What’s New: LogMeIn Host Software Update (Windows)

­Version 4.01.2126: This update provides enhancements to enable new Windows features including the upcoming release of HD remote control.  HD allows the user to control desktops, applications and stream audio and video content with a superior visual experience. The full feature will be released shortly.  Additionally, this update fixes other performance and stability issues with previous versions of LogMeIn.

UPDATE: The full feature, including the plug in is now available. We are rolling out auto updates, but to ensure you have the most recent version, simply open the host LogMeIn software and click About>Check for Updates.)

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Chaz is a Cubby product owner.

103 thoughts on “What’s New: LogMeIn Host Software Update (Windows)

  1. Useless gimmicks.

    Your android app is buggy and your windows phone 7 app is entirely non-existent. Your desktop ignition app randomly looses saved login details and cut and paste between host and guest has been temperamental for several years.

    • You’re a joke.. HD experience means you can now watch movies without shuddering, High Quality audio playback as well. There’s no support for windows phones because windows phones are the worst and barely anyone uses them. Cut and paste works fine here, and ignition only loses passwords if your host system has a policy that requires resets every few months. I urge you to stop being such a noob, this is a great update and I cant wait for HD. Hardly useless gimmicks.

      • I’m amazed LogMeIn allow me to be re-directed to such comments – “You are a joke”, “Serves you right for having an Android phone”. Come on guys, if someone is struggling with new version try and be a bit more professional and helpful with your comments. I’ve used LogMeIn for years and find the product excellent.

        • Well said, brother! I, too, urge all to recognize, appreciate and respect that everyone is doing the best at where they are, experience-wise. Ours is but to hopefully create a “jab-free environment” here, and to help each other as we all try to keep up with this ever-so-quckly-changing technology curve. (I know…a little corny, but I believe still appropriate).

          And a Merry-Connected Christmas to all!

          • I too have been using it for years with no problem and great customer service and support I also use ignition on my Android tablet and have not had a problem with tha either……

          • Thank you, those who posted positive reviews and did so professionally. I too have an Android Tablet and find this product extremely useful. I have used the product a few months upon another person’s recommendation and have no regrets about purchasing this program. Keep up the good work, LogMeIn!

          • While positive comments abound, none have actually provided some advice from their experience with the program to help the guy out. I’m very new to logmein so have no advice to offer.

          • My heart is warmed by the clarity! Nice.

            Perhaps reaching the edge of our ever-expanding comfort zone, learning new apps and such, can bring out the prickly jabbing-urge. I know it is only with the kind, more wise and savvy tech-co-worker-friends’ patient instruction I find a cure for frustration. Thank you for inviting compassion, and demonstrating it here.

          • well, i agree on all counts, as a general matter of thumb. however, mixing metaphors is probably definitely not like being rude from the jump.

            tolerance, peace, trust, faith, and love do rule and reign supreme. however, we can’t all have our mom fashion or outfit us with a ducky cause we’re feeling mucky.

            i vote no. fail. it was a meager attempt by meagor. probably like his hit-or-miss cut–and-paste. soon he may not find such a tolerant audience.

            that all being said…. here’s to the users… and humans.

        • anyone can post her with a “LogMeIn” in his/her username. I am Bill Clinton and not LMI supporter 😉

          • I used the product day after day in replacement of VNC for many years now and love it.

            The HD version should be useful to people with a fast network so it’s the future. It’s not my case anyway.

            LogmeIn + logmein Hamachi have helped people to help and manage their family too far away and I am grateful for that. I’m sure I am not alone.

            Logmein team, you have done a great job with your product.
            Thanks a lot.

            Merry Chrismas & Happy New Year to all LogmeIn users and all LogmeIn Team.

          • bill we may have worked together in so. fl. my name is rick , george g. was the manager , ray g. and i were a team in the sales dept. trucks ?

