the same issue of constant activity but having read alot of the the comments here and monitored the behavior I now have everything working.
    Just to get a sense of scale: Peer to Peer sync of 2545 folders, 39251 files, 204 GB total out of which 43GB of Outlook pst files, 8 pst files of sizes from 1MB to 4GB accessed and changed every day.
    First problem was the long file names as stated in various other comments. Have the cubby’s in the root folder or in general avoid filenames longer than 255 characters.
    Second and most important is the very first sync. During that, Cubby will identify some differences in some files, let’s assume the 4GB .pst file, even though the data was copy pasted from source. In the second PC it will create a …(conflict at…) file of 4 GB. That being a “new” file in the second PC will now try to sync to the primary PC. If you are doing this over internet it will take a long time. If during that time the file at the primary PC changes then there will be another …(conflict at…) file on the second PC which is now another “new” file which will try to sync to the primary and you get the picture! A never ending sync.
    You can see a relative status of the sync by enabling hidden files in the file explorer. While a sync is in progress there is a hidden file that accepts the changes before it commits it to the final version. NEVER delete the hidden files. The solution I have found it that if you identify the conflict files in the second PC and delete them then cubby understands that you don’t care about that conflict point and deletes the hidden file in the primary site accepting that the current state is acceptable. And now Cubby’s are in sync.
    Using this method, the 204GB of files took approximately 48 hours to sync (only verification, the second PC was seeded with the data). After that everything has been working perfectly with pst files that change multiple times every day (write and autoarchive in place) syncing at the block level identifying only the changes, within minutes.

  69. I am having the same problem. Even uninstalled and reinstalled the latest version on both machines. Set up the folders again from scratch. Cubby just runs and runs. I keep clicking on the menu bar icon and file number of files remaining never changes.

  70. I am confused about what is going on with my account. I signed up for service, got email verification, created account, put some files storage, but now when I try to access my account it keeps saying my “trial” has expired. Has anyone else seen this? Also, how do you contact cubby for support? When I talk to Logmein support, they don’t really know anything to help me.

    • I haven’t been able to raise technical support either. I don’t think they’re really around yet. I trust the logmein people though… I know that eventually this will be an awesome, rock-solid service.

  71. Cubby has stopped working for me, just spins on a new folder added, other files not be copied. One side says one of the computers if off-line, the other computer however is on line and sees the other one… quite odd. Other folders seem to sync ok, just a new one added. Where is technical service now that this has gone live? How do I get assistance?

  72. Cubby works… but seems continuously to be looking for 2 files. – 1.9MB. They have been “remaining” for weeks now. But where? I can’t seem to find what the files are and where? Isn’t there a log/details page?

  73. Cubby has worked months wiith few problems. In the last week, I have needed to sync a few files of a couple of megabytes in all. But for some reason Cubby has now decided to resync all my sync folders. I have four folders in sync between my office and home computers. The total is about 120 GB. And now these are being recopied, file for file – while they are already on both machines.
    What’s wrong?

  74. I’ve been using Cubby for a few months. I received today Logmein’s discounted pro offer which prompted these 2 issues:
    1. I needed to find a particular image that is located in a directory under the parent My Pictures directory. All the images were missing. The ‘C’ adjacent to the My Pictures folder was still present. However, when I checked my iPhone and the Cubby sync–the entire 360 Mb of data and parent folder were gone, absent–history. Fortunately, I maintain redundant other media based backups. I do not know when this problem occurred but it surely mitigates against purchasing a pro version.
    2. There is no company supported forum nor email support. This again mitigates against purchasing a pro version.


  75. Not sure why but Cubby continually uses CPU whilst idling in comparison to dropbox that doesn’t. Cubby also idles with greater RAM required compared to my dropbox. Is this really necessary? More efficiency on the resources please.

    • Agree completely: cubby is now one of the top cpu users on my windows pc, using 4-5% *while idling* (ie no active syncing is occurring). Dropbox uses 0%. This is a major issue that I hope the developers will address.

  76. Can’t believe Cubby does not have the ability to share/link a specific folder within a Cubby(folder). If i have made a put My documents folder on Cubby, and want to share a specific folder within it with friends , i have to give them access to the whole my documents folder..!!. ridiculus..! Surely Cubby can’t have missed this? The same applies to excluding the syncing of a specific folder. This feature is available on Sugarsync and Spideroak which i thought of leaving becuase of the price and direct sync whch cubby offered. Pity..!

