viewer now available on Windows Metro 8

Checking out the preview release of Windows 8? If you’re not, here’s a great reason: We just released a new viewer in the Windows Store that will allow you to view any meeting from your Windows PC, tablet or smartphone, all in the brand-new Windows 8 style. Check it out below:

Anyone using a Windows 8 device? What do you think of the viewer?

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20 thoughts on “ viewer now available on Windows Metro 8

  1. Any word on when sharing a desktop from Windows 8 will be available? We are looking for a solution that is compatible, and right now it looks like Teamviewer is one of the few that works. We were hoping that would catch up… least over the time since the last post on this thread.

    • Hi Rick,

      We are working hard to improve all the time, and Windows 8 is something that is being investigated by our development team as we continue to make better. As soon as there is any news, you’ll hear it here first.


  2. How can you ask to have control of other user’s mouse ? With IE version, you clicked on the mouse and it asked the user if he wants to share his keyboard/mouse. Did not see how to do it with this Win8 app.

  3. I just shared today and it seemed to be working. I did it using RDP on the host machine, I hope this is not a special case. can you please confirm?

    Thank you

  4. I’m doing a presentation regarding IE 10 next month for a MeetUp group and if join,me doesn’t have a Win 8 sharing client soon, I’ll not only be using TeamViewer, but introducing a dozen or more people to it… solely because I can share my Win 8 screen via TeamViewer, but not

  5. Another request for screen sharing using on Windows 8

    Now that it has been launched you are going see lots of request I expect.

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