What’s New: Windows Host Update Version

­LogMeIn Host Software Update (Windows): This update provides enhancements to our Windows Updates feature improving speed and performance.  Additionally, this update fixes other performance and stability issues with previous versions of LogMeIn.


What’s New: LogMeIn Host Software Update (Windows)

­Version 4.01.2126: This update provides enhancements to enable new Windows features including the upcoming release of HD remote control.  HD allows the user to control desktops, applications and stream audio and video content with a superior visual experience. The full feature will be released shortly.  Additionally, this update fixes other performance and stability issues with previous versions of LogMeIn.

UPDATE: The full feature, including the plug in is now available. We are rolling out auto updates, but to ensure you have the most recent version, simply open the host LogMeIn software and click About>Check for Updates.)


New Enhancements to LogMeIn Central Alerts Available

We have released new enhancements in LogMeIn Central Alerts to help you easily manage and monitor remote computers running LogMeIn Pro.  Now you can do more with Central Alerts to proactively maintain systems.

Updates include a new Event alert to monitor event code activity on a computer or group.

You can now use the improved Event alert rule to monitor event code activity on a computer or across a group of computers. You can define multiple event sources, event categories or event identifiers, and you can also define exceptions. The rule will alert when an event log entry that matches the specified criteria is written to one of the standard Windows event logs.

In addition to the new Event alert rule, we have also added many new usability enhancements to make it easier than ever to create and set up alerts as well as the ability to set alert rules as Active or Disabled within an alert package.

Step-by-step: Create an Alert Package with the new Event alert rule

  1. In LogMeIn Central, click the Alerts tab.
  2. Click Manage Alert Packages.
  3. Click Add Alert Package. The Add Alert Package page is displayed.
  4. Give your Alert Package a Name.
  5. Add rules to the package. (Note: You can define multiple event source, event category or event identifiers to look for, and you can also define exceptions.)
  6. Continue to add rules as required.
  7. Click Save Alert Package. The package is saved and ready to be assigned to computers or groups of computers.

Paired with LogMeIn Pro, the all-new Central Alerts improves insight into system health and status so you can keep machines up and running. Log in to try the new Alerts today.


New LogMeIn Central Beta with Alerting Enhancements Available

LogMeIn users, your feedback is invaluable.  A new beta is available for LogMeIn Central users regarding enhanced Alerts functionality with LogMeIn Pro.  Simply go to http://staging.logmein.com and login with your account credentials to try out our new Alerts enhancements currently in beta.  Send feedback to central-beta-feedback@logmein.com.

Based on user feedback, we’ve added the following in order to help make the creation and management of alerts in LogMeIn Central even easier. Beta enhancements include:

  • New functionality to enable alerts as Active or Disabled
  • New Windows Event alert type
  • New usability improvements to the user interface

What should I test in the LogMeIn Central Alerts Beta?

1) From LogMeIn Central go to Alerts>Manage Alert Packages>Add Alert Package to create a new alert. You can also go in and modify an existing Alert Package.

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New Search Now in LogMeIn Central for Better Computer Management

We’ve updated LogMeIn Central with new search enhancements based on customer feedback to help make computer management easier for users who need to identify and find computers from the Home tab and main computer list.

Simply select the drop-down menu next to the search box (see image above) and you’ll be able to search based on specific criteria for better computer management.

  • Any Field – search all criteria simultaneously
  • Visible Fields – search criteria shown in Detail View
  • Alerts – search by number of unacknowledged alerts (results show # or higher)
  • Status – search computer state in LogMeIn – just type “Online, Offline or In Session”
  • Description – search by computer description (very helpful if you use computer descriptions as tags within a group)
  • Group – search by computer group
  • Version – search by LogMeIn host build number or version
  • Subscription – search by Free or Pro

You can also enter multiple keywords – for example you can enter “default online” with a search set to ‘Any field’, and this will typically return all online computers in the default group.

Log in and try it out today.  Looking forward to your feedback, please leave comments below.


LogMeIn Releases Plugin for Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 4 Support

Today we have released an updated version of the LogMeIn plugin to officially support Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 4 browsers for Windows.  Installing the new plugin will allow users to remotely control computers via LogMeIn Free and Pro2.

This plugin is available on Windows only, (note: we are working on a plugin for Firefox 4 on Mac.  Stay tuned.)  You can give it a try by simply logging into your account on www.logmein.com.  You will be prompted to update your plugin automatically.