          • My Former computer guy put “logmein” on so he could monitor and do work from home. Now that he is in the big time he has dumped his small customers leaving me with this flashing logmein update message every time in log on. I updated just to get it to stop. As you can tell I am not computer literate and needed his help. Now what do I do with “logmein”? Can anyone with it log into my computer? Should I take it off? Can I get someone else I trust to get on my computer through it? I am totally lost. Please help!

        • I finally broke down and paid over 2 tens $ bill for the Zoom, Considering they give the basic logmein for free for windows this is well worth it, A great app works well behind the firewall.

          • I’m glad to hear this because I’m considering getting the paid version as well, and I know at least one of my co-workers already has it.

      • I’m sorry I have disturbed so many. I am 81 and learned what I could by instruction disc ,I have used comcast, facebook m scrabble, solitare, and the bank. Guess I have to give this up.

        • Helen-
          Don’t give up. You are in the top tenth of the top 1% in your age bracket using computers! A lot of people on the internet are jerks, and you shouldn’t take anything personally. Unless, of course, you are a jerk and someone calls you out for it, but those people are the least likely to take something personally!

        • You are not disturbing me, AT ALL, Helen! PLEASE DO keep using the computer programs that you enjoy! I am in awe of you, and your ability to accept and embrace new technology. Congratulations, and welll-done!

        • helen, here is a reply to anyone that claimes they were ‘disturbed’ by you comments:


          they can go eat beans. Keep on trucking Momma!

        • Why do old people always tell their age? Support is free, so why play on emotions?
          You will not get any privileges because you’re old.

          It’s good that you can install software, scramble with network settings, find a forum and ask for help online. Many old people, at one point, decide that they want to die.
          You did not and that is why you own a computer. So Helen, you’re normal.

          To all other old folks: Life ends when you’re heart stops, not sooner. So get a damn computer or figure out how to operate the remote control!!

      • Your comments regarding WP7, android and LMI leads me to believe that your’e just an ignorant fanboy.

        I’ve had a slingbox for several years now and I can tell you that HD streaming just doesn’t work from most home broadband connections due to the limited upstream rates on cable/adsl. Even if it did the places you’d want to watch it are on trains, planes, etc. with no wifi and in any case why not just copy the movie to your laptop and watch it in “real HD” and not some re-compressed stuttery low bandwidth version. I maintain my opinion that this is a gimmic so that LMI can add the HD logo to their marketing materials.

        Also I’m not a noob as you put, it I own/operate a multi-million dollar Saas company and we use LMI central to remotely administer dozens desktops and servers VM’s across multiple datacenters.

        Just because ignition works on your phone it doesn’t mean it works on them all. It failed on my android 3 tablet (which I ended up returning since that was the main reason I bought it and LMI support did not seem interested in fixing the issue despite it being a rather expensive app purchase at the time.) Oh and between myself and my wife I own an iphone, android and windows phone 7 and WP7 is by far the best of the bunch and the only one you would want to use as an actual phone or that doesn’t need recharging every 12 hours.

        Cut and paste does NOT work 100% of the time, it fails randomly requiring disconnection/reconnection to fix across various Vista, 7, server 2003, 2008, 2008r2 hosts and servers on both my home and office network and has done over the 5 or so years I’ve been using LMI.

        Passwords were not lost after a month due to policy settings, they were lost after an ignition update.

      • Maybe and uslly is in my findings the operator is at error! not hte service or program.
        Love the logmein its great..

    • Just FYI… For the customers who are complaining on here about this Android app being buggy. I would hope that they are being truly honest with their phone specs before posting negative comments.

      I know first hand along with many people using Android that Android phones are very customize-able. I have rooted and erased apps etc…and installed ROMS and made other tweeks on my phone.

      Just because you install an app on the customized ROM and it doesn’t work on your phone, this doesn’t mean the app is bad. Maybe you should see what else is broken on your phone as well. So in my opinion, Don’t post negative comments if its your own fault. What’s wrong with these people Now-days??? They feel they are entitled to everything…

    • Windows phone 7? What will you complain about next? Lack of support for your zune? Seriously, you have issues not this great product.

