Valued For Its Ease of Enterprise-wide Deployment

Nucleus Research finds is valued for its ease of enterprise-wide deployment

Nucleus Research, a third-party research firm, recently published a report stating that one of the key benefits customers experience over other online meeting tools is the ease of creating a business deployment.

The research document, the Guidebook, cites several of our customers who have used other online meeting tools in the past. Nucleus Research interviewed them about their previous experiences with other tools, as well as their current experiences with, to uncover the key reasons why these companies made the switch to

Nucleus found that many of these enterprises were introduced to by individual employees, who were using the tool outside of their company-sanctioned meeting tool. The users then elevated their requests to management and IT to purchase the application. One natural concern at this point in the process is, “How do I deploy and manage a cloud-based application to my company?”

Nucleus dove into this issue head-first by interviewing customers who have been through the process and discovered that the  administrative interface was easy to use.  Companies could quickly aggregate all single users into a single  console and deploy to new users with a simple email invitation, and  it was easy to use for ongoing management of licensces


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One company interviewed stated that they were already using a competitive meeting solution, but decided to put to the test on a trial basis. They specifically noted how simple it was to add 75 users to the corporate account, quickly.

Another company stated that they were able to quickly provide licenses for 300 users. “We sent the invite to 300 people and they were set up.”

It’s that quick and easy.

Do you think could work as your enterprise’s collaboration solution? Start reading the full report now to see what other enterprise customers value about and read what they have to say about making the switch.


About the research report

The new Guidebook authored by Nucleus Research features background information on challenges enterprises are facing, a review of as an enterprise solution, key benefit areas as identified by four enterprise customers, and best practices for maximizing the value of

Nucleus Research states, “Our research builds on vignettes and quotes from customers to develop a framework quantifying how organizations have achieved value from a solution.”

Look for more information on this informative research in the near future.


Happy meeting!

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