To Our Ignition Faithful

You may have heard that LogMeIn just launched a new, free remote control app in the App Store. With the announcement of this launch you might be wondering what that means for you and the freedom and flexibility you’ve come to love and depend on with Ignition.

Rest assured, LogMeIn is taking care of our dedicated Ignition users. In fact, as an early adopter of Ignition we’re updating your app to include HD remote control, video streaming and sound at no additional cost to you.  No subscription required.  No change to the features and functionality you love in Ignition.

We developed the new LogMeIn iOS app to continue the tradition we started with LogMeIn Free, providing users with free remote control of their PC or Mac from anywhere.

While users of the new LogMeIn app will need to purchase a subscription of LogMeIn Pro to use File Manager, Cloud Bank, or the new HD remote control, as an Ignition user your app will be updated for free, simply download the update on your iOS device.

Think of it as our way of saying Thank You.  Happy Holidays.

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23 thoughts on “To Our Ignition Faithful

  1. This is great news. Will this work for all of the computers on my Ignition account? I was only able to get sound when i started a trial and that only worked for one PC. Your help will be appreciated.

  2. I have struggled to get sound working to. I’m glad you have decided to continue to support those who invested in this application, I did think you had decided to deprecate ignition, so I’m really glad about this! It’s a great product!

  3. Thank you so much for this decision. I do think you should communicate more clearly what the difference between the two apps is now as I was a bit shocked too at first and had to search to end up on this page. Cheers

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  5. Wow! Awesome! Thanks for the “No subscription needed” update. That is terrific! This is one of my most valuable apps for business.

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  7. The change was due and I was expecting sooner or later. Happy you see you decided to give something back to who believed in Ignition right from the start.
    I need some help, though, how am I supposed to configure sound and HD video? My server has LogMeIn Free running. I have the latest update for Ignition but I don’t see the HD option, nor do I see the sound option (and it doesn’t work by itself…).

    • Me too I’m also using a free subscription on my pc and although I get sound playing from my pc I have no HD option.

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  9. I bought Ignition after it was released for iOS. How do I get the HD and Audio update? Can’t see the new options in the app.

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  12. When logging in to my music server with Ignition, the music on the local speakers mutes and the iPad gets the sound. I have to disable the mute for this every time I enter the server. A checkbox to disable this function would be good, or just let the speakers volume remain the same. Thanks.

  13. i bought ignition for iOS on 12 / 2009 paying 23 euro.
    since then i ve never had problem until the last update came.
    i realized that my money now cost nothing since the app become free
    and the most serious one is that when i m logging to my host pc (live music playing) it mutes…
    very IMPORTANT problem for me..
    PLEASE give us SOLUTION .

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  15. Assuming you carry this model over to Android, will we (the ignition faithful) also receive HD support with LogMeIn free?

  16. When is your Ignition software goign to support Android 4.2? I updated this morning and the screen is garbled, making the software unusable. Ignition hasn’t been updated in 11 months.. I would expect more out of a $30 app.

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