Did you know…

… That join.me is really pretty awesome and has a few features you may not even know about, making it even MORE awesome?

Well, if you did know that, you’re pretty awesome but may still be pleasantly surprised from what you find below. And, if you don’t know about the features – well, read on.

File sharing: You can share a file using the chat feature.  Just click the file icon next to the participant’s name. Works the other way around, too, if they want to send you a file. And before you ask – yes, we are working on being able to send the file to everyone in chat at once.

Name Change: If you want to name yourself in the session and don’t want to be named “Viewer,” click the People button. The first “Viewer” is you, and you can change your name by clicking on it. Pretty snazzy, huh?

Share Screen Control: If you want to get up, get stretch your legs, take a call, etc – you can share mouse control with any other viewer by clicking the Mouse icon next to the name. You can take it away just as easily by clicking the “X” on the Mouse button next to their name.

Zoom in and out: This one is for the viewers.  If you want to make a shared screen or presentation larger, you can either click on that big magnifying glass icon or simply use the mouse wheel.  This one is especially handy when someone is showing you that 25-row spread sheet.

Did you discover any hidden gems about join.me? Let us know in the comments.

Alix Hagan

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Alix Hagan joined LogMeIn in 2012 and has held roles in product and in marketing. As Senior Product Marketing Manager, Alix leads all messaging, content, and campaigns for join.me, the world’s fastest-growing collaboration solution.