“I now turn to join.me instead of any other tool”: a true story from join.me

Everyone has their own join.me story. And in the name of collaboration, we’d like to share these stories with you. Check out Mark’s story:

“I use join.me for multiple reasons.  Just the other day, I used it personally to show my wife how to do something on a website.  I wanted an easy way to show her without having to have her come to the office to see.  So I used join.me.  Initially, she thought it was weird to see what was happening on my screen.  When I asked her how well it worked, she stated that it worked very well and was easy to use.

As a software developer who works remotely some of the time, either at home or a client site, I need to show other developers what is happening with the software or in the database.  I now turn to join.me instead of any other tool.  I’ve tried using other tools; however, with just a couple of clicks I have join.me running and I have pasted the join.me link in an IM window.  Within a minute, they are connected and I can show them that is going happening.  So much easier than trying to explain it over IM or the phone.”

-Mark Starkman; Senior Developer

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Maggie Hibma is a member of the join.me product team.