  2. My Android App has never had a problem. I have an EVO 4G. Your phone might have compatibility issues. Easy to slam… it is ever harder to drill down the actual cause.

  3. I’ve been using Ignition for years without a hitch (except for issues I caused I started with a 3G iPhone (not even an “S” model). I’m currently using a iphone 4 and have never had a problem with it either. The issues that I caused were fixed with the help of Log Me In tech support. i was surprised by that because I’m using the “free” edition (although the app cost me $30).

  4. ‘Your android app is buggy’ – your fault for having an android phone
    ‘your windows phone 7 app is entirely non-existent’ – who cares about this?
    just log on via your browser like everyone else did before Ignition.
    ‘Your desktop ignition app randomly looses saved login details and cut and paste between host and guest has been temperamental for several years.’
    i have been using logmein, both pro and free for years, i have never had a problem logging in through my browser. I use the ignition app on iphone 3gs and 4s and on ipad2 and ive never had a problem transfering files from computers to my device or from computer to comupter.

    If you have problems its probably going to be your device settings, cookies, firewalls, or just poor connectivity and not the program itself. I say this because i log in from windows, macs, iphones, ipads, windows phones,and android phones and i never have once had a problem that either wasnt due to the device/windows, or poor internet connectivity.

    Ihave tried the rivals too so i know what im on about. other companies sell on ‘HD 30fps streams, watch youtube from your computer at home’ firstly why when i can watch it on my device, and secondly no you cant, because it never works properly unless you have 100% perfect conditions.

    Sorry just my 2 pence

  5. Lets be fair. While the Windows phone does not have as many users, they are being used none the less. Companies will generally focus on a larger market first, which is strategicly correct.
    As for performance, It is not up to LogMeIn to guarantee performance on EVERY single device. One person’s Android phone is most likely configured differently and has different apps than someone else’s.
    Take what you have been given and make it work for you… or leave it alone.
    I have a problem with LogMeIn on my Windows 7 x64 machine where it changes the color scheme to basic no matter where I connetct. Then it won’t change back when I disconnect. So, now I run it using virtual machchines using Windows Virtual PC and I have no problems. I don’t believe the product is flawed, I just don’t believe my particular configuration is always their responsibliity.
    Lets face it. Some systems are can be described the name of a Vegas table game played with dice.

    • I use Windows Phone 7 for work (got it to evaluate for my company) and do not blame Logmein for the lack of a client. Microsoft has chosen to lock the WP7 operating system down such that many app developers cannot produce apps for it. Citrix had a WP6 client but cannot build one for WP7 because of how Microsoft has locked the phone down. If anything I would be surprised if Logmein DID manage to come up with a working client. Unless/until Microsoft allows legitimate developers more access to the actual hardware that Windows Phone 7 runs upon, I don’t expect to see a client for Citrix, Logmein, etc.

  6. everything work like a charm, except screen resolution with smaller text hard to read, I had to use large fonts on my host computer (windows 7)

  7. Is there a way to update an entire client site of say 20-40 computers automatically through LogMeIn Central….w/out having to touch each computer one by one?

    • Steve, when the clients are installed there is an option in the preferences to have the clients update automatically. I support several hundred systems with LMI and usually become aware of updates as they start implementing the new version! 🙂

  8. Has anyone tried using logmein to connect remotely to your office computer to utilize engineering software such as SolidWorks? Im finding it to be very laggy and unresponsive and I’m not sure if perhaps there was a setting I needed to to adjust or fine tune to get better results.

    Thanks in advance for any information or guidance you may be able to present.



    • Patrick,

      Make sure you are disabling the host computer’s wallpaper, first off, and also make sure you have selected display acceleration immediately below it in the preferences.
      With the new update you may find things run more smoothly but it still won’t be as fast as sitting at the keyboard.

