Sneak peek from MWC: LogMeIn Ignition on Honeycomb

The Ignition team has been hard at work here at LogMeIn, developing enhancements for Android smartphones and tablets. We are at the Android Stand during Mobile World Congress to show off the latest preview of LogMeIn Ignition running on Honeycomb tablets.

Taking advantage of Android 3.0 Honeycomb, LogMeIn Ignition and the new Motorola XOOM look like two great things together.

In this preview, we have also introduced Direct Mode navigation, optimized for tablets, that allows users to simply tap anywhere on the screen without having to move the mouse pointer.

The Ignition preview also features the latest Android tablet UI enhancements, including:

  • Action Bar to provide customized menu items within each page.
  • Notifications to display system-level alerts that allow users to interact while the app is running in the background.
  • Animation framework making screen transitions smooth and elegant.

We’re really excited about the preview, but check it out for yourself here:


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  4. Would be great to have this available asap. I bought a Xoom yesterday (replacing my iPad) but my primary use for my tablet is to provide remote support to companies and the lack of a Logmein app on it is going to cause me to return this Xoom. Any chance the potential release date would be soon enough it would be good for me to hold onto and not return this Xoom?

    I know you can’t be specific but maybe a rough time frame that would give alittle hope? 1 week. 2 weeks. within a month. Ect..

  5. I have no need or desire to play stupid mindless games or watch videos. I need a tablet for business & selected xoom for this purpose, but despite expectations there is no logmein and no skype and so I will have return it within the next few days – can’t hold on based on vague assurances that these will be available. Motorola & Verizon have really screwed up this launch. A pity because from what i’ve seen so far the xoom is an awesome product.

  6. Please hurry. I need it for the Xoom, too. Why is the older version not visible on the Xoom’s marketplace. We would have at least.something.

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  8. Purchased the xoom after watching a video on youtube with the xoom running logmein. I didn’t realize that it wasn’t out yet nor did the video say anything about logmein not being available for download. Ignition user here with prob over 100 computer as I am now using my xoom for tethering while I use my laptop to access logmein. Would like to join any beta testing if one exists. Thanks

    • Thanks for reaching out scansoftpros. We should have some more information on this shortly. Stay tuned.

  9. Any word yet? Tying to hold out and wait but needing a solution soon. There are other programs that are working on honeycomb but we are already integrated with logmein on the client side. Please release some real timelines … or we may need to switch.

  10. I’m still here loyal & waiting hoping to get some LMI use from my Xoom, also would love 2 beta test now or in the future

    I got my fingers crossed I believe in u guys, lets get em done

  11. I ended up returning my Xoom. Thinking I may have to migrate all of my clients off of Logmein at this point as well given that Logmein can not give even a rough time line. If you could tell people the next month. the next week. Anything. It would be helpfull but with no info of any kind to work on moving forward we need to take action.

    • Joshua. Sorry to hear that. The Xoom appears to be a fantastic device. I definitely hear your request and we are actively working on getting this out as soon as possible.

  12. Thanks to all who have expressed interest in LogMeIn Ignition for Android. We are on the verge of having our Honeycomb update ready. Please stay tuned.

  13. I am yet another logmein user that needs this app asap. I’ll be watching for the release. You might want to communicate to verizon about the release as this is a huge selling point for xoom. Verizon staff is clueless re this feature.

  14. Patiently (kinda) waiting on the HC release, credit card ready to go!

    BTW, the fact that they released the Xoom too early is not something I fault LMI for, nor should anybody else, bleeding edge is called that for a very good reason. People can return their Xooms and return to their iPads only to repurchase the Xoom in 3 – 6 months. Looking forward to giving the iPad to my wife. 🙂

  15. is log me in working on samsung galaxy 10.1?
    i purchased this tablet only because of the log me in system. i need to access the office computers when i am on the road. i did speak to logmein before i purchased the tablet and i spoke to verizon. both said it would work. the good news is i can log in to my logmein account. i can see the office computers, but unfortunately nothing happens when i tap the tablet. i have no control on the office workstation. nada. if i can’t get log me in to work on this tablet, i am sending it right back to verizon.

    • Logmein will not work on the web browser, you need to purchase the logmein app. The logmein app that this entire post is talking about.

  16. Thanks for your post. The issue you describe is a pretty common one among new Android Ignition users. We currently have two control types available for Android Ignition.

    The first is “Screen Moves”. In this type, you have a mouse cursor in the middle of the tablet screen. When you drag your finger along the screen, the image of what the computer shows moves behind the cursor. In this mode, you need to move the icons/elements you want to click to just under the arrow, then tap the screen.

    The second is “Mouse Moves”. In this one, the tables are turned. The image of the computer screen stays stationary (mostly), and dragging your finger across the screen moves the mouse instead. However, it’s still not a direct control, it’s more like the screen of your tablet is a giant laptop trackpad. The control is similar: you drag the cursor to where you want it, then tap the screen to send a click.

    To change this, you’ll need to tap Settings (gear) > Scroll Mode.

    I hope this helps.

  17. Still waiting on your fix for honeycomb. Logmein crashes every time I open another window. Your LMI keeps saying a patch will be released soon…it has been months! thank you!

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