LogMeIn Launches vpn.net and Releases New Hamachi Update with Support for IPv6 on Windows, Macs and Linux (Beta)

We are excited to introduce a new home for LogMeIn Hamachi users at vpn.net. LogMeIn Hamachi still offers the same great service to download, setup and manage your VPNs over the Internet.  At vpn.net both new and existing users can log in to Hamachi’s secure VPN service quickly and easily.  LogMeIn Hamachi can network Windows and Mac OS computers in any configuration.  A client for Linux-based systems is now in beta.

We’ve also added support for IPv6 within Hamachi. This is part of our commitment to lead IPv6 adoption as well as ensure our users continue to get the highest quality of service.  Enabling Hamachi to use the IPv6 protocol means that there are now a virtually limitless number of IP addresses which can be used with Hamachi VPNs.  Existing and new Hamachi VPNs will continue to leverage IPv4 addresses in addition to full support for IPv6.  From an end-user perspective, the IPv6  transition will be seamless for existing Hamachi users.  Hamachi hosts will be updated automatically, but you can also update Windows and Mac hosts manually by clicking “check for updates” under the help menu.

To create a new VPN, you can simply go to vpn.net, download Hamachi, create a new network, and set a password.  Adding other computers to the network is quick and easy.  Just point colleagues, clients and other users to vpn.net, and provide them with the network name and password.

Check it out and let us know how it goes…