5 Tips to More Profitable Meetings in 5 Minutes – Tip #2


#2 They Snooze, You Lose. 

Let’s get real here.  If you are sitting in meeting after meeting, the words all start to string together, and before you know it, you are daydreaming.  It happens to all of us.  From the sales side, the problem is that when people begin to daydream during a sales presentation, you lose the dream you have of making a sale.

Holding a client’s attention is one of the best ways to ensure a sale.  If you notice meeting members starting to fumble with their phones, flip through papers that aren’t related to your meeting, or stare off into space, then it’s time to change tactics.  Pause and see if anyone has questions.  You can ask, “Hey, how about a change of direction?  I’m wondering if this (enter suggestion here) would more accurately address your needs.” Better yet, if they have already agreed to the purchase, stop!  Unless there are immediate details that need to be worked out, enjoy the win and end the meeting early.

If you are looking for a smarter, faster way to sell, be prepared to change tactics to keep your meeting attendees engaged in the process and read 5in5: 5 Tips to More Profitable Meetings in 5 Minutes.  The first step to winning is staying awake.


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