screen sharing now offers Presenter Swap (and more!)

I’m proud to say that is now the official sponsor of show-n-tell. How is that possible, you ask? Because the easiest screen-sharing app just got easier.

Introducing: Presenter Swap.

First things first: If you’d rather watch a two-minute video than read about the new features (including presenter switching), this demo is for you. Happy viewing!

Let’s talk Presenter Swap. This feature is an easy way to pass the presenter role to anyone on a Mac or a PC. As a pro host, you can let any participant (free or pro) show you their screen. Now we really mean it: I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. If you want to check it out, sign up for a free pro trial here.

You can find the feature under the Participants button in your presenter toolbar. Just click the raised hand next to whomever you’d like to pass the presenter role to. If they don’t have the desktop app, they’ll be asked to download it in order to be the presenter. And if they keep the desktop app on their desktop, they can host their own meetings. With or without you. (Hopefully, you’ll be invited).


We also revamped our desktop app, so now you can start or join a meeting without a browser. This way, you don’t have to always log in on the website to get pro features. Easy, right?

If you already have the desktop app, it will auto-update today for both free and pro users. No work on your part – just how we like it.

So if you want to try Presenter Swap, get your own personal link, schedule meetings in advance and more, try pro today.

Questions? Comments? Feedback? Leave them here or check out our FAQ, Twitter or Facebook.

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16 thoughts on “ screen sharing now offers Presenter Swap (and more!)

    • Hi Bill,

      With pro, you can do both of those things. You can save your own dial-in number on your pro account so its the same every time, and get your own personal link so the meeting destination is always the same.

      Try pro (for free, no credit card required) and check it out – you’ll immediately be prompted to enter your own personal link and save it; the audio settings have their own settings under ‘settings.’

      Let me know if you have any more questions-


  1. The only two reasons left I have for keeping GTM are:
    1) no VOIP capabilities with – you have to dial via phone, when sometimes I like to use microphone and speakers.
    2) I’ve run into several (many) instances where the people I want to see my screen are blocked by firewalls/filters, etc. at their workplace. Which is too bad because I HAVE to use GTM then.

    So I have to keep GTM around for a while longer. I did finally try their video conference and it was pretty cool when doing product demos that involve actual products and not just screen sharing.

    But I have to say that Join.Me is incredibly, superbly, amazingly awesome. My people are just amazed at how fast and elegant it is.

  2. Nice to hear about the new features. I am big fan! I have been able to use with customers that were unable to join via WebEx because of corporate security settings. 🙂

    Keep up the great work!!

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  5. Hey Maggie,

    Is there any functionality that will allow us to set up and leave the computer for someone to auto join, and request screen sharing which will be accepted on the input of a code? I really love the program, and it runs so smoothly. However I am often in need of accessing my home desktop from work, and there is no one here to accept the requests to share the desktop.


    • Hi Alistair,

      There isn’t – is really meant for ad-hoc screen sharing. If you are looking to access a remote desktop (like your home computer from your work computer), check out – it allows for free unattended access.


  6. Maggie,

    Does pro have a way for me to acquire a file from a viewer? And, if I do a presenter swap, so they are presenter, can I initiate the file transfer?

    • Hi Joe,

      Any participant can transfer a file to any other participant at any time. If you want to “grab” a file from someone else’s desktop without them doing any of the work, have them be the presenter and give you remote control so you can take over their desktop and send the file to yourself however you’d like.

      Does that help?


  7. This is great. I generally need to do a lot of WebEx sessions with the offshore team in India and join me is faster and sleek. Nice work!
    However, can a meeting host see an attendee’s desktop without attendee’s knowledge or without screen sharing done by the attendee? Just curious about the security and privacy aspect of this.

    • Hi Prat,

      The meeting host cannot see the attendee’s desktop unless they presenter swap, which the attendee has to accept. Its a very controlled feature. We also have a security whitepaper on our site, if you want more – click on “For Biz” in our upper nav on our homepage.



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