Jingle: 12 Days of Meetings

In case you missed the online brainstorm with MeetingBoy, he posted the lyrics to his new song “12 days of Meetings.” Be one of the first to sing this song on YouTube and MeetingBoy will gladly send you one of this 2011 calendars (they are hilarious, by the way.)

Here’s his original post:

On the first day of meetings, my office gave to me: a status call in Conference room B!

On the twelfth day of meetings, my office gave to me

12 salesman lying
11 angry clients
10 stupid buzzwords
9 bad ideas
8 urgent emails
7 copiers jamming
6 bosses yelling
5 conference calls
4 budget cuts
3 Reply Alls
2 PowerPoints
And a status call in Conference room B
contributors: @mr_anthropist@discoverpiano, and @leo_g_ash

And between now and Christmas Eve, I will give away up to 5 @MeetingBoy calendars to anyone who records themselves singing it and posts to YouTube. If I get more than 5 people singing, I’ll pick my favorites. So start caroling!

– MeetingBoy


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Maggie Hibma is a member of the join.me product team.