New From Forbes Insights: Tooling Up for Collaboration

Collaboration is a significant driver of success for businesses. The number of meetings is on the rise, bringing the challenges of coordinating across a globally dispersed and mobile workforce. Virtual meetings are essential, yet many companies are running into roadblocks including late-starts, connection problems, sub-standard audio quality, draining productivity. With these challenges, it is not surprising that our research shows that two-thirds of executives report that fewer than half the meetings they attend are worth the time.

So, how can companies meet better, collaborate better, and thus BE better? In this new report “Tooling Up for Collaboration”, Forbes Insights has combined the opinions of top executives and consultants with our findings to advise on collaboration needs, considerations, and best practices. They’ve identified the following insights for companies to consider:

  • Complexity is on the rise.
  • The need to manage complexity drives the value of collaboration.
  • Properly deployed, today’s technologies deliver exponential improvements in the ability to collaborate.
  • Advancements in the ability to collaborate are driving extraordinary improvements in overall business performance.
  • Collaboration drives business results. Simplicity in tools drives collaboration. 

This fifth and final insight we find most striking. While companies must play in the virtual meeting space and accept that meetings are no longer limited to a boardroom, they also need to beware of investing in complex solutions requiring extensive integration. In most cases, the simplest, most intuitive, easiest-to-implement and use solutions are by far the most effective in fostering collaboration

In the end, a collaboration tool is most useful if it is easy to implement, and then embraced by the organization.

Download a copy of the new Forbes Insights report and check out the infographic below for some quick highlights.


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