“join.me is the light in the darkness”: a true story from join.me

Everyone has their own join.me story. And in the name of collaboration, we’d like to share these stories with you. Check out Tom’s story:

“I work for a small but growing service-oriented business with seven sales representatives around the country. Our company also has several other employees who work remotely from time to time. Part of my duties include supporting them all with help-desk type issues. And most whom I support have only novice computing abilities which several years ago made helping them very difficult. What used to be done over the phone between two people speaking different “languages,” skilled and un-skilled, caused much frustration for all involved. Now with join.me, those same type sessions are turning into teaching opportunities instead of headaches. join.me is the light in the darkness. I am now able to guide the users and let them learn in the process which in the long run will lessen the help needed.

Another cute story: I shared join.me with my 73 year-old mother who is highly skilled herself. She has been helping her 97 year-old mother, Grandma to me,┬álearn how to use a computer. Grandma loves to read and play cards, and now she is learning how to send emails to her nieces, nephews, grand and great-grand children. As you can imagine, there are times when the computer is a bit mysterious to Grandma, but now Mom has installed the join.me icon on Granny’s desktop so that Mom is only a click and a phone call away. Very cool!

join.me is truly one of the simplest, most useful applications that I use on nearly a daily basis. Thank you join.me!”

– Tom Mappin

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Maggie Hibma is a member of the join.me product team.