What’s New: LogMeIn Supports Apple’s new Mountain Lion

LogMeIn Host Software Update for Mac: Apple unleashed it’s latest version of the Mac OS, Mountain Lion, and we’re ready. The latest version of LogMeIn software, complete with Mountain Lion support, is available for a free upgrade to our existing customers. We’re excited to be at the front of the line of applications supporting Apple’s updates to their operating system at launch.

Automatic updates have been turned on, but to manually update your LogMeIn software and ensure you have the latest version on your Mac, click the LogMeIn icon on the Finder bar:

  1. Click Open LogMeIn.
  2. Click the About tab.
  3. Click Check for Updates.

New LogMeIn users, download the latest build when a new Mac is added to your account via www.LogMeIn.com.

Check out the latest upgrade and give us your feedback.

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43 thoughts on “What’s New: LogMeIn Supports Apple’s new Mountain Lion

  1. I used LogMeIn on Lion and it worked perfectly. I upgraded to Mountain Lion and also updated LogMeIn on my Mac. Now I am unable to wake my Mac when it is asleep.

  2. Exactly the same in my case. How have you tested your software to say that it supports “Mountain Lion”

    • LMI closed my support ticket without emailing or calling.. I guess they are flushing their support tickets to improve their management dashboard.

  3. After upgrading my MacBook Pro to from Lion to Mountain Lion, I cannot use Hamachi, which is a serious problem as I bought the subscription and configured company network with it. I use also Neorouter and for now it is a working alternative for me under Mountain Lion. The symptoms: Hamachi (V application itself works. The problem appears when I try to connect any way to any other computer. Short portion of data is sent, then the communication totally hangs. Same with ssh – I can connect to a server but issuing any command which returns longer result (top, ps -e etc) displays some data and hangs. Then the Mac’s terminal is hanged, I have to close it, when I retry the behavior is same. Also cannot open any web service I have in the Hamachi network. It start the communication, transmits a part of data and hangs too, regardless what browser I use. These effects happen only via Hamachi, the other ways for connecting to my servers work good (Neorouter and Mac’s VPN, TunnelBlick (OpenVPN)). This behavior cannot be reproduced, however, on each Mac upgraded to Mountain Lion – my colleague has a MacBook Air, Hamachi works after Mac OS upgrade (he’s in the same Hamachi network, tried to connect to the same nodes).

  4. Same issue here. Upgraded to Mountain Lion and lost the ability to connect via IE9, Firefox, iPad and iPhone to my Mac. Look forward to the new update :). Thank you

  5. Add me to the list of people for which the update is NOT working on ML.

    Might want to amend this post . . .

  6. Same here. can’t wake remote computer from sleep. Was rock solid before upgrading to Mountain Lion and latest version of LogMeIn client.

  7. In regards to those having an issue with the Hamachi software on Mountain Lion, we have released an update just today that addresses this issue. Please update to the latest version.

    As far as the LogMeIn software is concerned, we need to look into this. We ask you to contact our support line so we may gather diagnostic information from the computers. We will need this to proceed with a fix of any kind. This information is can not be appropriately gathered through this forum.

    You can contact our support line by dialing the appropriate number from here http://help.logmein.com/SelfServiceContact, or submitting a support ticket.

    • As for feedback after some short-time testing – the update seems to work. Good job!

  8. Same here, Mountain Lion on Imac and Macbook Pro, can’t wake remote computer from sleep, got the options checked in LMI and on Imac energy saver..

  9. Yes, Mountain Lion and LMI aren’t compatible on my machine. It won’t wake the remote Imac.

  10. Got a new iMac with Mountain Lion and I’m having the same problem as well. Will not wake up.

  11. Installed Mountain Lion on my home and office workstation and promptly lost LogMeIn access on both. I checked to make sure that I was using the latest version and that the firewall was turned off.

  12. Unable to use keyboard shortcuts (to run simple actions as copy and paste) while remotely running a PC (Windows 7) through a mac (Mountain Lion).

  13. And still no screen blanking love for Mountain Lion users. And LogMeIn just refuses to tell us when we may see it or why it is taking so long. My Timbuktu product is antiquated, not even ML certified, but it’s still been able to blank the remote client screen for 10 years now. Sad.

  14. Hey LMI tech people – what’s the story here? I just purchased a MacBook Pro with Mountain Lion for my wife’s business and was told I could set it up as an additional host computer on LogMeInFree so I could access it from my base computer. But the comments above are a strong indication that your product won’t work and will cause problems. It’s now December 9, 2012, almost two months since the last complaint here. Where are you on this? Thanks.

  15. I have been using LMI for years. Works great on PC’s. Works “ok” on Mac OSX 10.6 & 10.7. Is horrible on 10.8. LogsMeOut constantly. Have also used Teamviewer for years and it works perfectly on all OS. Plus it allows many of the options LMI has removed from free users.

  16. I have a modern MBP’s with Mt Lion on them – one at work and the other at home.
    I can’t wake them up unless I ask someone to physically hit the keyboard to wake them up. I email Logmein, but no response.
    Time to check out SplashTop.

  17. My Mac is on, remote access allowed, firewall off. Cannot log onto computer from any of my devices (MacBook notebook, iPad). Was fine prior to upgrading OS. Any solutions???? My Mac perpetually displays “offline” though I know it isn’t!

  18. I can no longer use LogMeIn (free) after upgrading to OS Mountain Lion. I just get a blank screen and no updates available. When will a fix finally arrive please?

  19. same problem here, connection beween i phone 6.0.1 and macbook mountain lion only possible when macbook is awake 🙁 Also lock screen cannot be unlocked remotely from iphone, the slider will not move all the way across.

  20. Has LMI fixed the problem that LMI ruins the sound drivers or settings on Mountain Lion? It’s been months now.

  21. LMI closed my support ticket without emailing or calling.. I guess they are flushing their support tickets to improve their management dashboard.

  22. I’m also having the problem…. if my Mountain Lion computers are asleep, I cannot wake them up via LogMeIn. One question: is this also a problem with the “Pro” version? I’m using LMI Free. Would updating to “Pro” change anything?

  23. I had the pro version and was not able to wake up my MBP Mountain Lion. I filed a support ticket and Logmein closed without any action.. Interesting defect process they have.
    I downgraded to free version.

  24. Downloaded, works great for me. Just in the learning stage from my MacBook Air, trying to figure out if I can remote into my ipad and iphone.

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