      • When you say disable the host computer’s wallpaper, do you mean go back to the plain PC wallpaper? And, since a lot of us are still new at using LMI Ignition – what do you mean “display acceleration” in the preferences? I’m not finding that info.

  9. off topic…
    Can we get some real Chrome support soon? I’d really like to be able to copy/paste within my browser.

  10. Hey people, I’m kind of new to Logmein. I’m currently thinking of upgrading my phone (it’s an old old one) to a smart phone. Which on e would you suggest for good compatibility with Logmein? And another question, does Logmein work slowly for you guys, or is it just me and maybe my settings that need fixing? There’s like a 5-7 second delay with whatever i do remotely. Is that normal?

    • MommyW,

      I’ve played with all the remote clients, I personally have an iPhone4 but there is really almost no difference in performance on the device. It’s the network and connection that have the greatest impact on any delays or artifacting…make sure your settings on the host are optimized if you are experiencing lag.

  11. I’m a little old lady and LOGMEIN has been just what I needed to connect to home and work computers (5 of them) so fast and easy. I use Windows 7 on all machines. Connections are fast and the work flows smoothly without losing anything or kicking me off. I don’t know what you kids are gripping about here…LOGMEIN has saved me when I’m on the road. I’m buying an iPhone today so maybe I’ll have issues with that like you all are having here, but so far, from PC to PC, all is well and I just had to say so.

  12. I thank you for providing such an outstanding program. I have used LogMeIn to work with about a dozen computers over the past 3-4 years, and it does a consistently terrific job. Thanks again

  13. Please make an app for Blackberry products.
    It’s well known that Blackberry is more business orientated, and logmein is a great business tool.

  14. it’s free and works through firewalls. it gets me connected to my home computer while i’m at work. Thanks LogMeIn for this killer application.

  15. I am interested in how LMI is streaming HD content. I guess it would buffer similar to a youtube video? Or maybe use the HDX approach and use a psudo container and zip the content in a squeezed mini-pipe to the client side.. I would like to know more about the behind scenes part and also looking forward to demo! Thanks for all the good work and keep up on the LMI updates!

    Chris (managing 1500 workstations)

  16. Just for the record….. I have within my house Apple and Windows devices, from phones, computers and tablets. We have been able to get all of the systems working with LogMeIn apps w/o a hitch. I would state that the support for Free and Pro has been just fine, even though Free doesn’t REALLY give you support at all, most techs will chat with you just fine. Most of what I hear and read negative about LogMeIn really turns out to be bad personal computer maintenance on the users part, and really don’t amount to much. Professionalism and a request for help will get everyone to a better place much faster. As I states, “I have been able to get it working just fine on every platform they support”, so maybe taking it back to a scratch build and maintaning your systems would be a good overall start before just bi&^*ching about it. Thanks LogMeIn for all the great apps and support over the years.

  17. Can someone from Logmein provide more detail on the “new Windows features” and the changes made by the new version? After it was installed on a W7, x64 machine, video playback was severely affected (“jerky” motion) in a number of applications. I had to do a system restore to regain normal function.

  18. I love LogMeIn! I use it to help my Mom with her computer problems (we live across the US from each other). So much easier then trying to tell her what to click on next! Thank you LogMeIn!!
    Great program for connecting to my work PC too!

  19. I use the free version of Log Me In and it has saved me many trips over to friends’ homes over the years to fix problems. I am grateful for this product and don’t feel sorry for those who endlessly complain about something that makes their lives easier in a lot of ways and is free besides.

  20. I really need LogMeIn to connect on port 80 and not port 443. The Cisco Ironport firewall destructively filters connections on port 443 but lets other ports through fine. I requested this feature last Spring and I still hope it will be added to LogMeIn. The major problem is that LogMeIn uses port 443 but it really isn’t compatible with firewalls like the Cisco Ironport that do man-in-the-middle filtering of SSL connections.

    This is why I have to do my own SSH and VNC hack instead of using LogMeIn. LogMeIn is far superior and I still hope LogMeIn will take my suggestion and fix this major problem.

