LogMeIn Pro…Now in HD!

Here’s a holiday present for you LogMeIn Pro users out there.  We’ve just released an update that we hope will quite literally change the way you view remote control for both work and play.  That’s right, Pro has gone HD.  Delivering the best for your remote control sessions and video streaming capabilities. And just in case you missed our other big news, LogMeIn launched a completely Free app for iOS.  That’s right, the app is 100% free and works with LogMeIn Free and LogMeIn Pro.

So what does HD have to do with remote access?

First, you’ll notice a rather remarkable difference when viewing remote PCs (we’re extending to Macs in early 2012).  In fact, you might even have a hard time distinguishing between a local view and a remote view.  Beyond that, HD opens the doors to a whole host of activities you may never have tried with remote access before.  Whether it’s games, movies, TV shows, or just a better way to access your computer, it’s now all in HD quality.

If you haven’t already, make sure to click OK on updater, give HD a test run, and let us know your thoughts.  After all, it was your feedback that helped shaped this latest update.  So keep the ideas coming.   And don’t forget to download the free LogMeIn app in the App Store.

User Tip: To ensure you’re getting the HD experience, make sure your color quality settings are set to HD during remote sessions.

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Tara is the Vice President of Products at LogMeIn. Tara's team is responsible for cross-product coordination with regards to customer insights, product launches, data analytics and pricing and packaging.

8 thoughts on “LogMeIn Pro…Now in HD!

  1. Splashtop already does HD for 1.5 years… based on what I can see, your performance (frame rate) isn’t even close to what Splashtop can achieve…. & Splashtop delivers this without monthly subscription!!

  2. Nothing new here. Echoing Christoper on splashtop. I just looked them up I think Splashtop HD is now the #1 remote desktop app on ipad and android .. their HD speed is smooth as butter!

  3. FWIW it would take a lot for me to switch away from LogMeIn… it’s been rock solid for years, it takes security seriously, has enormous flexibility, and it’s one download, not two like Splashtop (that’s a big deal when you’re trying to do remote support for a parent.) Even without the plug in you can still connect via Java, another big plus in my book. Plus the Splashtop mobile client is not free — I can use LMI to connect to my home PC through my Android browser. (It’s a little tough to navigate, but hey its a 3 inch screen, whadda ya expect.) HD is icing on the cake for me, I already thought LMI was terrific.

    • Almost all enterprise IT I talk to do not see LogMeIn, GotoMyPC, etc. as viable solution due to security. They are considered backdoor into enterprise. Security level requirements differ for different companies. Some might claim Dropbox is not secure, but some companies are happy w/ it. Some might claim box.net is more secure, but some companies don’t think it’s secure enough.

      I have been using SPlashtop to remote support my parents and remote shut down my kids’ PCs if they are playing Warcraft longer than they should be. It’s convenient and easy. I understand Splashtop has Splashtop Pro product that offers enhanced security.

      LMI might be good enough for remote support… but for remote access, Splashtop simply rocks on performance and enhanced productivity. It’s good enough to play interactive games, let alone accessing Office apps. LMI now has HD but requires $39 per year?!!? I rather pay a few dollars for best in class performance and experience.

      • I don’t think anyone will mistake LMI for a secure VPN tunnel, but my net admin was reasonably satisfied with SSL over the wire and needing a valid set of AD credentials for our network. (I also like being able to send a WOL command right from the interface, another plus).

  4. Wow! Please release the Mac version as soon as possible! I have been waiting for sound for so long! It says early in 2012. I hope that means January!

    By the way, I have used Splashtop as well, and have had almost no luck connecting with my computer unless I happen to be using the same wifi network. I’m sure it’s a firewall issue, but I’m not going to get my company to change the firewall settings just so I can use Splashtop. So essentially, it’s worthless to me. LogMeIn just works better.

    Also, with Splashtop I have to zoom in to get a precision click with the cursor because I can’t drag the cursor as though I am using a mouse. I can do that with LogMeIn. And now that we can get HD video AND sound? I am in love! Thank you!

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