Try the Pro, Win a Nano

Clever title, I know. It took both cups of coffee this morning to get that one.

So most of you know as a simple, lightweight, FREE online meeting and screen sharing product.  And you know we don’t mince words when it comes to free.  But did you know there’s a pro version of with all sorts of extra goodies…and it’s also freeISH?  ISH as in you can try it for 14 days without any sort of opt-out routine.  We hate it when people do that. pro has been out since October 21 and we’ve gotten some really great feedback on the features. But we’re never satisified till you’re satisfied, so here’s the deal:

Go Pro. Show your mom your pictures of vacation that are too big to send or collaborate with a colleague on that PowerPoint that’s due in five minutes (hey, it happens.)

It’s free for 14 days and costs you nothing but the five seconds it will take to enter in an email address and a password. We don’t need your credit card, your name, or your birthday.  All we ask is that you give us some feedback.  The key word being ‘ask.’  Even that is not a requirement.

And here’s where the Nano comes in. Since we’re asking the favor, we’re happy to reward you for thoughts.  Leave us a comment on this post with your feedback, and you’re automatically entered to win one of three new Nanos. We want to hear all of it. What do you love? What do you want? What features do you absolutely need in pro?

You have until midnight on November 23 (winners announced the 24th) to check it out and leave your feedback. Besides, have you seen the new Nanos? Maybe I’ll keep one for myself.

(Just kidding… kind of.)

– Maggie

Alix Hagan

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Alix Hagan joined LogMeIn in 2012 and has held roles in product and in marketing. As Senior Product Marketing Manager, Alix leads all messaging, content, and campaigns for, the world’s fastest-growing collaboration solution.

26 thoughts on “Try the Pro, Win a Nano

  1. I like, it’s very easy to use. I don’t have a use for join me pro but i do for the Nano so I’m going to get the 14 day trial! Wish me luck…

  2. Works like a charm. Super easy. Well done!

    I’d like the ability to make the screen go blank/black as opposed to simply pausing whatever was displayed the moment I hit the pause button.


  3. I love, its an incredibly simple tool and I’ve been using it to walk clients through using web sites that I build for them.
    My most recent session was with a client who was not very tech savvy. When she went to, she became flustered when the aproval popups came up for her to allow to run. She hit no (which is the correct response to unexpected permission resuests!) and then then became confused as to what to do. A quick F5 fixed her problems, but she clearly did not have a seamless experience.

    For the main site, you should probably add a note that the app needs permission to run its java thing in order to connect. Something small, or a popup/lightbox before the permission is requested, would do the trick.

    For pro, perhaps you could give us some form of customization as to what they see when they first come to our URL. Even just a message we can customize, such as “A representative from Cool Consulting will join you shortly” would help assure the client they went to the right place and they can trust it.

  4. Guys, I’m getting a Samsung Galaxy Tab tomorrow and would love if you could bring out an Android app!


  5. I’ve used LogMeIn for longer than I care to remember and have been nothing but satisfied with it. Nice to see that now, I don’t have to traverse the internet to find a free, screen sharing option for helping out friends and family abroad. Although, I’m not too sure that the pro features would apply to my situation. Now, what would really impress would be something along the lines of the Ignition iPhone app for this. I can’t tell you how many times the iPhone app for LogMeIn has helped me out in a pinch.

  6. I love Join.Me and in the short time I have been using it, I have already introduced several people to it, and they all love it too!

    MeetingBoy (on twitter) had a link to and that is how I first heard about it. I joined a coffee break and a meeting.

    This is how I have used Join.Me (so far):
    – used to show a client the changes being made on his presentation, while he talked me through the changes on the phone
    – had my son take over my mouse to show me how to “add that thing you put on my laptop at home on my work desktop”
    – had a former employee show me his resume on his home computer while I gave him pointers on how to make it better. We continued talking after that and I had to remind him I could still see his screen and did not want to see him doing his online banking!
    -Showed my assistant how to update a spreadsheet. She followed along as I showed her what we needed completed.
    -Showed my brother, a computer tech, Join.Me and he saw immediate benefits to working with some of his customers
    -had a dreaded (but much overdue) status meeting, allowing all to catch up on the status of the new products being rolled out
    -spoke with my assistant and the training manager at the same time to discuss the new training class and find out who was doing what
    -showed training manager how to use software (that was new to her).
    -did a training class on our proprietary internal software use for the new hires, they were able to ask questions, and because they were each at their own desk, they could minimize the Join.Me window and try out what they just learned. (This was especially handy)
    -was able to show my husband some really cute photos on my laptop without having to email them to him.
    -was able to share some “sensitive” corporate material with the owners without actually emailing them the info (and chancing it get into the wrong hands).
    -just asked friends to Join.Me for the heck of it.

