On the Road with LogMeIn Rescue – Hotlanta (Part 2 of 3)

Welcome back to part two of our three part series on the key insights we gained during our travels on the road in October.  In our last blog post we covered our experience at TSIA’s Technology Services World 2013 where the topic of discussion was big data and the importance of organizations to get moving with big data.  In today’s post we will take a look at the importance Customer Engagement Management (CEM) for an organization.

We Care, Everywhere

The next stop on our USA tour is Atlanta, GA where we attended CEM in Telecoms: North America, hosted by Telecoms IQ.  The 2013 CEM in Telecoms event was attended by leading cable providers, telecommunication providers, and thought leaders in the Customer Experience Management space, providing a platform to review industry best practices in improving customer experience.  The two-day session covered many topics in the CEM space including:

  • Enhancing the customer experience across contact centers and other touch points
  • Increasing cross-functional collaboration and overcoming silo mentality within organizations


Contrary to the graphic, most organizations don’t have a single touch point with the customer, even though many interactions with the customer are handled this way.  This was among many insights captured through our panel session and discussions, a few additional insights have been shared below: Continue reading “On the Road with LogMeIn Rescue – Hotlanta (Part 2 of 3)” »


On the Road with LogMeIn Rescue – Sin City (Part 1 of 3)

The Rescue team had a busy October attending several key industry events allowing us to meet with customers, prospects and industry leaders, while logging lots of frequent flier miles.  Now that we have returned home to Boston, MA where the weather is turning colder, we wanted to share some of the insights captured while on the road in a three part series.

Data so Big, It’s Everywhere you Go

Our first stop is Technology Services World (TSW) 2013 Service Transformations.


This is the Technology Service Industry Association’s (TSIA) annual fall event, held this year in Las Vegas, NV.  The goal of this year’s event was to bring together service and support professionals, industry leaders and revolutionaries, and best-in-class sponsors to discuss new trends that will help differentiate service offerings.  For us, it boiled down to one key theme:  how can I use data about my customers to improve my services, product, and drive revenue.  Here are a couple thoughts and insights we gathered from the show: Continue reading “On the Road with LogMeIn Rescue – Sin City (Part 1 of 3)” »


We’re Ready for Windows 8.1 and IE11


windows 8.1

New features include:

Support for Windows 8.1 and Internet Explorer 11 (IE11)

  • Launch remote control in any supported browser on a computer running Windows 8.1
  • Launch remote control in IE11 running on any supported Windows OS
  • From any client, control any host computer running Windows 8.1
  • Note: Windows RT is not supported


  • Cryptographic protocol enhancements

Host Fixes

  • Improved handling of the number lock key when using the “Use Legacy LogMeIn Mapping” option during remote control
  • Improved Wake On LAN capabilities when waking Windows hosts

Plugin Fixes

  • Improved color reproduction during remote control
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in failure when attempting to connect a drive during remote control

2013 LogMeIn Pedometer Challenge

The LogMeIn Wellness Program has been kicking around LogMeIn for 4+ years now.  What started out as eager employees simply supporting scheduled walks and runs, such as the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge, the MSPCA Walk and the Breast Cancer Walk, has grown into a fabulous program.

In addition to providing complimentary healthy snacks and beverage options to our employees, LogMeInners have access to their own top notch fitness center and locker rooms complete with showers.

With the annual LogMeIn Health Fair coming up, we decided to plan a Pedometer challenge to coincide with the dates. Employees had a week long period to sign up and were split into teams of 6-7 employees with a team captain. We dished out LogMeIn branded pedometers and let the games begin!

Employees will check in at several points during the next few weeks and report their team’s average steps. The pedometers go up to 99,999 steps and so far we had three employees tick over that mark—an impressive feat!  I have also had reports of two going through the washing machine and one falling into a lake while canoeing but all are still tracking accurately.

All in all, we’re off to a great start. Happy stepping, everybody!

feet running shoes

(Source: provide.org.uk)


The New LogMeIn Channel Program: A Behind the Scenes Look

logmein elevate channel program

In case you missed it, LogMeIn has officially announced a new channel program to help MSPs, VARs, and other outsourced IT service providers better capitalize on the growing shift to cloud-based apps and employee-introduced technology.  The program might be new, but the people behind – and LogMeIn itself – have enjoyed relationships with IT service providers that in some cases, go back decades.  It was this experience and these relationships that attracted many of us, including myself, to LogMeIn in the first place.   So what exactly is the channel program and what’s in it for MSPs, VARs, and IT service providers?

