mobile viewer for Android available today

It’s here!

Are you surprised? You shouldn’t be – the mobile viewer for Android was such a huge hit at Mobile World Congress that we wanted to get it to you as soon as possible.

What can you expect? Better online meetings than you’ve ever had free. Fast, secure free screen sharing on your Android device. Collaboration – anytime, anywhere.

Okay, now to the good stuff. To get the app, you can either click on this link on your Android device or use a reader app to scan this QR code to take you right to the Android Market. You can also tell your friends to search “” in the Market (because we know you’ll be telling your friends about us).

As always, we want to hear what you love, hate, and appreciate – so leave us some feedback here on the blog so we can make your mobile viewers just the way you like them.

If you want specs, details and a little more info from our PR team, check out the post on the press room.

  mobile viewer for Android

No need for a double-take – Android lovers, your time has come. I told you that we were working on a mobile viewer for Android, and here it is, being demo’ed at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week.

Being the maven that I am, I already know what you’re going to ask me. Of course it’s going to be a free download from the Android Market. is all about free screen sharing, after all. And when’s it coming out? Soon. Very soon.

So, as I like to say… stay tuned.


Sneak peek from MWC: LogMeIn Ignition on Honeycomb

The Ignition team has been hard at work here at LogMeIn, developing enhancements for Android smartphones and tablets. We are at the Android Stand during Mobile World Congress to show off the latest preview of LogMeIn Ignition running on Honeycomb tablets. Continue reading “Sneak peek from MWC: LogMeIn Ignition on Honeycomb” »


Big News on Android Support from Mobile World Congress

Two weeks ago we introduced the New Rescue , including some great new features for Android support.  Today at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, we’re bringing out the big guns:  full remote control of Android devices! Initially available for mobile operators and OEMs, these remote control capabilities extend our Rescue Mobile benefits while ensuring the highest level of security. We’re doing this through a partnership strategy that has Rescue being pre-deployed by some of the biggest device manufacturers on some of today’s best-selling Android devices.  The pre-deployed Rescue applet enables mobile carriers and OEMs to deliver complete support (including full remote control) to their customers’ devices.  That means technicians can support Android smartphones and tablets remotely, as if they were in the palm of their hand.

We’ll be showing it off all week at MWC, so if you’re here swing by the LogMeIn booth (hall 1, stand 1G31) or the Android stand (hall 8, stand 8C25) to check it out.  For everyone else, here’s a sneak peak of an Android tablet being “Rescued” by our Mobile product manager John Purcell:


Live from the Android Stand at Mobile World Congress

If you’re a LogMeIn Ignition, Rescue or fan attending Mobile World Congress, make sure to stop by the Android stand (hall 8, stand 8C25) to get a closer look at LogMeIn’s latest Android-related products.  We’ll be one of a handful of mobile developers showcasing our new and upcoming Android wares.   On display will be a preview of an upcoming version of Ignition running on a Honeycomb-powered Motorola Xoom, a sneak peek at’s Android capabilities, as well as the new release of Rescue that provides support for Android devices over the air.

Not lucky enough to be in Barcelona?  No worries.  Just stay tuned to  We’ll be blogging from the show, covering all the LogMeIn previews and new products from both the LogMeIn booth and the Android stand.

UPDATE: Want to see what Ignition on Honeycomb will look like? Check out a video demo from the Android booth.

UPDATE 2: You can get a sneak peek of what our screen sharing product,, looks like running on Android over at the blog.


The New LogMeIn Rescue: Efficiency. Satisfaction. Android

We’re very excited to announce that the new version of LogMeIn Rescue is now live!  The New Rescue was designed with two things in mind: keeping our customers productive and improving the end-user experience.  To do that we loaded the New Rescue with Android support capabilities and features like Connect On-LAN and Tear Away Remote Control Windows.

Continue reading “The New LogMeIn Rescue: Efficiency. Satisfaction. Android” »


Ignition for Android Update Adds Wake-on-LAN, Remote Sound and Tablet Support

As our first official product post, we’d like to tell you about our first major update to LogMeIn Ignition for Android.  This update includes many enhancements requested directly by you, our users.   Ignition for Android now has Wake-on-LAN to remotely turn on your sleeping computers via LogMeIn – as well as the ability to play remote sounds from your Windows PCs running LogMeIn Pro2.   We’re also excited that the latest version of Ignition now includes additional enhancements and optimizations to give you the best possible experience on your Android tablet. Continue reading “Ignition for Android Update Adds Wake-on-LAN, Remote Sound and Tablet Support” »