    • @chainsman-ports / @Patrick McCutcheon-3D: use the “free trial” period of islonline.com when you have that problem, works as it should. You’re in the ditch if you want to permanently store your computers though, you’ll have to pay for a license, they don’t do free.

  21. I have used log me in for almost four or 5 years and have never been disappointed since a classmate introduced it to me.
    It has given me freedom to move around, work from home, library or anywhere and even bypass the tight screen and lack of mouse on a netbook by just loggin in from a pc. Its one of my most valuable softwares ever, and its amazing its free

  22. Logmein keep up the great program you , thanks for existing you make my life a lot simpler!

    Angie Tejeda

  23. Where can we find the change log for this update (or any other updates?) I use Logmein across a broad range of machines and devices and particularly interested in what *bugs* have been addressed.


  24. Can you please provide more details on this update?
    Will the new feature allow streaming to mobile devices?
    Is there going to be a Mac version of the update?
    Does it work with LogMeIn Free or Pro2 only?

  25. To all the pinheads who are complaining about Logmein FREE software: what part of FREE don’t you understand?

  26. The HD will be a nice addition. The Log Me In is a good product.

    I do have to agree with the buggieness of the cut and paste though. If I try to use it is screws up my keyboard and I have to log out and back in.

  27. Since this update, has anyone had issues remoting into user that have not installed the update? It seems like a connection is established, but that’s as far as it gets.


  28. Over the last year – I like it this app between work and office computers.

    ***The only thing I would change – make it more user friendlier to install in other computers within a net work. I’ve tried to show how this program works between friends, and clients – it wasn’t an easy set up….

  29. I just wish they’d release a Linux version. While I can ssh into my servers, sometimes it’s just easier to get a task done using the GUI.

  30. I have been very happy with this app/program.
    It works well for me within my home.
    As I work form home I have two windows PCs, one for work and one for the family and fun, both running win 7 an Ipad and other apple items . I can use logmein with all in my home, using my home wifi.

    I had hoped to be able to log in when away from home or at work somewhere else, using other wifi, but I have not been able to do this.
    I probably do not understand how this works as yet as I have only been using it for a week or so. Perhaps maybe all items have to be conected to the same router/WiFi within one place and can not be used to access your home PCs with an iPad when away? Can someone let me know if this is possible?

    One of my PCs I want to access is connected directly to my router with an ethernet cable, the other is connected by WiFi.
    Is it possible to acccess either of these with Logmein when working soem miles away from home?

    • I’ve been doing that for years Veritee. Apologies if this isn’t the issue you’re having but your computers need to be left switched on to be able to remote into them.

      • They are switched on, hardly ever switched off in fact – of course – but thanks.

        I will give it some more thought. Have a very slow broadband connection at home as I live in very rural Cornwall, 7 miles + from the ASDL enabled exchange with all overhead cables and bridges so line noise is very bad, as to prohibit any faster speed, almost as slow as dial up was, the only advantage is that it is always on.
        So my slow broardband speed at home may be a factor.

  31. Have just updated from 19xx to 2126 on limited access XP SP2 embedded Lacie NAS. All worked happily before and works at 2126 level on another Lacie NAS. Now it won’t turn on – just circles endlessly. I make my adjustments via RDC for Mac from another network machine. Anyone else experienced failure to fire up the new update? Anyhow, I remain a huge fan of this superb facility.

  32. I have log me in and have downloaded updates but I still haven’t a clue what to do with it why is there no instruction?

  33. I realy appriciate for the new updates but free and without virus.I realy hate updates because sometimes unnecessary updates are instaled alongwith virus behind the curtain.And there may be asking for hiden chargs so there should be no threats please.Thanks for free updates.

  34. Why does update 2126 decide to uopdate some but notall computers. There is a message appears during the update “Guardiansvc is not ours” Now clients are continually having to close an annoying update window that doesn’t update – it simply switches off Logmein.
    Come on Logmein = listen to your clients and create a news update that helps with these problems.

