Customer Engagement Weekly Round-Up

The Rescue team is kicking off a new round-up of articles that we’ve come across during the week that help drive home the importance of customer engagement to your business.  This week we’d like to highlight stories about a large company who is making investments around enhancing customer engagement, the importance of designing for mobile, and some key developments and news coming out of Dreamforce ’13.

df13’s Big Dreamforce Reveal Is New Mobile Platform, Salesforce1

In advance of CEO Marc Benioff’s keynote speech on Tuesday at the company’s major annual Dreamforce conference, CRM +0.58% announced a new platform on Monday called ‘Salesforce1.’  The platform, which the company is billing as a CRM platform for developers and software vendors focused on mobile apps, fits the theme we can expect from Benioff as Salesforce’s mantra for 2014: mobility (again), connected devices, and an open-API application-first approach to business software. Read more here. Continue reading “Customer Engagement Weekly Round-Up” »


Hamachi Mobile for iOS and Android is now in Beta

The open preview of the Hamachi mobile client brings Hamachi networks into reach from an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. Now, IT managers and network owners can give members of their team secure, on-the-go access to critical information on corporate networks. Network resources, such as intranets or proprietary software, are now securely available from mobile devices.

Check it out:

  •  Log in to the preview site with your LogMeIn ID:
  • Click on Networks in the left navigation
  • Add mobile clients and configure how you want them to connect: simply click Add Client, select Add mobile client and then follow the on-screen instructions

Picture1For additional tips, support and information on the Hamachi Mobile preview, visit our community. Let us know what you think by sending feedback to

Note: The mobile client is free to use during preview, but is expected to be a premium feature upon release.


Support for iOS 6 and iPhone 5 is here!

LogMeIn has continued to work with Apple’s devices and operating systems to provide you with the best access available.  We are pleased to announce that the LogMeIn App is now fully compatible with iOS 6 and iPhone 5.

This update supports the new screen size and resolution increase for iPhone 5.

Be sure you download the newest update, now available on the App Store. Let us know what you think by providing reviews and ranking.

Please note that with the latest update the minimum OS requirement is 4.3. Older iOS devices may not be compatible with this OS requirement.

  viewer now available on Windows Metro 8

Checking out the preview release of Windows 8? If you’re not, here’s a great reason: We just released a new viewer in the Windows Store that will allow you to view any meeting from your Windows PC, tablet or smartphone, all in the brand-new Windows 8 style. Check it out below:

Anyone using a Windows 8 device? What do you think of the viewer?


On the go? So is Cubby.

By now, you’ve probably played around with and downloaded Cubby on your PC or Mac. You’ve renamed your cubbies. Twice. You’ve read some FAQs. But have you downloaded the Cubby mobile app so your stuff is with you wherever you go?

Download Cubby for your iPhone/iPad or Android device for free to keep all your cubbies right in your pocket. Whether its the photos from the wedding you went to last weekend or the third version of the group PowerPoint you’re working on, it’s all right there, in your cubbies, whenever you need it. The app is still in beta (just like Cubby) so we’re looking to you, Cubbsters, for your thoughts and feedback to make Cubby great. It’s a serious task but we know you’re up to it.

Here’s the nitty gritty: The app will run on any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 5.0 or above, and on any Android device running Android 2.1 or above.

Has anyone been using the mobile app? What do you think?


The New LogMeIn Rescue – From Desktop to Handheld In Seconds!

These are exciting times for LogMeIn Rescue! Today, we are announcing game changing enhancements to our flagship remote support solution. With this version, we focused on helping you do more with the exploding population of smartphones and tablets, and making access to the Rescue Technician Console easier, faster, and more convenient.

So what’s new?

Well, we’ve enhanced mobile configuration capabilities for email, WiFi, device permissions, and device pass code issues. Put these together with Rescue’s integrated chat and you can now resolve mobile problems more quickly and easily than in the past.

We’re really excited about the new Rescue Desktop App. Using the App, you’ll be able to launch the Technician Console directly from your desktop without the hassle of a web browser. Don’t worry though, the browser version isn’t going anywhere – you choose which to use!

With these features and more, we can’t wait to hear your feedback. If you haven’t already, why not head on over and login or, if you’re new to the neighborhood, create a free trial account to try the new LogMeIn Rescue?

If you’d like to learn more, check out the video below:


LogMeIn Ignition Meets iOS 5 [UPDATE]

I’m excited to let you know LogMeIn Ignition is now fully compatible with iOS 5.

We’re pleased to be one of the first apps to work with Apple’s new OS in order to continue to deliver the best anytime, anywhere access.

In addition to iOS 5 compatibility, we’ve listened to your feedback to provide enhancements and improvements to the LogMeIn Ignition app to deliver the best user experience possible.

Be sure you download the newest update, now available on the App Store. Let us know what you think with reviews and ratings.

[UPDATE] We identified issues in our recent release with previous versions of iOS on iPhone 3G and 2nd Generation iPod Touches. Today’s release addresses those issues.


Monday Morning News July 18th, 2011

Welcome back! It’s Monday, and that means it’s time to get back into work mode. Let us help: Here’s five stories to catch you up on the tech news of last week and some other topics to keep an eye on as the week goes by.

The Future of Office Space: Interview with Cambell Mckellar

Want to find shared workspaces across the country? Look no further than

5 Ways to Develop Culture for Remote Teams

Just because everyone isn’t in the same office doesn’t mean the culture can’t extend to your remote workers. Here’s an article from Mashable on how to provide great office culture, no matter where your workers are.

Are Rebel Remote Workers Good for Business?

Well, are they? Read on to find out.

What is Spotify?

Whether your a music aficionado or just someone who likes tunes, you should check out this new service that launched in the US on Thursday.

And now for something completely different: Out of Office Ad

Make money on your out-of-office messages by selling ad space. Yep, it’s that easy.

Do you have a memorable post/article that you read or wrote in the past two weeks that you want to share? Post a the link below in the comments.


User Schmoozer – Andrew Lindsay

We heart our users. That’s why every other week, we’ll be schmoozin’ it up and shining the spotlight on you. Customers that leave us great feedback and have interesting reasons for using will be featured right here on this blog. Got something nice to say? Don’t be afraid to speak up!

Name: Andrew Lindsay

Occupation: Lead Business Systems Analyst for Electronic Transaction Consultants

Uses for: Web collaboration at work, ad-hoc tutoring and assistance; scheduling online teaching classes

“I simply can’t say enough good about, especially the free version. I am a Lead Business Systems analyst with a firm in the North Dallas area.  My wife and I are active as community volunteers.  I use at work; the ease and speed in initiating sessions makes it the tool of choice for collaboration, whether it is across the building or across the continent.  But I am most excited in using with my volunteer work.  I teach basic computing at the local senior citizens’ center, I am the webmaster for a club with a lot of older adults, and I am the “designated geek” within my group of family and friends.  Many older adults have just avoided computers, for whatever reason, until computing became so pervasive that it couldn’t be ignored.  Today’s operating systems, web sites, and even collaborative tools rely upon a basic set of conventions and understanding that those who have not been exposed to computing over the last five or 10 years do not possess.  Trying to provide assistance to this group without seeing what they are seeing or doing, and not having a common nomenclature for communication is a huge stumbling block to providing assistance.  It’s just plain aggravating.  But a session is so very easy to launch virtually anyone can initiate a session.  After that, providing effective assistance is easy.  And shortly, I’ll be using my pro account to schedule online classes to reinforce what’s been taught in the classroom. has really changed how I provide support.  But most importantly, it lets me spend more time with my wife!

Interested in becoming a User Schmoozer? Email me at


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