Collaborate. Annotate.

Ever wish you could circle that word, highlight that line, or laser-focus on one part of your screen? Well, today you can. pro now includes annotation for hosts and viewers, including drawing on the screen with a highlighter or pen, or focusing on a certain aspect of your screen with a laser pointer. You can choose up to six colors to annotate with, and we even offer collaborative annotation, where both the host and viewers can annotate at the same time. And don’t worry – you can save your annotations with the click of a button and access them at any time.

Watch the 90-second demo here:

If you have any questions, comments, or ideas on annotation, head on over to our help center where you can get answers, ask questions or submit ideas to make better.

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Knowledge Workers and the technology they use at work

People aren’t using the same old technology at the office anymore. Tried-and-true solutions are being replaced with personal devices and new tools that better meet the demands of our fast-paced, hyper-connected workplace. Bring Your Own Solution is becoming the new norm, not just a passing trend. At least that was our hunch. We needed to find out what people were really using to get down to business. Working with Harris Interactive, we conducted a survey of U.S. knowledge workers in March 2012.

Our goal was to figure out 3 things:

  • How do today’s knowledge workers prefer to communicate and collaborate at work?
  • What tools, technology and solutions are they using, and why?
  • Are those tools employer-provided or personal?

The results were thought-provoking, and even a little eye-opening. Here’s what we found out.



New Mac app on

Good news! Our brand new Mac app is now available on It’s new, improved, faster, slicker – but still the same you know and love. Start a session on your Mac at to check out the new app.

Using a PC? We haven’t forgotten about you – stay tuned for a new Windows app coming to our beta site soon.


Monday Morning News August 1, 2011

Welcome back! It’s Monday, and that means it’s time to get back into work mode. Let us help: Here’s five stories to catch you up on the tech news of last week and some other topics to keep an eye on as the week goes by.

10 Tips for Better Startup Marketing

Check out these tips from experts. Also: See our Startup Toolkit: Team Collaboration Tools to find out which tools people are using to market and collaborate.

How Algorithms Shape our World

This video on flowing data from TED on algorithms will blow your everloving mind.

Why are Web Workers Happier?

Sounds like more freedom and less office politics makes for a more content employee. Surprise, surprise…

Seeking Loyal, Devoted Workers? Let Them Stay Home

Can you name the most devoted, loyal worker at your company? It may not be who you think it is. Read on to find out.

Upgrading Meetings: Advice from Entrepreneurs, Executives and Investors

Here’s some solid advice on how to make your meetings more efficient and productive. How can these tips be translated to online meetings? update: Having issues with in Lion? Check out our solution.

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Monday Morning News July 18th, 2011

Welcome back! It’s Monday, and that means it’s time to get back into work mode. Let us help: Here’s five stories to catch you up on the tech news of last week and some other topics to keep an eye on as the week goes by.

The Future of Office Space: Interview with Cambell Mckellar

Want to find shared workspaces across the country? Look no further than

5 Ways to Develop Culture for Remote Teams

Just because everyone isn’t in the same office doesn’t mean the culture can’t extend to your remote workers. Here’s an article from Mashable on how to provide great office culture, no matter where your workers are.

Are Rebel Remote Workers Good for Business?

Well, are they? Read on to find out.

What is Spotify?

Whether your a music aficionado or just someone who likes tunes, you should check out this new service that launched in the US on Thursday.

And now for something completely different: Out of Office Ad

Make money on your out-of-office messages by selling ad space. Yep, it’s that easy.

Do you have a memorable post/article that you read or wrote in the past two weeks that you want to share? Post a the link below in the comments.


Web collaboration: Using free drawing tool with

About a week ago I was using with a colleague checking out a website. Apparently we had different views of where “to the left” was (hey, it happens), so I pulled up to show them exactly where I meant. And then it hit me: I should share this tool with our users. I already told you about Jing when I posted about favorite free tools, but is perfect for reviewing and collaborating on web pages. It’s fast, it’s simple and sits in your browser toolbar so you can easily pull it up. You can also “publish” your markups when you’re done and send them out. Check it out – it’s a perfect pair with Here’s an example:


How does work? Take the tour

We created this video just for you to show you what is all about. Take the tour:

Want more info? Check out our blog post on tips and tricks.


Switching for better Mac screen sharing: a true story from

Everyone has their own story. And in the name of collaboration, we’d like to share these stories with you. Check out Katrina’s story:

“I own a virtual bookkeeping company that services clients in multiple states, including those who use MACs and PCs. We provide bookkeeping services using desktop and online versions of Quickbooks and other web-based accounting programs (Less Accounting,, etc). Some of our clients have desktop versions of QB where we need to remote into their computers in order to update their records. It’s a very good system and we think it works well. I spent a lot of time looking for a low-cost (or free) remote session program and settled on ZohoAssist. It works very well, and for months it has been our main system.

