Nucleus Research finds is valuable to enterprises for external collaboration

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The independent research firm, Nucleus Research, recently interviewed several enterprises about their past web conferencing experiences with other tools and their current experiences using In the resulting evaluation research report, the Guidebook, Nucleus states that one of the top four key benefits of using over other tools is seamless external collaboration with suppliers and partners.


The enterprises questioned for the research stated that collaborating outside of their company’s networks posed firewall issues, yet the need to communicate externally was especially important, whether for vendor management and partnerships, or for working with external employees. Companies surveyed found that other web conferencing solutions ran into security or networking issues, while works securely and simply through a web browser.


When business is moving so fast that every day, hour and minute count, companies must seize every opportunity when dealing with external firms without wasting time trying to connect with them. Not only do failed connections frustrate the internal team, but they have the potential to damper partnerships essential to the business. In such an environment where time is money, enterprises need to be able to share content across networks quickly and effectively.


As stated by one company in the Nucleus Research Guidebook, “Some of the other programs didn’t work very well with other company networks, which made it difficult to bring vendors and suppliers into meetings.”


When connections count, they trust


About the research report

The new Guidebook authored by Nucleus Research features background information on challenges enterprises are facing, a review of as an enterprise solution, key benefit areas as identified by four enterprise customers, and best practices for maximizing the value of

Nucleus Research states, “Our research builds on vignettes and quotes from customers to develop a framework quantifying how organizations have achieved value from a solution.”

Start reading the full report now to see if will work as your enterprise’s collaboration solution. And look for more information on this informative research in the near future.


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