5 Tips to More Profitable Meetings in 5 Minutes – Tip #1

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#1 Be a Closer, Not a Road Warrior. 

When you have more airline and hotel points than sales, something needs to change.  The reality is that travel requirements may actually limit how many sales you can close.  Think about it – while you are sitting in an airport, riding in a cab, or picking up a rental car, you aren’t doing anything close to selling.  Add to that the administrative duties that are part of your job, and you’ll see that it is a miracle that you have any time in front of prospects at all!

Wondering if there is a smarter, faster way to get sales done?  There is.  Stow your travel bag and get busy with web conferencing and online sales meetings.  Efficient, convenient and a good use of everyone’s time, online meetings will get you in front of more people and generate more sales in a shorter period of time.  Tools such as instant screen sharing facilitate the meeting process, letting you get right to business.  But do watch out for complicated meeting software that require downloads and trip you up on system requirements. Focus on solutions that are intuitive and easy for everyone to use.  With online meetings, your stats will skyrocket, and you’ll get rid of that horrible jet lag once and for all.  Want more tips like this?  Check out 5in5: 5 Tips to More Profitable Meetings in 5 Minutes today.

Ken Adams

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Ken joined LogMeIn in 2011, and is currently on the join.me Product Management team.