  77. I am looking at cubby to replace the windows live mesh which MS announced some time ago that the service will end by next month. I’ve just install cubby just now – however, I discovered that when I tried using the file explorer (which I have changed to my document from the default library) in the taskbar, it just would not open ie maximise. I m using windows 8 pro. however when I uninstall cubby, the file explorer worked just fine. Is this a bug in cubby?

  78. Hi,
    I’m trailing Cubby for our Company along with the alternates dropbox, sugarsync, sykdrive/livemesh, G drive sparklehsare Ifolder and even inhouse hosted solutioins like owncloud. Cubby is coming up trumps so far mostly as it fits our needs and it would be any easier sell to management given we use Logmein for approx 4000pcs.
    Im looking of the best place to leave feedback. Ive looked at the official Facebook/Twitter and the Blog. Is the somewhere to make official feature requests etc?

    Kind Regards

  79. The feedback I have for is that it doesn’t work consistently and attempting to get it to work has been frustrated as all hell. I even contacted tech support. Three days later (or longer) I get an email back with a simple response that still didn’t work. Another worker and I share files across the country. Her files in her directory can succesfully sync to mine, but mine can’t sync back. It’s time to move on to a competing product.

  80. But it still time for a real forum. Somewhere where we can exchange individual queries and problems and solve them without wasting too much of Logmein’s time.

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  82. I am experiencing issues from behind a “guest” network on a corporate WiFi network. The Cubby client will not connect. I am wondering how I might help it to make a connection on this network.

      • I’m assuming the company firewall is blocking communication. I’ve tried a few other sync programs like Dropbox and have been able to run them behind the same firewall without issue. Is there a setting I can change on Cubby to help me overcome the firewall block?

  83. I am so thrilled at being able to use simple “vanilla” folders on the mac or using FTP programs such as Cyberduck to access! I’ve wanted a place to “BACKUP” my stuff as opposed to having cloud SCREW everything up simultaneously and instantaneously. Cubby has delivered where BOX, DropBox, Amazon Cloud and iCloud have royally FAILED!!! I bought a year subscriptions and so far NOT Dissappointed! I am having one small problem with some files. I get a message that some files cannot be copied as they are in use. However, I have restared my computer, repaired permissions and have searched forums on this subject. I cannot find out why some files do not copy. Any input, theories or possiblities would be great to figure this out.

    • Also..using Cyberduck..when I refresh a directory…none of the folders show up..however in the Finder using Connect to Server… webdav…they show up fine. A small glitch?

  84. I like the helpful info you supply on your articles. I’ll bookmark your blog and take a look at again right here frequently. I’m fairly sure I’ll be told many new stuff right right here! Good luck for the next!

  85. I loved my Cubby account, but since migrating to a new MAC I can’t get it to work. I tried deleting the program and reinstalling but I still get: Error Initialization of Cubby Failed

    • Here’s some guidance I received from the administrator:
      Simply exit MegaCloud, go into the applications folder and move the megacloud application to trash.
      In addition, after removing the megacloud application to trash, kindly run the following too:
      1. Remove the MegaCloud in Application
      2. Run “Terminal” with the following commands:
      2.1. rm -rf ~/.MegaCloud
      2.2. sudo rm -rf /Library/PrivilegedHelperTools/com.megacloud*
      2.3. rm ~/Library/Preferences/com.megacloud*

      It worked on one iMac and has failed numerous times on a second identical machine. Good luck

  86. I have been using Cubby for months to sync between folders on my own computer. It has never been mentioned that this is a “Pro” feature. Yet now I suddenly get a warning that I have started a “Pro” trial of 14 days because I am using a “Pro” feature – DirectSync. This was free from Live Mesh and I have always been led to believe that it was to remain a free feature in Cubby. There was only money involved if one used cloud storage. What’s going on?

  87. Anyone else have an issue where Cubby tries to upload a file (2kb) for hours on end? I believe it has something to do with the icon on the Cubby folder. However, when I delete the icon the app
    refuses to reopen.

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