Get your hands on a 2011 @MeetingBoy calendar

Last week when I got to the office I had a package waiting for me (isn’t snail mail so much more fun now that all you get is emails?). MeetingBoy sent me some of his 2011 calendars. Pretty cool, right? So cool we thought we’d do a little something for our and @MeetingBoy fans. Here’s MeetingBoy, breaking it down:

As part of my ongoing relationship with, I’ll be asking people a question on Monday each week on their Facebook page, and then at the end of the week, Maggie (the person from will choose a winner and send them a 2011 MeetingBoy Calendar. I will also pick out my favorite answers and post them on my blog at, so that the best (i.e., funniest and cleverest) get seen by all. The first question is up on’s Facebook page.

Some nitty gritties: The calendar giveaway will be every Monday until February 28th, so there’ll be plenty of chances to win. Don’t forget to check out Facebook every Monday and Friday to see the questions, answers and winners. And hey – if you impress MeetingBoy with an answer, who knows what will happen. Good luck.

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Alix Hagan

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