Rescue Lens: Seeing is Believing!

Ever want to see exactly what your customers or field agents are seeing when they’re trying (unsuccessfully) to describe a problem? How often is your workflow slowed down because you need to send out a team of field service agents to resolve a customer’s problem? And normally, it’s a really quick and easy fix, right?

lens_img1_v2Now available – Rescue Lens! A brand new feature within LogMeIn Rescue 7.6, Rescue Lens allows your support reps to provide real-time video-assisted support, giving them a firsthand look at the end users problem.

Whether it’s a loose connection, an unplugged plug, a jammed printer, or a missing piece of wire, simple problems can be easily overlooked when something is not working right. With Rescue Lens, end users will be able to show their problem to the technician using a smartphone or a tablet camera to stream live video back to the support technician. Once the Rescue Lens App is installed on their Android or iOS device, they are ready to go.

With video-aided support capabilities, your technicians will be able to diagnose and resolve issues without having to rely on inefficient (and often erroneous and incomplete) verbal and written descriptions of what’s going on. Best of all, Rescue Lens is fully integrated into LogMeIn Rescue. Your technicians get another view of a support situation, and the Rescue Lens session is captured along with all of the typical session details, including video recordings when needed. In addition, all of the information can be synced with any integrated ticketing systems!

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Peter Zeinoun

Written by

Peter is the Director of Products for the Rescue team.