Brainstorm on Meeticus – The God of Meetings

Remember Meeticus? You know, the God of Conferences that @MeetingBoy created during our last brainstorm? Well, it’s time to bring him back and figure out exactly what he’s all about.

Tomorrow at 2 PM EST, @MeetingBoy will be holding a brainstorm at to discuss Meeticus and all things related to this (fictional but possible) Greek God.

Come prepared by thinking about these questions:

1.  What are the characteristics of Meeticus?

2.  What’s his story?  What’s his background?

3.  Where do you see him fitting in to every day life?

4. What ritual sacrifices would he require?

5. How does he fit in with other gods? Will he be the bore they all avoid?

6. How does he appear to his followers? A burning printer?

What are we missing? Leave a note in the comments below.


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Maggie Hibma is a member of the product team.

One thought on “Brainstorm on Meeticus – The God of Meetings

  1. Meeticus, god of unnecessary paperwork, unrealistic timelines, and sensless jargon.

    Meeticus delegates responsibility to everyone but himself, and often will succeed in his projects in spite of his complete lack of knowledge or skill.

    Where Zues has the thunderbolt as his godly power, Meeticus wields the power of the Blamestorm–a whirling dervish of chaos that deflects any fault for a failed project away from Meeticus himself or any of his choosen followers.

    Symbols include: old overhead slide projectors, floating tablet computers (always with out of date software and filled with lists) and the original Black Berry.

    Followers of Meeticus pray to him in a barley discernable stream of jargon.

    His avatars on earth include certain project leads and many company presidents.

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