    Coming up…
    -I am planning (in the near future) on doing a software demonstration/tutorial for a large group of people.
    -I am planning a brainstorm session for a work project
    -I am planning on introducing several of my favourite people to each other by having a Join.Me “party” and then arrange for a real-life party
    -I am thinking of using Join.Me for an online book club
    -I am planning on using Join.Me for a FlyLady support group meeting.

    These are just what I have done, or thought of, so far. I am sure I will find more uses as we go.

    Thank you.

  7. I like the way you run your company — with great transparency and maximizing value for customers at all times.

    I’ll likely by trying out pro.

    Phil Shapiro

    oh, and I spotted a small typo at the end of the original post about. besdies is supposed to be besides, although in many respects that besdies the point.

  8. I’ve used webex and gotomeeting – both of which are painful. is great! Easy, simple, and effective. Would love to see a semi-pro account that gives pro features for free if you have 5 meetings/month or less.

  9. I’ve been using Join.Me since the GoToMeeting Express days and its always been rock solid. I love this product!!!! Keep up the good work. I’m not sure the feature set in the pro version is enough to make me switch from the free version at $360/year, but I’d be more than willing to pay a smaller yearly fee. If the pro feature set grows, it may be come a better value at that price.

  10. I’ve had a look at the free version – pretty nice for an ad hoc tool that you don’t have to install. I’m looking forward to trying the pro version to see how applicable that might be to my professional use. Thank you for such a nice piece of software! Oh – and winning a nano would be cool too!

  11. I have been a LogMeIn Free user for many moons. I install it on every family/friends computer I’ve installed. It’s been a life saver when I get those late weekend calls that someone has inadvertently installed some malware on their computer. Now, with, there’s /almost/ no need to install it. is so simple, even the most paranoid technophobe can figure it out. (No offense to the technophobes out there ;-P)

    Recently my boss was working from home and rather than try to export to excel, format, email, blah, blah, blah. I just popped open and poof! Done and done.

  12. I’ve used LogMeIn free pretty nearly since day one. I love it. is the perfect compliment. The same is true for the pro versions of each. I just absolutely love the applications. I greatly appreciate the use of the free versions, which I use weekly for home use and to support some non-profit organizations I serve. I promote both the free and paid versions by word-of-mouth almost daily and I’m trying to get our company to ditch WebEx for Join.Me. I believe the price is right for the feature set.

    I’ve read the comments above and agree with the suggested enhancements. Here are a couple more:
    1) The meeting invitation that gets sent with the pro version is quite nice. Having the ability to edit some of the body content would be great.
    2) Having the little ‘control panel’ remember it’s last location would be nice.
    3) Within the ‘control panel’, when you click on the and the pop-up appears, it would be nice if it contained a link to the web page for scheduling a meeting.
    4) Within the ‘control panel’, when you click on the and the pop-up appears for “send by email”, it would be good if there were the option to “send an invitation”.
    5) It would be good if the ‘control panel’ would minimize to the system tray (Windows), instead of to the taskbar.
    6) I’d like to see a ‘very low cost’ version that allows for and personal URL and locked meetings, but without all the pro features. I’m thinking something like a one-time fee of $24.99 or similar. Maybe it could be something like $14.99 to allow a lock OR a personal URL, OR $24.99 for both. Perhaps it could be at an even lower price, but an annual fee. As a personal user, just for vanity, I’d love to have a personal URL. I could also see this used by companies that just won’t spring for a pro version. As a personal user that supports some non-profit groups, having a locking feature would be nice. I can’t see any of the organizations I support ever paying for the pro version, but I’d pay for a locking feature out of my own pocket.
    7) Similar to suggestion #6, I wonder if a limited feature set and one-time or annual payment option would be good for companies. Keep the free version for personal and non-profit use, but offer an one-time or annual payment option (with a limited feature set) for companies.
    8) At the home page, right below the ‘join’ box, I’d like to see a field where people joining the meeting could type in their name (optionally, of course). Then the name would appear in the ‘participants’ list, instead of “Participant 1”, etc..
    9) The ‘download to desktop’ option is quite nice. It would be even nicer if when the control panel appeared that it allowed the user to enter the URL to join another’s meeting. Right now the only advantage to having the control panel is to host a meeting. It would be good to be able to use it to join a meeting.

