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Name: Andrew Lindsay

Occupation: Lead Business Systems Analyst for Electronic Transaction Consultants

Uses for: Web collaboration at work, ad-hoc tutoring and assistance; scheduling online teaching classes

“I simply can’t say enough good about, especially the free version. I am a Lead Business Systems analyst with a firm in the North Dallas area.  My wife and I are active as community volunteers.  I use at work; the ease and speed in initiating sessions makes it the tool of choice for collaboration, whether it is across the building or across the continent.  But I am most excited in using with my volunteer work.  I teach basic computing at the local senior citizens’ center, I am the webmaster for a club with a lot of older adults, and I am the “designated geek” within my group of family and friends.  Many older adults have just avoided computers, for whatever reason, until computing became so pervasive that it couldn’t be ignored.  Today’s operating systems, web sites, and even collaborative tools rely upon a basic set of conventions and understanding that those who have not been exposed to computing over the last five or 10 years do not possess.  Trying to provide assistance to this group without seeing what they are seeing or doing, and not having a common nomenclature for communication is a huge stumbling block to providing assistance.  It’s just plain aggravating.  But a session is so very easy to launch virtually anyone can initiate a session.  After that, providing effective assistance is easy.  And shortly, I’ll be using my pro account to schedule online classes to reinforce what’s been taught in the classroom. has really changed how I provide support.  But most importantly, it lets me spend more time with my wife!

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Maggie Hibma is a member of the product team.