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For our readers in the US, welcome back from the Thanksgiving holiday!  Hopefully you had your fill in both Turkey and shopping.  As you continue to read this roundup week by week you’ll see how companies are handling customer engagement across different types of channels.  This week started out with one of the busiest online shopping times of the year and customer engagement plays a large roll on both sales and support of purchases.  Read on as we cover some of the bigger news around mobile commerce, recap 2013 service technology trends, including how to measure successful customer engagement and some insights into multi-channel engagement.


2013 Is The Year For Mobile eCommerce

Media Post’s Online Media Daily ran an interesting article prior to Black Friday and Cyber Monday highlighting the rise in mobile shopping and forecasting what to look for in the coming days.  Leading up to Cyber Monday, online shopping traffic on mobile devices was up 42% and actual sales were up 54% year over year, according to the latest IBM Digital Analytics.  Media Post also highlights iOS users spent 16% more per order when purchasing on an iOS device versus Android.  Click Here to read the full article and see how the mobile commerce numbers compare to Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. 

Retailers Thankful for iPads, E-Commerce and Record Sales

According to CMSWire, Thanksgiving and Black Friday online sales were boosted by smartphones and tablets. Online sales on Black Friday were up 39% year over year at $1.93B with mobile platforms contributing $691M.  CMSWire continues to break this down further by showing how iPads contributed $417M out of the $691M mobile online sales.  Click Here to read the full article and a great infographic on Black Friday sales.

Cyber Monday: By the numbers

Courtesy of GigaOM and IBM, we have a first look at the Cyber Monday revenue projections.  According to IBM, mobile traffic made up 31.7% of all online traffic during the five-day online period, Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday, which was up 45% from 2012.   In addition to the online traffic increasing, mobile contributed to 17% of total online sales over the same five-day period, up 55% year over year.  It’s clear from this and our first two articles that mobile is becoming an important part of online commerce.  If you are online and aren’t optimizing for mobile, you should be.  Click here to read the full GigaOM article or get the full report from IBM from here.

Recapping 2013: Hottest Service Technology Trends

Moving away from mobile commerce this article takes a look back at 2013 and some of the key service technology trends identified by TSIA (Technology Services Industry Association).  One trend that LogMeIn has seen alongside TSIA is large enterprises beginning to embrace cloud applications.  The lower cost of ownership is seen as a key advantage but gaps in the type of solutions available and how these solutions work together still need to be resolved.  Another interesting trend TSIA mentions is Video in Service, which ties in nicely with our Amazon “Mayday” post earlier this year.  As costs to deliver higher quality video continue to come down, business to consumer facing organizations will look to implement this offering.  Questions will remain on how well video support services can scale and be staffed, but this has caught the eye of consumers and will be a great differentiator for device manufacturers.  Click here to read more about TSIA’s hottest service technology trends in 2013.

Overcome Multichannel Customer Service Challenges

The next article we are highlighting this week comes from DestinationCRM discussing some of the challenges that arise when providing multichannel customer service.   Most organizations are building out their multichannel strategy, giving their customers multiple touch points into the organization.  As this article articulates, the new gap being created is traversing these channels without any data being lost.  To provide a truly compelling engagement, the agent should have visibility into every interaction across every channel.  This can be difficult and costly if you are building out each channel solution without having a view of the customer journey.   Building out the customer journey, along with cloud-based tools, can help address this problem while keeping costs down.  LogMeIn, which provides cloud-based support and chat channel solutions, understands some of these challenges and has built API’s enabling our customers to pull session data into their CRM systems, providing a full customer view across the channels our solutions fit in.  Click here to read more on how to overcome multichannel customer service challenges.

2014’s seven key technology indicators for successful customer engagement

Finally, InformationAge takes a look at how an organization can set themselves up for success in 2014.  Some of the key points in this article align with some of our previous posts.  This includes the importance of leveraging big data, a key theme coming out of TSW 2013, extending beyond the customer contact center by leveraging your full organization,  a topic discussed at length at CEM in Telecoms: North America, and putting web chat to work, which was a primary focus in the BoldChat 7.6 release. Click here to read more on how you can be more successful in customer engagement for 2014.

No doubt about it– it’s been a busy week for mobile commerce and customer engagement. Please share your thoughts on any of the highlighted articles—we’d love your feedback!


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