LogMeIn Releases Plugin for Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 4 Support

Today we have released an updated version of the LogMeIn plugin to officially support Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 4 browsers for Windows.  Installing the new plugin will allow users to remotely control computers via LogMeIn Free and Pro2.

This plugin is available on Windows only, (note: we are working on a plugin for Firefox 4 on Mac.  Stay tuned.)  You can give it a try by simply logging into your account on www.logmein.com.  You will be prompted to update your plugin automatically.


NEW UPDATE: LogMeIn Ignition for Android Now Honeycomb Ready

New this week, we’re excited to let you know that we have updated our LogMeIn Ignition for Android app to officially support Android Honeycomb tablets, including the Motorola Xoom. Existing users can update their app for free.  A broader Honeycomb release is also in the works.

As always, your direct feedback helps LogMeIn improve our products.   Get the update and let us know what you think by leaving a comment.


LogMeIn Ignition Update Available: View, Transfer and Save Files Between iPads, PCs and Macs

If you own LogMeIn Ignition for iPad/iPhone, be sure to download the newest update, which is now available on the app store.  The update gives users the first iOS app to combine remote control with file management.  You can now use one app to access all of your computers, information and files from anywhere via your iPad, iPad 2, or iPhone.

Be sure to check out the video below to see all the new features.

With the all-new LogMeIn Ignition, a user can:

  • View files and folders on one or more computers
  • Copy and move files or folders from remote computers directly onto the iPad, iPhone or iPod touch for local viewing
  • Save PC and Mac files directly on an iOS device for offline viewing
  • Create a local folder and filing system within Ignition on the iPad or other iOS devices
  • Open and edit files locally on the iPad, iPhone or iPod touch using file editing apps like Documents To Go (by jeffrey), Quickoffice, Pages, Keynote, Numbers
  • Transfer files between remote computers
  • Update locally saved files in Ignition with updates from remote computers
  • Plus the ability to wake a sleeping computer using Wake-On-LAN.

iPad 2 users will also benefit from increased speed and performance, with LogMeIn Ignition tuned to allow for multitasking.  We hope you enjoy remote control and file transfers all from the same app.


Big News on Android Support from Mobile World Congress

Two weeks ago we introduced the New Rescue , including some great new features for Android support.  Today at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, we’re bringing out the big guns:  full remote control of Android devices! Initially available for mobile operators and OEMs, these remote control capabilities extend our Rescue Mobile benefits while ensuring the highest level of security. We’re doing this through a partnership strategy that has Rescue being pre-deployed by some of the biggest device manufacturers on some of today’s best-selling Android devices.  The pre-deployed Rescue applet enables mobile carriers and OEMs to deliver complete support (including full remote control) to their customers’ devices.  That means technicians can support Android smartphones and tablets remotely, as if they were in the palm of their hand.

We’ll be showing it off all week at MWC, so if you’re here swing by the LogMeIn booth (hall 1, stand 1G31) or the Android stand (hall 8, stand 8C25) to check it out.  For everyone else, here’s a sneak peak of an Android tablet being “Rescued” by our Mobile product manager John Purcell:


New Time-out Settings in LogMeIn Central

We’ve released a new setting this week which allows users to control the time-out period for inactivity when logged in to LogMeIn Central.  This is great news for users who spend most of their day in Central and don’t want to be required to log back in after a quick game of Angry Birds.  Here’s how to change the time-out setting: Continue reading “New Time-out Settings in LogMeIn Central” »


We’ve Updated LogMeIn Pro² & Free for the Mac

We’ve just released a new host update for LogMeIn Pro2 and Free for Mac.  This latest update includes a number of improvements to the host installer, while also improving overall performance, stability, and yes, even fixing some bugs.    We love our Macs and hope you’ll love this new update for the Mac. Continue reading “We’ve Updated LogMeIn Pro² & Free for the Mac” »


The Release We Wanted To Write

The Release We Wanted To Write

(but our lawyers wouldn’t let us)

In what has to be one of the worst kept secrets in history, we just told the world at large about some new, fast and easy screen-sharing product called join.me.  I know.  Hardly new news, right?  Well, consider yourself among the proverbial early adopters.  The join.me insiders.

