now offers a brand-new audio system has never been faster, easier or sounded so good. As of today, now offers a brand-new audio system called unified audioYou can now choose to join the audio conference by internet or by phone. No matter how you join the conference, you’ll be able to hear everyone on the conference, loud and clear. Your participants can also choose how they want to join the conference – either way, everyone will be connected. (For me, internet calling is too easy to pass up.)

Click on the “learn more” link in your phone button for more info.

For the next two weeks, both free and pro users will have access to unified audio. Play around with it, test it out – we promise you’ll love it. After that, internet calling will become the standard free option in

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  1. Hi Maggie,

    I’m confused. I am not sure what this new feature is offering. From what I understand it does the same thing has done for a while. I often find myself wanting to internet call while doing, but then I learn my counterpart does not have a mic, upon learning this I tell them to call the number. After they call the number, I can hear them over the internet call.
    What’s the differance?

    Thank you,

    • Luke,

      With unified audio, you can call in by internet, and your counterpart can call in with a phone, and you’ll be connected on the same call. That’s the new feature – no matter how you or your participant join the call, you’ll be able to hear each other. The audio is bridged between the internet and the phone.

      DOes that help?


      • I understand that, but as far as I know I have done this for weeks. (NOTE: By “this” I mean: having someone call in with a phone and be connected with me while I use the voIP gateway.

  2. just keeps getting better and better!
    Keep up the great work Maggie and team, and thanks for a great product!


  3. does it mean that if the other person does not have a mic on their computer, they cannot call in unless I have a paid pro subscription? That seems to be a bummer and a step down from what we have today.

    Once we get into the paid subscription land, then we have to compare feature by feature with the other offerings and does not come out the undisputed winner, since you don’t have scheduled calls and call recording.

  4. Hi Maggie, in the future pro wil support webcam conferences? I think now is not possible, am i right?

  5. Well, skype is so much diffused for voip and calls. Who needs audio!

    How come it takes you so long to implement a Ubuntu version of ???

    We are a bunch asking for Ubuntu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  7. Okay, I must be brain dead at the moment. I’m trying to get audio being played on my PC to be also played on an Android phone connected via I can’t get it working — simple goal, whatever sounds are being produced by the PC should also be played on the Android. I’m using VOIP vs a phone connection.

  8. Hi Maggie,

    I have tested to join by internet with friends and fail to connect. Do I need to allow any special port(s) on my firewall before use it?

    Best Regards,

  9. I haven’t bit the bullet to use because I cannot host a screen sharing meeting where I am the only entity with the ability to speak, and also, I am the only entity with the ability to see what other people chat. Basically what is missing is the ability to use in webinar mode, and it is so close. The logic behind coding this would be fairly simple. If the meeting host chooses “webinar mode”, then all viewers will have their microphones muted and disabled. Likewise, all viewers would only be able to private chat with the host, and the host can either private chat back using their @ handle, or public chat with everyone.

    I also second Paul’s desire for webcam conferences. The option of bringing in the webcam would be incredible. Both of these would be nice incentives for the Pro version.

  10. Hi Maggie,

    I’ve been trying the audio conference. First question, is the passcode I get fixed? If we advertise a standing webinar every month, we want to give people the audio bridge on that advertisement and make sure it doesn’t change. Secondly, does it cost me anything extra if a bunch of people are calling in? Who is footing the bill for the audio conference?

    I also have a separate scenario where we have two people in different locations who both need to be heard as presenters. Is there a way to mute everyone but leave two people as audible? Right now when I press the mute them button, it seems to mute everyone including me as the presenter. Is that right?


  11. Hi,
    I’d like to use Join.Me to run webinars but it seems quite complicated for people joining the session to have to click the phone icon then the internet phone option. Is there anyway that it can be set so that when people click the link to join the meeting they are automatically connected to hear me and their microphone is muted?
    I’m very impressed with the ease of connections with regard to video but I really need to keep the audio connection as simple.
    Thank you

    • Hi Shane,

      Thanks for your note. Because can be used for so many use cases, we ask people make the decision on their own whether or not to include audio in their screen-sharing session. I know for a situation like yours it would be great if it was auto-connected, but that might not work for everyone, so we’re trying to keep full of options so it can be used however it’s needed.


  12. I’m glad that calling is possible but what about active computer sounds? Say if a program or such has sound that plays on the computer would it be possible in the future to allow a streaming audio directly from the computer?

  13. Any update on whether (free or pro) can stream audio from the presenter’s computer (sounds like if you would play a youtube video) to the viewers’ computers?

  14. If I’m the last one to the conference I’m screwed. All I hear is “the conference will begin when the next party joins” and an obnoxious, incessant beep.

  15. When goes in to question and answer mode, there is no way to do a *6 to unmute so I can ask a question. Am I missing something?

      • Hi Bob,

        When a conference call goes to the “Q & A” section, the presenter would need to hit the “Unmute ‘Em” button in order for participants to speak. This is the same for all participants, whether they are using a phone connection or VOIP. Thanks for the question!

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