Better Collaboration Equals Better Performance.

Successful collaboration in the workplace can be the difference between success and failure. According to Dr. Jaclyn Kostner, leadership effectiveness expert and CEO of virtual training organization Bridge the Distance, workforce teams that collaborate the most often are 36% more productive than teams with less collaboration. Companies that make increased and improved collaboration a top priority can see improvements across a number of departments or functional areas, including customer service, profitability, and employee engagement. The key, and the crossroads at which many organizations find themselves today, is determining which tools to use and implement across the entire organization.

According to our recent research with Forbes Insights, the key factor in a virtual meeting tool that drives successful collaboration is simplicity. Kostner agrees – she says: “the best tools for collaboration have to be easy to get into, so that it’s fast and spontaneous. The strategy for successful collaboration begins at the top level. We want to make sure that we’re combining great tools and great technology along with great meeting practices that pull everyone in, to get the richest meeting experience.” View more of Jaclyn’s comments in this video below, which also highlights more key insights from our recent Forbes report:

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