Dreamforce Day 1 Wrap Up – November 18, 2013


join.me screen sharing now offers Presenter Swap (and more!)

I’m proud to say that join.me is now the official sponsor of show-n-tell. How is that possible, you ask? Because the easiest screen-sharing app just got easier.

Introducing: Presenter Swap.

First things first: If you’d rather watch a two-minute video than read about the new features (including presenter switching), this join.me demo is for you. Happy viewing!

Let’s talk Presenter Swap. This feature is an easy way to pass the presenter role to anyone on a Mac or a PC. As a pro host, you can let any participant (free or pro) show you their screen. Now we really mean it: I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. If you want to check it out, sign up for a free join.me pro trial here.

You can find the feature under the Participants button in your presenter toolbar. Just click the raised hand next to whomever you’d like to pass the presenter role to. If they don’t have the join.me desktop app, they’ll be asked to download it in order to be the presenter. And if they keep the desktop app on their desktop, they can host their own join.me meetings. With or without you. (Hopefully, you’ll be invited).


We also revamped our desktop app, so now you can start or join a join.me meeting without a browser. This way, you don’t have to always log in on the website to get pro features. Easy, right?

If you already have the join.me desktop app, it will auto-update today for both free and pro users. No work on your part – just how we like it.

So if you want to try Presenter Swap, get your own personal link, schedule meetings in advance and more, try join.me pro today.

Questions? Comments? Feedback? Leave them here or check out our FAQ, Twitter or Facebook.


Get your hands on a 2011 @MeetingBoy calendar

Last week when I got to the office I had a package waiting for me (isn’t snail mail so much more fun now that all you get is emails?). MeetingBoy sent me some of his 2011 calendars. Pretty cool, right? So cool we thought we’d do a little something for our join.me and @MeetingBoy fans. Here’s MeetingBoy, breaking it down:

As part of my ongoing relationship with join.me, I’ll be asking people a question on Monday each week on their Facebook page, and then at the end of the week, Maggie (the person from join.me) will choose a winner and send them a 2011 MeetingBoy Calendar. I will also pick out my favorite answers and post them on my blog at meetingboy.com, so that the best (i.e., funniest and cleverest) get seen by all. The first question is up on join.me’s Facebook page.

Some nitty gritties: The calendar giveaway will be every Monday until February 28th, so there’ll be plenty of chances to win. Don’t forget to check out Facebook every Monday and Friday to see the questions, answers and winners. And hey – if you impress MeetingBoy with an answer, who knows what will happen. Good luck.

Don’t forget to “LIKE” our join.me Facebook page as well!


join.me: Coming Soon To a City Near You

Okay, you know that join.me is already in a city near you because you can access join.me from anywhere with an Internet connection – but what you don’t know is that we are, literally, coming to a city near you.

Check out the schedule below. We’ll be giving away free hot beverages near each of these locations. Free coffee or hot chocolate on your way to work. Why? Because we want to show you how awesome, easy and simple join.me is – and we know you can’t fully appreciate it until you’ve had your daily dose of caffeine or sugar.

Week 1 (from 7 – 10am, featuring coffee)

Boston: 11/30: South Station; 12/1: Government Center; 12/2: Harvard Square Station

San Francisco: 11/30: Montgomery Station; 12/1: Powell Station; 12/2:  Civic Center Station

Washington DC: 11/30: Union Station; 12/1: Metro Center; 12/2: 14th St. McPherson Sq Metro Station;

New York City: 11/30:  Union Square Park; 12/1: Port Authority; 12/2: Grand Central Station

Week 2 (from 8-11am, featuring hot chocolate)

Boston: 12/14: Back Bay Station; 12/15: North Station; 12/16: Financial District

San Francisco: 12/14: Fremont Station; 12/15: Millbrae Station; 12/16:  Embarcadero

Washington DC: 12/14: Smithsonian Station; 12/15: DuPont Circle; 12/16: Woodley Park Station

New York City: 12/14:  World Financial Center; 12/15: Penn Station; 12/16: Rockefeller Plaza, Central Park & Columbus Circle

And in the UK…

London: 12/6: Waterloo; 12/7: Liverpool Street; 12/9: Victoria;  12/13: Paddington;  12/15: London Bridge

Visit us at these carts for a hot beverage, news about join.me and your chance to enter and win some swag. I mean, you didn’t think all we were giving you was drinks, did you?

Let us know you’ll be there in the comments.


Try the Pro, Win a Nano

Clever title, I know. It took both cups of coffee this morning to get that one.

So most of you know join.me as a simple, lightweight, FREE online meeting and screen sharing product.  And you know we don’t mince words when it comes to free.  But did you know there’s a pro version of join.me with all sorts of extra goodies…and it’s also freeISH?  ISH as in you can try it for 14 days without any sort of opt-out routine.  We hate it when people do that.

join.me pro has been out since October 21 and we’ve gotten some really great feedback on the features. But we’re never satisified till you’re satisfied, so here’s the deal:

Go Pro. Show your mom your pictures of vacation that are too big to send or collaborate with a colleague on that PowerPoint that’s due in five minutes (hey, it happens.)

