November 15- Free Webinar: 5 Great On-Line Tools for Business

I first got in touch with Andy when he did a great video tutorial of on his blog. I couldn’t let a advocate like this fly by – so I pinged him and asked him if he’d be interested in collaborating with by doing a free webinar. Here’s what’s happening:

Business growth happens when great ideas, great people and great execution meet.  Using web-based tools to manage your business makes sense for huge companies and solopreneurs.  On Monday, November 15, Business, Technology Consultant Andy Traub will hold a free webinar highlighting five web-based tools that businesses can use to manage their social media relationships, control their schedules, collaborate with team members and master the onslaught of email.  Andy has helped small and large companies learn to use these tools to better manage their business communications and he’ll show you how to use them to grow your business by increasing productivity and decreasing inefficient systems.

And if THAT isn’t incentive enough to join (what, I’m the only one with an onslaught of email?), every attendee will be entered to win one of two iPod Nanos as a door prize from You know, just for showing up, being yourself and checking out

RSVP here, or join us at

See you there!


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Maggie Hibma is a member of the product team.

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