I sat down with Ted Roller, LogMeIn’s VP of channel development, and a former MSP himself, to discuss why this new program was created and how it will help service providers bring on new services for today’s cloud-centric workplace.

Mayer: Why introduce a channel program into the market now?

Roller: Cloud applications have changed the way technology is introduced into the workplace and the way workers look to address their needs around collaboration, productivity and communication.  Nearly 70% of SMBs report the use of employee-introduced apps actively being used at work – something known as the bring-your-own-app (BYOA) trend. 

As the new wave of BYOD and BYOA continues to emerge, IT service providers must realign their management mindset – and related offerings – from simply managing devices on a defined network to managing users. They need to evolve their business to focus on the deployment, management and integration of cloud apps.

With this in mind, the LogMeIn Elevate channel program is dedicated to helping businesses evolve to deliver user-centric IT services in the cloud, empower BYOA and BYOD across their client’s business, and meet the demands of the cloud environment.

M: How will LogMeIn Elevate help MSPs, VARs and other IT service providers do this?

R: Our goals are simple:

  1. Help IT service providers make the shift to user-centric management. We believe the only way to do this effectively is to center IT management on the user, thus ensuring that no matter where they access information or how they share it, IT is in position to enable, secure, and support use on the terms of the business. 
  2. Redefine RMM and how it’s delivered. The monitoring of networks and the devices on them has been a proven profit center for MSPs, but the changing dynamics of today’s workplace threatens to diminish the value of classic RMM. LogMeIn’s Elevate program is committed to helping IT service providers augment RMM to meet the needs of the modern cloud-centric workplace through remote management of cloud apps, devices and users.
  3. Give IT service providers the tools and education needed to deliver productivity benefits, expand their offerings, and create new revenue streams within their customer case. By delivering value-added management benefits atop the dozens of cloud apps at use in today’s workplace, and becoming a trusted source for new productivity benefits, Elevate will put our channel partners in position to increase revenue, margins and influence in the cloud app era.

M:  Upon sign up, what can channel partners expect to receive?

R: We’re rolling this out in phases, but the goal is to help our channel partners create and effectively market profitable services around user support, user management and user productivity.  To help with user support, we’re offering special monthly pricing on LogMeIn’s remote support solution, LogMeIn Rescue + Mobile, giving them options to deliver higher margin services to support users and cloud app usage across personal or work PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets. Partners will also have early access to AppGuru, LogMeIn’s cloud app management solution, giving them the ability to manage users and policies across cloud apps, no matter where they are accessed or used. In addition they will receive marketing support to help create and sell new managed services, access to LogMeIn’s product and development organizations to influence future channel product offerings, dedicated tech support to quickly resolve issues, and lastly, channel-specific education to accelerate ROI.

A second phase beginning later in 2013  will introduce a reseller program for LogMeIn’s popular collaboration and productivity app, as well as 3rd party cloud app management capabilities through a channel-focused version of LogMeIn’s new IT offering, AppGuru.

Interested in chatting with us about the LogMeIn Elevate program? We’ll be on the road at CompTIA ChannelCon, July 29-31 – stop by our booth if you’re attending!  To learn more information on the program, click here.


What’s new: the Click2Fix™ experience, and the Rescue iOS App!

You may remember that LogMeIn Rescue was the first solution in the market to bring remote technical support to mobile devices. In our latest version of Rescue, scheduled for release later today, we’re redefining the state of the art! We are thrilled to introduce Click2Fix™, and the LogMeIn Rescue iOS App.

With Click2Fix, we’ve completely redesigned Rescue’s interface and user experience for remote support of mobile devices. We are well aware that time is money when it comes to providing remote support to your customers. With that in mind, Click2Fix speeds up problem diagnosis by proactively alerting your agent to potential issues on the device, and provides 1-click remediation to a wide variety of issues that drive customers to call you. Customers have a great experience, and your agents continue to be heroes! Having rigorously designed and piloted this at some of the world’s leading telecom operators, we’re excited to bring this to our broader customer base. The video below provides an overview of how it works.

Following the success of the Android support app we released to Google Play earlier this year, we will soon have a new Rescue diagnostics app in the App Store for all iOS devices; we expect final approval from Apple shortly! With the end user’s permission, Rescue agents will be capable of pulling diagnostic information from, and pushing fixes and configuration settings to the iPad or iPhone. This is a significant step forward in the way iPads and iPhones are supported in the market today, and puts Rescue customers back in charge…..again!