It’s free for 14 days and costs you nothing but the five seconds it will take to enter in an email address and a password. We don’t need your credit card, your name, or your birthday.  All we ask is that you give us some feedback.  The key word being ‘ask.’  Even that is not a requirement.

And here’s where the Nano comes in. Since we’re asking the favor, we’re happy to reward you for thoughts.  Leave us a comment on this post with your feedback, and you’re automatically entered to win one of three new Nanos. We want to hear all of it. What do you love? What do you want? What features do you absolutely need in join.me pro?

You have until midnight on November 23 (winners announced the 24th) to check it out and leave your feedback. Besides, have you seen the new Nanos? Maybe I’ll keep one for myself.

(Just kidding… kind of.)

– Maggie


November 15- Free Webinar: 5 Great On-Line Tools for Business

I first got in touch with Andy when he did a great video tutorial of join.me on his blog. I couldn’t let a join.me advocate like this fly by – so I pinged him and asked him if he’d be interested in collaborating with join.me by doing a free webinar. Here’s what’s happening:

Business growth happens when great ideas, great people and great execution meet.  Using web-based tools to manage your business makes sense for huge companies and solopreneurs.  On Monday, November 15, Business, Technology Consultant Andy Traub will hold a free webinar highlighting five web-based tools that businesses can use to manage their social media relationships, control their schedules, collaborate with team members and master the onslaught of email.  Andy has helped small and large companies learn to use these tools to better manage their business communications and he’ll show you how to use them to grow your business by increasing productivity and decreasing inefficient systems.

And if THAT isn’t incentive enough to join (what, I’m the only one with an onslaught of email?), every attendee will be entered to win one of two iPod Nanos as a door prize from join.me. You know, just for showing up, being yourself and checking out join.me.

RSVP here, or join us at https://join.me/142-709-272.

See you there!


join.me, swag, and #MIN18

12:50 PM: I’m sitting at work preparing for Mass Innovation Night, where we’re presenting join.me in a local event that features new products and a way to spread the word around Massachusetts and anywhere the Internet is (so… everywhere).

I’ll be keeping you updated on here as the night goes on – what’s happening at our booth, photos of the event, who is stopping by to chat, etc. It’s like you get to go to the event – but you can wear pajamas and eat popcorn while you do it. Best case scenario all around, I think.

2:45 PM: One cool thing about Mass Inno is that it’s really low-key – all they provide you with is a table. Which means for a tech company like us, we’re bringing quite the carload. Monitors, laptops, cords – oh my! If only I had those shiny red heels.

Here’s a photo of the swag we plan to give away at #MIN18 tonight. We’ll have some signs there on how to get your hands on some.

Note: Not bringing the magazines.

5:00 PM: Doors open to the public in an hour but we are ready to rock, thanks to my Martha Stewart-like table decorating skills (sorry, Martha, I’m just too busy with join.me these days for a guest appearance). Participants in Mass Inno – there are 10 companies – are slowly starting to filter in. However, no one has as much orange and green as we do. Game over.

6:00PM: The doors may have just opened, but we’ve already got our first visitor. His name is Arno, and I know that even though he is crumpling that shirt he loves his join.me swag.

7:05 PM: This. Is. Awesome.

We are swamped with people asking about join.me. Our coffee mugs are going like hot cakes. People love the pens. I haven’t even heard one mention of Halloween with our orange and green logo. Our business-card fishbowl had to be emptied – twice.

The presentations are about to start – four companies are getting five minutes to present, and we’re first. (Thanks for all the votes, by the way.)

Bottom line: join.me is rocking the boat over here at Mass Inno Night.

7:25 PM: Who still uses the word “swimmingly“? Well, I do. Our five minutes here went swimmingly. join.me is definitely a crowd favorite tonight – you could tell by the captivation of the audience. They even wanted to hear the questions repeated when they couldn’t hear! A great sign.

Some great tag lines from our presenters, Lee and Paul:

“Ridiculously simple.”

“Collaboration is a human endeavor, getting to a better solution.”

“Our enemies? Conference rooms.”

“Everyone on Newbury should be wearing our tees in a couple of days.”

I’m pretty sure no one disagreed with the last statement. We’re thinking of sending one to Bieber to really get them started. Our logo is going to go great with his hair.

9:30 PM: Home from Mass Inno after some crazy traffic on 93. I’ll say this though: Tonight was the perfect forum to introduce join.me to our peers. Informal, conversational, simple, human – just like we hope join.me is for those looking for easy collaboration.

It may have been late in the day we but we still had our game faces on. Thanks to everyone who participated – next time, someone better bring burgers. Or else.

Until next time…