What’s New: LogMeIn Supports Apple’s new Mountain Lion

LogMeIn Host Software Update for Mac: Apple unleashed it’s latest version of the Mac OS, Mountain Lion, and we’re ready. The latest version of LogMeIn software, complete with Mountain Lion support, is available for a free upgrade to our existing customers. We’re excited to be at the front of the line of applications supporting Apple’s updates to their operating system at launch.

Automatic updates have been turned on, but to manually update your LogMeIn software and ensure you have the latest version on your Mac, click the LogMeIn icon on the Finder bar:

  1. Click Open LogMeIn.
  2. Click the About tab.
  3. Click Check for Updates.

New LogMeIn users, download the latest build when a new Mac is added to your account via www.LogMeIn.com.

Check out the latest upgrade and give us your feedback.


It’s Here! LogMeIn Rolls Out Ignition for Mac Beta

Now you’re only a click away from accessing all of your computers from any Mac with Ignition for Mac Beta.  You can now have all of the great features and functionality available in Ignition for Windows, including Remote Access, File Transfer and Computer Search, without having to open your browser and login.  All of the computers in your LogMeIn account will automatically appear in Ignition and are accessible with one-click access.

Try it out and let us know what you think, your feedback is always valuable to us.



HD for Mac has arrived!

We’ve just released an update that we hope will quite literally change the way you view your remote computers for both work and play.  LogMeIn Pro HD for Mac has arrived.  Delivering the best for your remote control sessions with video streaming capabilities and sound on your Mac.

So what does HD have to do with remote access?

First, you’ll notice a rather remarkable difference when viewing remote Macs.  The new HD ability opens the doors to a whole host of activities you may never have tried with remote access before.  Whether it’s playing games or viewing movies and TV shows, it’s now all in HD quality.

Available now as a manual update, users can update their LogMeIn software on the Mac, by clicking the LogMeIn icon in the Finder bar.

  1. Click on Open LogMeIn.
  2. Click the About tab.
  3. Click Check for Updates.

User Tip: To ensure you’re getting the HD experience, make sure your color quality settings are set to HD during remote sessions. You can adjust this while in the remote session.


LogMeIn Launches vpn.net and Releases New Hamachi Update with Support for IPv6 on Windows, Macs and Linux (Beta)

We are excited to introduce a new home for LogMeIn Hamachi users at vpn.net. LogMeIn Hamachi still offers the same great service to download, setup and manage your VPNs over the Internet.  At vpn.net both new and existing users can log in to Hamachi’s secure VPN service quickly and easily.  LogMeIn Hamachi can network Windows and Mac OS computers in any configuration.  A client for Linux-based systems is now in beta.

We’ve also added support for IPv6 within Hamachi. This is part of our commitment to lead IPv6 adoption as well as ensure our users continue to get the highest quality of service.  Enabling Hamachi to use the IPv6 protocol means that there are now a virtually limitless number of IP addresses which can be used with Hamachi VPNs.  Existing and new Hamachi VPNs will continue to leverage IPv4 addresses in addition to full support for IPv6.  From an end-user perspective, the IPv6  transition will be seamless for existing Hamachi users.  Hamachi hosts will be updated automatically, but you can also update Windows and Mac hosts manually by clicking “check for updates” under the help menu.

To create a new VPN, you can simply go to vpn.net, download Hamachi, create a new network, and set a password.  Adding other computers to the network is quick and easy.  Just point colleagues, clients and other users to vpn.net, and provide them with the network name and password.

Check it out and let us know how it goes…


LogMeIn Unleashes Mac OS X Lion Support for Free, Pro and Ignition

We’re excited to post that we have a new LogMeIn software update available, which officially supports Mac OS X Lion.  LogMeIn Free, Pro and LogMeIn Ignition (iOS and Android) users who are upgrading their Macs to OS X Lion can also update their existing LogMeIn software for free.  We’re pleased to be one of the first remote access services to work with the latest Apple operating system in order to deliver anytime, anywhere access for Lion. Continue reading “LogMeIn Unleashes Mac OS X Lion Support for Free, Pro and Ignition” »


Support OS X Lion users with LogMeIn Rescue!

Are you providing remote support to a Mac-heavy environment?  If so, then supporting users on OS X Lion devices won’t be a problem with LogMeIn Rescue.  In advance of Apple’s latest release, we’re happy to announce the ability to seamlessly support end users who choose to upgrade to OS X Lion.  With more than 250 new features, your customers and employees are bound to have questions, so get ready to Rescue them.

The best part?  It just works.  Technicians don’t have to do anything different than they do today to provide support to Lion users.

Rescue Remote Support for Apple Lion OX X image

How many of your customers and employees do you think will upgrade to Lion?  We’d love to hear your feedback.


We’ve Updated LogMeIn Pro² & Free for the Mac

We’ve just released a new host update for LogMeIn Pro2 and Free for Mac.  This latest update includes a number of improvements to the host installer, while also improving overall performance, stability, and yes, even fixing some bugs.    We love our Macs and hope you’ll love this new update for the Mac. Continue reading “We’ve Updated LogMeIn Pro² & Free for the Mac” »