But between us friends, this wasn’t really what we wanted to release.  I’m not saying our parents are uptight.  The LogMeIn’ers are actually pretty chill.  But we like to stick to tradition.  So for you insiders, here’s the REAL join.me release.  Just do us a favor – don’t show the lawyers.

join.me: So ridiculously fast and simple that you’ll swear it’s not an online meeting product

Oh, and did we tell you it’s free?!

WOBURN, Mass. AND the INTERWEBS, October 21, 2010 – The good folks at LogMeIn are at it again.  They’ve decided to give away a perfectly good product that others would have charged a fortune to use.  And then they made it so fast and easy to use that the otherwise sane and measured folks in the media have characterized it as ‘ridiculously simple.’ Then, like all proud, loving parents, they reluctantly set it free to makes its own mark on the world.

The product?  A quick screen sharing product called join.me so lightweight and, er, ‘ridiculously simple’ that its product marketers argued daily as to whether or not it should even be mentioned in the same breath as kludgy “web conferencing” or “online meeting” products.

When asked what it actually was and how it was intended to be used, a PR flack under the guise of LogMeIn VP of Collaboration, Kevin Bardos, said, “It’s about getting a second or third pair of eyes on that presentation.  About getting your people together without getting your people together.  It’s the last two words in an invitation to be collaboratively better.”

Asked just what the <expletive deleted> that means, the frazzled guy posing as Bardos responded, “Honestly?  I’m just telling you what the creative dude down the hall told me.  The reality is people will use it how they wanna use it.  That’s kind of the point.  Why don’t you just ask them? “

The less-than-well-kept launch comes three months after tens of thousands of people discovered a less-than-hidden beta site – and flooding the join.me inbox with feedback, some of it rather blunt.  So what did they say?

“I like it, is it going to be free forever? Or is it only going to be free until its out of beta?”

Yup.  Seriously, have you ever met our parents?

“I would request that scheduling be added so that I can send an invitation a week or so in advance.”

Check.  We built that.

“Let users have a dedicated screen share number.”

Yup.  Built that too.

“Please remove the feet from the homepage. Thanks.”

OK, this one caught us off guard.  But we heard you – it’s gone.

Bardos elaborated, “I would have thought the stubbly bald dude in need of a manicure would have caused a bit more of an uproar.  But apparently people hate feet…or 1970s rainbow toe socks…or some combination of the two.  Either way, we heard you.  We killed the socks and built out the rest of the stuff.  Are we good?  Everyone happy now?”

There’s been some chatter already about join.me this morning in GigaOM and then the New York Times Business Day Technology Blog.

What are you thoughts / feedback on join.me? Are you using the free or pro version? What are your favorite features? Let me know in the comments.


An introduction to Maggie, the join.me maven

I’m fourth in line at the grocery store on Labor Day with a gallon of milk and an US Weekly trying to figure out why everyone else had the same idea I had: That no one else would be at the store on this holiday and running in for one item – one item – would be a breeze (the US Weekly was an impulse buy). I feel so impatient, standing in line. I mean, almost everything I need in my life is at my fingertips. I want a book? Ten seconds later, it’s on my iPad. That new song I love on the radio? Shazam – it’s on my “New stuff” playlist on my iPhone. That document I left on my desktop at work? Well, I won’t even get into how easy that is to get (I do work at LogMeIn, after all).

When I was introduced to join.me, I knew it was going to be a game-changer. It’s easy, it’s simple and it’s instantaneous – pretty much the word I think describes my generation. I’m not your average 20-something: I buy iPad cases instead of shoes, I love eating at new restaurants because I haven’t “checked-in” there yet and my enthusiasm for iOS 4 updates rival the squeals of teenage girls at the latest Twilight premiere. The bottom line is, I am LogMeIn’s resident gadget-loving, tech-news-obsessed, Facebook-ing,Tweet-ing, blogging, social-media-marketing girl. And I love every second of it.

I’ll be on the blog sharing with you what every online collaborator needs to know: join.me news, updates, tips and tricks; interviews with join.me users and creators; and other news to supplement your geeky, tech side: Cool technology and news that crosses my MacBook, ways to have better online meetings, my favorite note-taking iPad apps – all sorts of awesome stuff, all from the perspective of someone who grew up in the generation of living, working and learning online.

Find me on here, Facebook and Twitter.


P.S. Just thought I would mention- Team Edward. All. The. Way.


Stay tuned!

The insider’s guide to join.me, LogMeIn’s free screen sharing service, is coming soon!