Breaking news: just got easier.

It’s true – all thanks to you.

We took your countless emails, tweets, questions and feature requests and came up with a free screen-sharing product that’s even easier for you to use.

For free users:

Multi-monitor capability.

Using two monitors when working at your computer? now lets you choose which monitor you share. Selecting which monitor is easy – big numbers will appear that correspond to each monitor.


See that blinking tower? That’s your new broadcast button. When you start a session, you are automatically broadcasting your screen (don’t worry – as you can see, we let you know immediately.)

Need to pause your session? Hit the button and we’ll let you know that your participants see a static image of your screen. When you un-pause, you will be notified as well.

Are you a pro user? It’s your lucky day: Along with all of the new free features, Pro users also get:

Your own personal background.

Brand with your own personal background. Choose what your participants see as they wait for an online meeting to begin – whether it be your homepage, your company logo or anything else that relates to your brand. Click on this photo to see an example of company branding with

International Numbers.

Using outside of the U.S.? As a Pro user, you now have access to international dial-in numbers for the following countries: AU, CA, ES, GB, HU, IT, and NL.

We also moved the meeting lock feature – you can now find it when you check out who’s in your meeting.

That’s all the news for now. If you have any questions, feel free to check out our Twitter or Facebook. And, also, one last thing – if there was ever a time to start your free pro trial, it’s now.

Alix Hagan

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Alix Hagan joined LogMeIn in 2012 and has held roles in product and in marketing. As Senior Product Marketing Manager, Alix leads all messaging, content, and campaigns for, the world’s fastest-growing collaboration solution.

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  1. Grateful for the new stuff. Really grateful. I guess this is the fate of early adopters…we go through the testing and have frustration but we help the product get better over time. I’m going to try to use for my weekly webinars that I’m starting next week Maggie. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes. Thanks for your hard work and great product.

  2. I really like join me Its pretty cool to have a free online meeting app even for iPhone !!!! But what about the client for Linux?? That would make join me totally perfect 🙂

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