    All the above being said, my main suggestion is not to ruin what sets above the competitors; that is, the speed and simplicity. Don’t muddy up the tool with ‘features’ that force the setup or meeting initiation to take longer. Additional features should only be options. Needing to do anything more than tell people to browse to “join dot me slash mypersonallink” and accept the software prompt would be a huge mistake.

    Thank you again.


  13. Wow, I used logmein express and thought it was great. I checked back in and I’m glad to see it’s a full fledged service now. I also love the letter from the LogMeIn CTO, makes me confortable that both the free and pro versions will be around for awhile, because there is a genuine need for both.

    Thanks for a cool product!

  14. Hi Maggie,

    Who won the Nanos? I’m still hoping I might be one of the winners. Dollinha and I gave you the most feedback; wink, wink, nod, nod, say-no-more, say-no-more 😉


    • Hi Andrew,

      Since the winners were picked randomly, I couldn’t factor in who gave me the most feedback. And if you haven’t gotten an email by now, unfortunately, you didn’t win. That’s the bad news. But – there is good news! We appreciate your comments, thoughts and feedback – and you’re on my radar. Good things happen to those on my radar. Stay in touch.


      • Well, I didn’t get an e-mail; bummer. 😉 But I’m not taking it too hard; I have (much) more than received my value from I just used it last night to help my parents set up Skype. Thank you yet again.

        Here is a suggestion: Perhaps you could/should offer services similar to (by, both free and pro. It seems you have the basics already in play. On one of the non-profit sites that I operate, I use showmewhatswrong for people to provide me a screen capture movie of the problem they are encountering with the site or some related issue they can show me from their computer screen. It’s like, but without the need for me to be present at that moment.

        From a corporate perspective, many companies (like mine) serve consumers that use the computer and need to report a problem, but for security reasons they don’t have access to e-mail. An application like showmewhatswrong allows them to create a movie of the problem and the URL of the movie gets sent automatically to a designated e-mail address; like our company’s help desk.

        Please advise if an application like this is something you are considering offering. As I mentioned, I’m in the process of making the pitch for PRO to my company. I was also planning on making the pitch for showmewhatswrong, but I could hold off on that topic if you are considering a similar offering in the near future.

        Please let me know.


  15. I am using JoinMe for online training classes for photographers. I have previously used GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar from Citrix. The problem that I had with those is that GoToMeeting is limited to 16 participants and that is $49 per month. GotoWebinar is limited to 99 participants and that is $99 per month. If I want more participants, I have to pay even more!

    Most “online meetings” for photographers are webinars that are presented FREE of charge by large corporations or by photographers with large corporations as their sponsors. So most of my target clients want this service for free or very inexpensive. I’d rather charge more and not try to pimp my products (photo templates, add on software, etc.) to them, but if a free webinar will get them to bite on attending, then I guess that’s what I’ll have to do. JoinMe makes presenting to large groups of people all at once so much more affordable for a small business. And I am a small business… I’m a one woman show!

    Features that I would love to see added in the future include web cam support, split screen functionality (mine/yours or mine/chosen participant), computer headset/mic support (nearly all other online meeting software offers this as an option in addition to a dial in teleconference number), the ability to create email lists of frequent participants to invite again later, and a larger or more user friendly looking icon interface for participants unfamiliar with the software or generally “non-techy” (people who don’t think to click on the icons- I know- it sounds stupid but it happens a lot).

    I do notice a little bit of lag on the phone audio and on the screen/mouse movement. This seems to be more lag than I had on the Citrix GoToMeeting/GoToWebinar software.

    I also use LogMeIn and was pleasantly surprised to see that JoinMe is a LogMeIn company. PLEASE keep working on improving JoinMe. I’m 90% sure I’m going to drop the Citrix software and go with JoinMe at this point, but I’d like to see some improvements made.

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