With this latest version of Rescue, we’re embracing the new realities that mobile devices and their users create for our customers. So if you’re a Rescue customer already supporting mobile devices, we’d love to hear what you think about the new experience.  And if you’re new to Rescue and just looking to explore the best options for supporting mobile customers or a mobile workforce, you can try it for free for 14 days.  Let us know what you think.


Cubby is now in the LogMeIn iOS App!

Cubby by LogMeIn is the easiest way to sync files across your devices, store them in the cloud or share them with colleagues.  With the LogMeIn App, you can now access all of your files directly from your iOS device—and we’re giving you 5 gigs Free! Just tap on the Cubby logo in the app and all the features of Cubby, including your 5 gigs of Free storage, are immediately available to you.

Cubby for iOSWith Cubby you can:
•Sync folders across all your computers
•Share your files publicly or privately
•Go back in time with unlimited versioning
•Access your files with desktop and mobile apps

Already using Cubby for your cloud storage solution? Just tap the Cubby logo to access your files and folders.

Also available in the new update are focus tracking for Windows users that automatically places the most recently opened window in the center of your screen and various bug fixes.


Now in Preview: Support for network-attached storage (NAS) and external hard drives, plus drag-and-drop and multi-file uploading

A few weeks ago we told you about the the new Cubby Preview Program —  a place for our early-adopters and loyal users to be the first to get the latest features and fixes before they’re officially released.

Today, we’ve loaded-up our preview version with some of the most frequently-requested features and we’re looking to get your feedback. Check out what’s being previewed (below), then go here to learn how to get started.

Support for network-attached storage (NAS) and external drives

Preview users can now create a cubby from a fixed or removable disk such as an external hard disk drive, USB stick (pen drive), Flash reader or similar. Users can also now create a cubby from content associated with network-attached storage (NAS), also known as file-servers.

Drag-and-drop upload at cubby.com

Preview users can now drag and drop multiple items from anywhere on their computer into their cubbies via cubby.com. The upload status for these items will appear at the bottom of the page, allowing users to watch the upload process in real-time.


Multiple file/folder upload via cubby.com

In addition to drag-and-drop, preview users can now upload multiple files at the same time through cubby.com by simply selecting “Upload” and then their files. Chrome users will also be able to upload multiple folders.


Detach account on a Windows PC

To make it easier to stop using one LogMeIn ID and switch to another, we’ve added a detach feature for Windows users. To access, open the Cubby application and go to Preferences– the next time you launch Cubby, you’ll be asked to associate it with another account.


Sync improvements
As we do with every release, we’ve identified a few areas to improve our sync engine speed and performance.

Once you’ve decided to make the switch to Cubby Preview, make sure you drop us a note and let us know how it’s going. 


What’s New: LogMeIn Host Software Update

Versions  4.1.3256 (Windows) 4.1.3257 (Mac): This update includes improved international/regional keyboard handling. Now, during a remote session, you’ll be able to select one of three international keyboard handling options. Choose from host layout, client layout or legacy LogMeIn mapping.

Additionally, this update includes various stability improvements and fixes for Mac and Windows.

With this update the following operating systems are no longer supported:

  • Windows 2000
  • Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger)
  • Mac 10.5 (Leopard) on Power PC

Showcasing Rescue’s latest integration with ServiceNow!

This week the LogMeIn Rescue team continues life on the road, attending ServiceNow’s annual user conference in Las Vegas, Knowledge 13.  There is no better place to showcase the latest update to Rescue’s integration with ServiceNow’s Service Desk cloud service.  For those unfamiliar with the integration, here’s how it works and how your staff can work more effectively within the service desk.

SN-PINIf you’re an IT service desk using ServiceNow to manage your helpdesk service requests, your support staff can now initiate a Rescue remote support session directly from a ServiceNow ticket. Not only does this greatly simplify the technical support workflow, it also ensures that no vital information is lost along the way. Available at no additional cost to the organization, your ServiceNow administrator can add the Rescue integration by following the detailed instructions available on our recently launched integration portal.

The integration provides efficiencies within the helpdesk by allowing staff to:

  • Generate a LogMeIn Rescue session and SN-TKTcorresponding PIN code directly from a ServiceNow ticket
  • Email a link with the session PIN directly to the end-user from within the ServiceNow ticket, making it easier for the end-user to enter a remote support session
  • Post LogMeIn Rescue session details back to the ServiceNow ticket, including timestamps, chat logs, notes, as well as any customer fields and technician survey answers.

If you are at Knowledge13 stop by our table top for a live demo!