    • Hi!

      Getting this annoying update-that-don’t-update-and-continuously-request-to-be-allowed-to-update on one of my PCs too!

      Can anyone please do something about it!!!

      • I also am seeing this annoying updater screen. I updated LogMeIn over 2 weeks ago on several computers & am still constantly being asked to update to the latest version on almost daily. Every time the installer finishes I see the following message: “Successfully updated to version 4.01.2126.” I have ran this installer on Windows XP Pro SP3, Windows Vista Home & Windows 7 Home pc’s & it continues to ask me to update to the latest version. If anyone has any ways of fixing this issue I’d greatly appreciate it. I may try to uninstall LogMeIn completely & then reinstall & see if that helps. I really like LogMeIn (free) as it allows me to help out people (especially my parents) when they need pc support since I have already installed it on their computers. I have been using LogMeIn for several years & have never ran into an issue in the past.

  35. Question: when sending files via log me in pro… currently have type over the last email address used… is there a way for the program to remember the various email addresses used, rather than just the last one used??? It’s soooo time consuming to have to cut and paste a new email in every time. Thanks xx

  36. please get me off this thing as soon as possible. Do not bother me anymore. If I am subscribed, please unsubscribe me.

  37. I am getting used to the android app for logmein and I have to admire the fact that I don’t need the laptop in most circumsatnces. It stopped owing me anything months ago. It pays its way. I have been using this type of software for years as it has developed and improved. My experience has been that when the software company doesn’t have the imperitive to stay ahead of the operating systems it dies and another better program appears. I hate learning new systems so I am now invested in Logmein’s success.

  38. Happy Holidays to all.

    I have LogMeIn on my desktop, my laptop and on my 91-yr old father’s computer and because of LogMeIn, I have literally been able to teach my dad to use the computer in a proficient manner, no matter where I might be in the states.

    It all started 11-yrs ago after my mom passed. Initially, I started using PCAnywhere and graduated to LogMeIn on a recommendation. Having a computer and literate in its use is a blessing for my dad. He does the research for friends and neighbors who wonder about different popular issues the require a check of Google or Politico, for instance. In addition, he loves to write political letters and letter’s to the editor too.

    He even has his own website selling quality 85-90 compression quality golf balls that have his patented ears printed on them so the golfer (like all golfers) can yell at his ball, but this time to be heard yelling – “drop, drop; left; right, more, no, no”!

    Thank you LogMeIn, for helping me to add many quality years to my dad’s life.

    Don Y.
    Jupiter, FL 33477

  39. I like turkey, some don’t, i like fish some don’t…. your a noob and most aren’t. Logmein has saved my ass more times than a sheet of fire proof paper after a good curry.

    Turn the computer off, step outside and take a nice long breath of air and breath out, releasing your inner noobness

  40. Cada vez que enciendo la CPU sale un mensaje de Logmein que me informa que hay actualizaciones para cargar y aunque las cargue continúa saliendo el mensaje. Borré el programa y lo bajé nuevamente pero sigue el inconveniente. Estoy usando la versión gratis desde hace un par de años, pero nunca antes ésto había sucedido.
    Gracias desde ya por vuestra atención.

  41. Great software. Use it in my business between three stores and a separate account I use for home when I’m in the US. I also use it to log onto to my daughter when she needs help. Works perfectly, dont know what I’d do without it. New HD is amazing. Helpline is excellent . And its not expensive. Why moaning uncouth idiots like some of the above above write such rubbish is unexplainable. But they are just that – IDIOTS, who obviously like the sound of their own voice. If they dont like it the answers simple, dont buy it!


  43. your log in comes on my computer every time i turn it on i would like you to fix it so it does not do that. i have ” LOG IN ” on my computer but get sick and tired of the note coming on asking me to sign up.. do you think you can manage to take it off or tell me how i can do it ? thank you .

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