now offers a brand-new audio system has never been faster, easier or sounded so good. As of today, now offers a brand-new audio system called unified audioYou can now choose to join the audio conference by internet or by phone. No matter how you join the conference, you’ll be able to hear everyone on the conference, loud and clear. Your participants can also choose how they want to join the conference – either way, everyone will be connected. (For me, internet calling is too easy to pass up.)

Click on the “learn more” link in your phone button for more info.

For the next two weeks, both free and pro users will have access to unified audio. Play around with it, test it out – we promise you’ll love it. After that, internet calling will become the standard free option in


VoIP is now in beta at

You heard right (sorry, I couldn’t resist). You can now use VoIP in at Why is it on our beta site? Because we want you to test it out, and tell us what you think at

Let’s talk: VoIP (Voice over IP) technology allows you to call into the audio conference from your computer. You can talk to anyone in the world, hands-free, for free. You can now choose to join the conference via the internet or your phone. No matter how you join the conference, you’ll be able to hear everyone on the conference, loud and clear. Let me repeat that, because it might be the coolest thing you’ll hear all day: No matter how you call in – from your phone, mobile app or computer – everyone will be connected on Check out our new “Phone” menu button in the toolbar on the left. Click “connect” to join by internet.

Listen up: You can try VoIP by going to and either share your screen or join a session. Feel free to sign in to our beta site with your pro credentials to use your personal URL and background. If you start a session on beta, don’t forget to tell your participants to join your sesion on so they can try VoIP, too.

One more thing: We want your feedback. Hey, that’s why we’re putting this on our beta site in the first place. We want you to test it out from your Mac or PC, try it every which way, and let us know what you think at


Monday Morning News: Remote Working Edition

Welcome back! It’s Monday, and that means it’s time to get back into work mode. Let us help: Here’s five stories to catch you up on the tech news of last week and some other topics to keep an eye on as the week goes by.

Designing office space for a world of web workers

Is your office space adapting to matching the work habits or its employees? This article from GigaOM talks about the findings from an MIT Technology Review investigation into how companies can serve a more mobile and collaborative workforce.

Study: Telecommuting is worth a pay cut, especially for men

This article, also from GigaOM, discusses a survey that said that 42% of respondents would be willing to give up a percentage of their salary for a more flexible work arrangement and then men are more than twice as to likely to do so!

4 Important Considerations for Creating a Remote Work Policy

Check out these important areas of interest when choosing to work remotely. Would you add any more?

Workaholism in America

This awesome infographic from Business Insurance Quotes points out some interesting statistics about all those workaholics out there. If you are one of the 10 million Americans that are working a 60+ hours work week, slow it down (or consider remote working!).

How Mobile Adoption Changed The Game For The Web

We here at at are big techies. Did you know there over 5 billion mobile subscribers in the world? This article from Fast Company brings up a good question for the future of the Internet and technology in general: Is mobile the new standard platform? What do you think? just added some slick new features start a free 14 day trial.

  Demo: Juice up your meetings with pro

You might have missed our big announcement on Tuesday, but you don’t want to miss this: Here’s a tour of, including Presenter Swap and our new desktop apps.

If you’ve haven’t tried pro yet, go pro today. It’s a totally free 14-day trial. Really. No credit card required, just an email and password.  And not only did we add presenter switching, but you still get all the goodies pro had before- like your own personal link, a scheduler, and more.

Try pro for free today.

  screen sharing now offers Presenter Swap (and more!)

I’m proud to say that is now the official sponsor of show-n-tell. How is that possible, you ask? Because the easiest screen-sharing app just got easier.

Introducing: Presenter Swap.

First things first: If you’d rather watch a two-minute video than read about the new features (including presenter switching), this demo is for you. Happy viewing!

Let’s talk Presenter Swap. This feature is an easy way to pass the presenter role to anyone on a Mac or a PC. As a pro host, you can let any participant (free or pro) show you their screen. Now we really mean it: I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. If you want to check it out, sign up for a free pro trial here.

You can find the feature under the Participants button in your presenter toolbar. Just click the raised hand next to whomever you’d like to pass the presenter role to. If they don’t have the desktop app, they’ll be asked to download it in order to be the presenter. And if they keep the desktop app on their desktop, they can host their own meetings. With or without you. (Hopefully, you’ll be invited).


We also revamped our desktop app, so now you can start or join a meeting without a browser. This way, you don’t have to always log in on the website to get pro features. Easy, right?

If you already have the desktop app, it will auto-update today for both free and pro users. No work on your part – just how we like it.

So if you want to try Presenter Swap, get your own personal link, schedule meetings in advance and more, try pro today.

Questions? Comments? Feedback? Leave them here or check out our FAQ, Twitter or Facebook.

  named one of 50 best websites of 2011 by Time

Yesterday, Time named one of the 50 best websites of 2011 in the financial and productivity section.