Introducing Self-Healing Alerts in LogMeIn Central

Eliminate the painstaking process of fixing individual issues manually as they arise with new Self-Healing Alerts in LogMeIn Central.

By combining two of Central’s most powerful features: One2Many, which allows you to automate routine tasks across multiple computers simultaneously and Alerts, which allows you to proactively monitor the health of the computers you manage, Self-Healing Alerts does the work so you don’t have to.

Simply create the alert for the situation you want to monitor, write the script to solve the issue and then combine the two. Now, whenever your most time-consuming, routine but necessary maintenance tasks arise the problem is fixed before you know about it.

See how MSPs can use self-healing alerts to stay ahead of issues: 



What’s New: LogMeIn Host Software Update Version 4.1.2504

LogMeIn Host Software Update (Windows): This update is required for you to take advantage of the upcoming release of Anti-Virus Management.  This feature will enable you to monitor and manage your remote PCs’ anti-virus software.  Be sure to update all your hosts in order to take advantage of the latest Central has to offer.

In addition, this host update includes host fixes to make your Central experience better.


LogMeIn Central Has a New Feature: Auto Reboot for Windows Updates

LogMeIn Rolls Out the Auto Reboot Feature in LogMeIn Central.

“Windows Has Finished Installing Important Updates, Do You Want To Restart Your Computer Now?”

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?  In the past a LogMeIn Central user would have to individually restart the systems that require a reboot resulting from Windows Updates.  Those days are long gone.

With the Auto Reboot feature, Central users can choose which computers to automatically restart (if one is required) after Windows Updates have completed.  You will have the freedom to schedule your reboot immediately, or at a future date of your choosing.  Additionally, you will be able to set a delay between 1 minute and an hour, so users can save their work before reboot.

This feature gives Central users more control over the restart requirements from Windows Updates, whether you are managing 5 or 500 hosts.

Try it out and let us know what you think, your feedback is always important to us.


Cleaner, Sleeker, Easier: The New LogMeIn Central UI is Here

Cleaner, Sleeker, Easier: The New LogMeIn Central UI is Here

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new user interface for LogMeIn Central. Our goal was simple—to make Central cleaner, sleeker and easier-to-use.

So what notable improvements were made?

Refreshed Look

Based on the great feedback we received, a complete clean up of the user interface was done with you, the customer in mind. Who wants clutter in the way when they’re trying to get the job done?  We think it looks great and we hope you do too.


You now have the ability to directly access subpages from any feature on the navigation menu. Access Report Viewer from One2Many, or click to manage your Alerts from Updates — the new navigation allows you to get where you need to go, faster and easier.

Computer Groups

We’ve focused on making Computer Groups more accessible in different views, allowing you to choose the view based on your preference. Select “Show group panel” from your View drop-down and your computer groups will appear in a left pane next to your computers.

For users with a smaller screen who would rather sort groups in the main view, you can select the group you want to view from the “Groups” drop-down.

To check out the new UI simply log in to your account or register for a free trial.  We hope you’re as excited as we are about the new Central.


New Update – Ability to Manage HD settings

We’re aware that some of our users have been experiencing issues with the recent launch of our HD feature. We’ve been working to improve HD and make it easier to manage settings.  The improvement we just launched gives you the ability to adjust HD in the default color quality settings via a host preference package in Central (see below).

Additional information on working with host preference packages is in our User Guide.

Further enhancements and optimizations are in development. Keep the feedback coming.