screen sharing now offers Presenter Swap (and more!)

I’m proud to say that is now the official sponsor of show-n-tell. How is that possible, you ask? Because the easiest screen-sharing app just got easier.

Introducing: Presenter Swap.

First things first: If you’d rather watch a two-minute video than read about the new features (including presenter switching), this demo is for you. Happy viewing!

Let’s talk Presenter Swap. This feature is an easy way to pass the presenter role to anyone on a Mac or a PC. As a pro host, you can let any participant (free or pro) show you their screen. Now we really mean it: I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. If you want to check it out, sign up for a free pro trial here.

You can find the feature under the Participants button in your presenter toolbar. Just click the raised hand next to whomever you’d like to pass the presenter role to. If they don’t have the desktop app, they’ll be asked to download it in order to be the presenter. And if they keep the desktop app on their desktop, they can host their own meetings. With or without you. (Hopefully, you’ll be invited).


We also revamped our desktop app, so now you can start or join a meeting without a browser. This way, you don’t have to always log in on the website to get pro features. Easy, right?

If you already have the desktop app, it will auto-update today for both free and pro users. No work on your part – just how we like it.

So if you want to try Presenter Swap, get your own personal link, schedule meetings in advance and more, try pro today.

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How does work? Take the tour

We created this video just for you to show you what is all about. Take the tour:

Want more info? Check out our blog post on tips and tricks.

  office hours

Since I constantly troll the Web, especially our Facebook and Twitter, I know that some of you still have unanswered questions about Hey, we’re a new product – we expect it. That’s why we’re implementing a new program called “ office hours.”

I’ll be “in the office” (office meaning on Mondays from 11am-2pm EST to answer any and all of your questions. I actually got this idea from Genevieve at VA Simple Services – I ended up giving her a personal demo, and it worked out really well for the both of us.

So join me on Monday if you want to talk all things Below, I’ve included a Vanna White pose so you can really picture the “office” I am working from. Oh, you’ll take a vowel? Big surprise.

Talk to you soon.


Did you know…

… That is really pretty awesome and has a few features you may not even know about, making it even MORE awesome?

Well, if you did know that, you’re pretty awesome but may still be pleasantly surprised from what you find below. And, if you don’t know about the features – well, read on.

File sharing: You can share a file using the chat feature.  Just click the file icon next to the participant’s name. Works the other way around, too, if they want to send you a file. And before you ask – yes, we are working on being able to send the file to everyone in chat at once.

Name Change: If you want to name yourself in the session and don’t want to be named “Viewer,” click the People button. The first “Viewer” is you, and you can change your name by clicking on it. Pretty snazzy, huh?

Share Screen Control: If you want to get up, get stretch your legs, take a call, etc – you can share mouse control with any other viewer by clicking the Mouse icon next to the name. You can take it away just as easily by clicking the “X” on the Mouse button next to their name.

Zoom in and out: This one is for the viewers.  If you want to make a shared screen or presentation larger, you can either click on that big magnifying glass icon or simply use the mouse wheel.  This one is especially handy when someone is showing you that 25-row spread sheet.

Did you discover any hidden gems about Let us know in the comments.


Let’s get a few things straight around here.

I would say, “You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers.” but someone already has that tag line, so:

I wanted to address seven (6.5, really)  of the questions I see all the time on our social media, in our feedback emails, and even some questions we got at Mass Innovation Night. All here, in one spot.

Is REALLY free?

Yes. Free. Costs nothing. No registration. Free.

OK, so the beta is free. What’s going to happen when it’s out of beta?

We can’t give away all of our marbles –we’ll have none left to play with – but when a product is built by a company famous for its ‘freemium’ model…well, you get the gist.

I use two monitors at work. Can switch between my monitors?

Not yet. But, you’re not the only one that uses two monitors for work. Heck, I do too. We hear you.

Why does it install the .exe every time I start a new meeting?  Why not just save it to my browser?

We’re a little over-the-top with security.  When you exit a session, is completely wiped from your system.  Completely.

McAfee won’t let me run – what’s that about?

We know. We know it’s not fun when you try to use our product and you can’t because of another company. We are working with McAfee to figure it out.

How many people can join my session?

How many friends and colleagues do you have? We encourage you to have meetings as big or as small as you want. As of right now, there is no limit.

There’s five or six features I want. Where are they?

We can do everything but read minds over here, so “talk back” to us on and tell us what you’re looking for.

Need to know something else? Find me at @joinme or on Facebook.