3 Reasons Why join.me is a Smart Choice for Inside Sales Professionals

95% of a sales professional’s interaction with prospects and customers occurs over the phone and internet. For this reason, join.me is an ideal tool when pitching these prospects or demoing a product. An article from earlier this year on Business2Community.com nicely outlines the reasons why join.me is a smart choice for inside sales professionals. Here’s our take.

1. Contains Costs

Overhead costs of web conferencing tools, CRM, phones, software, etc. add up very quickly. If you’re a SMB salesperson, keeping these costs down is vital to your business. The free and pro versions of join.me provide options for every sized business or personal user. The free meeting tool allows up to 10 meeting participants. The pro version, available for $13/month, allows up to 250 meeting participants and additional features, not available in the free version.

2. Instant Screen Sharing

The speed, simplicity and reliability, of join.me’s instant screen sharing capabilities are what users love most about our tool. It’s cliché, but first impressions count, and in sales and marketing, they count in dollars. If you’re pitching new business or trying to advance accounts with clients, being able to immediately connect, without the fear of hassles on either end, can go a long way toward winning over new accounts. If you have a prospect on the phone and you determine that it is appropriate to show them a demonstration screen, you need a tool that will enable your prospect to view your screen, regardless of the browser, firewall or security settings on either computer.

3. Avoids Frustration

join.me provides exactly what is needed to make the most of each and every sales call. There is no download to install and no browser dependencies for viewers. Even if you’re in your car, in the airport, or wherever, join.me allows you to start a meeting from your iPad and if necessary, pass the presenter role to any participant! You can record your meetings as well and share them with others either as follow-up or for those who were unable to attend.

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Ken Adams

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Ken joined LogMeIn in 2011, and is currently on the join.me Product Management team.