New Mac app on

Good news! Our brand new Mac app is now available on It’s new, improved, faster, slicker – but still the same you know and love. Start a session on your Mac at to check out the new app.

Using a PC? We haven’t forgotten about you – stay tuned for a new Windows app coming to our beta site soon.


Try the new Mac app at

Calling all Mac users: We’ve got something special for you.

We just took our Mac app to the next level. It’s new, improved, faster, slicker – but still the same you know and love.

Head on over to, take it for a spin and let us know what you think of the new and improved app. Feedback wanted and welcome at

P.S. Windows users: We haven’t forgotten about you – stay tuned for a new Windows app coming to beta soon.


Not Just Another Remote Meeting, Do More makes on-the-fly meetings simple, this we know. But we love uncovering real stories about in action.  Here’s what we just heard from a pro user about the presenter swap feature during an offsite:

“We’re at a meeting with 20+ people in the room. Instead of shuffling seats or plugging the projector into a different computer every time a different person speaks, we connected one computer to the big screen, and passed the presenter role. People are presenting and sharing content— right from their own computer.”

Another fan shared, “ made for a very hi-tech NFL Fantasy Draft Night with split screen sharing of full roster and master list. Very cool stuff.”

Educators love it, too. “I used it with my students to introduce our new health project. It was so simple and took half the time a typical introduction would take. Additionally, we saved a lot of paper as well  – sorry Dunder Mifflin!”

The benefit is clear. is about more than meeting. It’s a tool to share your screen for whatever reason – and those reasons can be pretty surprising.

So skip the shuffling and launch a session to experience simple screen sharing for your self.  It’s easy to present from wherever you are — for whatever reason— be it remote or right in the same room.

  now supports Mac OS X Lion

For all you Mac users out there, we’ve got great news: You’ll be able to use today with the newly announced OS from Mac. will update automatically after you’ve installed Lion. Free desktop sharing for the win.

UPDATE: Having issues with in Lion? Seeing a black screen? Try uninstalling from your desktop and installing again.

  wins Best Professional Software award from Macworld UK was named the Best Professional Software this year at the Macworld UK awards. What does that mean? It means our free screen-sharing software was recognized for being awesome, and for making a significant contribution to the Mac community (iOS too!). This was such a beautiful thing for we had to share with you – and, of course, show you what we actually won. In case you’re wondering, we’re currently in the process of devising a schedule of who’s desk it sits on and for how long.


Switching for better Mac screen sharing: a true story from

Everyone has their own story. And in the name of collaboration, we’d like to share these stories with you. Check out Katrina’s story:

“I own a virtual bookkeeping company that services clients in multiple states, including those who use MACs and PCs. We provide bookkeeping services using desktop and online versions of Quickbooks and other web-based accounting programs (Less Accounting,, etc). Some of our clients have desktop versions of QB where we need to remote into their computers in order to update their records. It’s a very good system and we think it works well. I spent a lot of time looking for a low-cost (or free) remote session program and settled on ZohoAssist. It works very well, and for months it has been our main system.

However – I noticed with my MAC clients the session runs hella slow, and time is money for us!! One of my staff bookkeepers was in the middle of working on a clients books (PC to MAC) and the MAC remort session using Zoho had a lag time of 3-5 seconds!!! She was getting frustrated, annoyed and loosing productivity (which cost me time in payroll and missing a clients deadline). I had remembered that I was introduced to by way of chatting with, and my Account Manager was using a Mac (I have a PC) and there was virtually NO lag time. So I made an executive decision on the spot. I remembered how easy it was to join his session and for me to sign up, so I went ahead and signed my client up for a pro account. I called her, and in two minutes we had switched from Zoho Assist to! It was quick, easy, fast to get going, and we lost no extra time trying to explain to my client how to set up nor how to give us permission to control her Mac. There was NO training involved. My bookkeeper took control and the rest of the day was SMOOTH sailing (and mucho productive!)

Needless to say, we’ll be switching all our Mac clients to for better screen sharing!!”

– Katrina M. Harrell, CEO & Founder of Your Simple Bookkeeper

Want to share your own story? Email me at