Truth In Resumes – a Brainstorm with @MeetingBoy

All @MeetingBoy and I ever talk about is work, meeting, colleagues, and of course… meetings. But what we sometimes forget is a lot of the reasons why meetings are the way they are is all about the people in the meeting. He came up with a great idea and wanted to brainstorm with our users. Check out what he has in store for Friday…

This Friday at 2:00 PM Eastern, I’ll be hosting an online brainstorming session on called “Truth In Resumes”. You can check it out at

Truth In Resumes is my project to determine what people’s resumes would say if they really described what it is to work with them. A few examples:

  • Colicky Coworker: Smart, capable, but whines about everything. Even when he gets his way.
  • Ambitious Incompetent: Not good at anything but shifting blame and screaming. Fired from every job.
  • Sales Manager: Makes a lot of sales in a good economy, not so good now.
  • Arrogant Executive: MBA in Business Jargon from Ivy League school. “I was once a big deal.” His opinions, while irrelevant, must be heard!
  • Senior Accounts Payable Clerk: 25 years at the job and counting. Insists we do everything the same way we did in 1985. Demands everything in triplicate; complains her desk is “buried in paper”. Can’t be fired. Rude. Dream job was at DMV, settled for this.
  • Slippery Account Director: Favorite trick is to request something, receive it, ignore it, then go complain to your boss that I didn’t get it. “It’s the perfect plan because then I can blame you later when things go wrong.”
  • Unpromotable Jerk: “A lot of people don’t get along with me. I assume it is because they are intimidated by my intelligence and great ideas.”

To prepare, please nominate someone you have worked with by leaving a short description of them in the comments by Thursday morning. Leave off their real names to protect the guilty, the lazy and the bullies, and just refer to them with a descriptive name like I did.

Talk to you Friday.

– @MeetingBoy