However – I noticed with my MAC clients the session runs hella slow, and time is money for us!! One of my staff bookkeepers was in the middle of working on a clients books (PC to MAC) and the MAC remort session using Zoho had a lag time of 3-5 seconds!!! She was getting frustrated, annoyed and loosing productivity (which cost me time in payroll and missing a clients deadline). I had remembered that I was introduced to by way of chatting with, and my Account Manager was using a Mac (I have a PC) and there was virtually NO lag time. So I made an executive decision on the spot. I remembered how easy it was to join his session and for me to sign up, so I went ahead and signed my client up for a pro account. I called her, and in two minutes we had switched from Zoho Assist to! It was quick, easy, fast to get going, and we lost no extra time trying to explain to my client how to set up nor how to give us permission to control her Mac. There was NO training involved. My bookkeeper took control and the rest of the day was SMOOTH sailing (and mucho productive!)

Needless to say, we’ll be switching all our Mac clients to for better screen sharing!!”

– Katrina M. Harrell, CEO & Founder of Your Simple Bookkeeper

Want to share your own story? Email me at


“ is the light in the darkness”: a true story from

Everyone has their own story. And in the name of collaboration, we’d like to share these stories with you. Check out Tom’s story:

“I work for a small but growing service-oriented business with seven sales representatives around the country. Our company also has several other employees who work remotely from time to time. Part of my duties include supporting them all with help-desk type issues. And most whom I support have only novice computing abilities which several years ago made helping them very difficult. What used to be done over the phone between two people speaking different “languages,” skilled and un-skilled, caused much frustration for all involved. Now with, those same type sessions are turning into teaching opportunities instead of headaches. is the light in the darkness. I am now able to guide the users and let them learn in the process which in the long run will lessen the help needed.

Another cute story: I shared with my 73 year-old mother who is highly skilled herself. She has been helping her 97 year-old mother, Grandma to me, learn how to use a computer. Grandma loves to read and play cards, and now she is learning how to send emails to her nieces, nephews, grand and great-grand children. As you can imagine, there are times when the computer is a bit mysterious to Grandma, but now Mom has installed the icon on Granny’s desktop so that Mom is only a click and a phone call away. Very cool! is truly one of the simplest, most useful applications that I use on nearly a daily basis. Thank you!”

– Tom Mappin

Want to share your own story? Email me at


Make Your Presentation a Gift – a #smallbiz post by @ZaneSafrit

Good presentations are about giving. They are a gift. They are a personal gift from the speaker…to the audience.

Like all meaningful gifts, they are rare and precious. We share them and rave about them long after the meeting hall or conference call has ended.

Here are seven ways to make your presentation a gift to your audience.

Practice, Practice, Practice

One of the many ironies of social media’s rise is that as we are allowed more spontaneity in real-time connections, as we share in its power…then the power of preparation goes ignored. And by default its power rises as well.

The best presentations, the ones where the speaker seems casual and conversational and passionately engaging, are the presentations that have been practiced over and over and over again.

Give them Today

Give them a solution for today. No one expects a speaker to solve all of our problems right now. But leave them with a solution, a step to take, a tactic to use, a decision they can make that can solve one challenge …today.

Give Them Fun

We’re in short supply here for laughs, smiles, fun. Fun is the start of creativity and ideas. Fun starts engagement and participation. Fun is the gateway to memorable. And if you practice, practice, practice in order to give them a solution for today and in the process give them that added personal touch, you can have fun, give fun and be professional, too.

Give Them a Story

We all love stories. We are hard-wired to embrace stories. Stories connect a message with its teller and audience, our hearts and minds and journeys. Give them a story.

Give Them More PowerPoint Slides


No. No one needs more powerpoint slides with more points in more 10-pt type. Nor do we need speakers who read those points and in effect give the presentation to the screen.


Give Them Time to Engage

Leave time at the end for questions and answers. Their questions and answers.  Your audience should have questions if you have inspired and pushed and opened their vistas to more possibilities. They should be excited and agitated to connect their insights from your presentation with their needs.

Give Them You

You are the special sauce, the one-of-a-kind creation that connects with them and their special sauce…their one-of-a-kind creation. Mix it up with your preparation and solution – it’s a very tasty gumbo. Rare and one of a kind. Something they will savor and rave about later.

Package all these up. Give your audience the gift of an unique experience, an experience worthy of their time, with a gift of knowledge to take home and unwrap to bring a solution for their challenge. And you’ll be invited back again and again.

To learn more about Zane Safrit and what he’s up to, check out his website.