Hey, join.me users – did you know?

Here’s a quick little tip/trick to take advantage of join.me‘s uber-simple interface in ways that best fit your free screen sharing needs.  It’s especially useful for training or ‘let-me-show-you-how-to’ scenarios. But hey, the whole idea of join.me is to let you use it for whatever you want.  We’ll stick to keeping it simple,and sharing some of its better hidden features, like…

‘Tear away’ windows, your way

When you click on any of the join.me‘s few buttons — phone, chat people, etc. — a small window appears directly under the join.me interface.

Windows will first appear under the join.me UI...but they don't have to stay there

Just ‘grab it’ with your mouse and move it where it makes sense for your session.

Stack 'em up, keep 'em open. It's up to you.

Want to keep chatting with your students, clients, customers, friends while keeping the center of your screen clutter free? No problem.  Just move the chat window to the side.  Same goes for the others.  Heck, keep ’em all open, all the time.  Stack ’em or spread ’em out.  Totally up to you.


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6 thoughts on “Hey, join.me users – did you know?

  1. did not know that! good stuff. always bothered me that the location was right below that toolbar. Nicely done gang.

  2. What’s nice about the tear-away is that if you are using dual monitors, join.me only shares the main monitor. You can put the chat on your second monitor. Why you ask? Well, when I am making a demo with clients, I also have co-workers on the session. My co-workers can send me chat messages, directed only to me, and the client won’t see them on their screens. This feature has been quite helpful.

  3. Oh, and the join.me interface moves as well. It’s not just the pop-ups for chat, phone, etc.

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