NEW UPDATE: LogMeIn Ignition for Android Now Honeycomb Ready

New this week, we’re excited to let you know that we have updated our LogMeIn Ignition for Android app to officially support Android Honeycomb tablets, including the Motorola Xoom. Existing users can update their app for free.  A broader Honeycomb release is also in the works.

As always, your direct feedback helps LogMeIn improve our products.   Get the update and let us know what you think by leaving a comment.


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Dave is the Vice President of Product Marketing for LogMeIn's Customer Engagement and Support Products - BoldChat & Rescue

19 thoughts on “NEW UPDATE: LogMeIn Ignition for Android Now Honeycomb Ready

  1. thank you for an update. Just quick question on the update, I dont see the same mouse control as the video…. Is that coming?

    • We are working on an update release which will include many of the updates found in the MWC Android video.

  2. Cool! Is file sharing between mobile device and remote computer available on the Android release like it is in the iPhone app?

    • Thanks Fred. We’re looking at the possibility of having file sharing on the Android version of Ignition.

      • Thanks for update Dave. Can we update status from possibility to in development/beta? You all made a really big media, or push with the iPad/ipod fallout. Lots of press releases, etc.. with file mgmnt and xfr noted prominently. You all definitely value it as a feature set line item.

        Look forward to it being available on android. Great copy for next 10-Q.

  3. I have the same question as MTCOMPUTER…when are you going to update the Android version with the “direct mode” mouse option?

    It is currently only available on the ipad…and I refuse to buy one. I own a XOOM!

    • Eric. I’m definitely a big fan of the Xoom and we’re working on further enhancements. Stay tuned.

  4. Also, many of us have dual monitors at the host…I would love to see an easier option for switching between them. The free version on a desktop has the option of adding a button to switch screens. In Ignition, you need to enter settings to switch. The option should be added to the tear away bar at the bottom of the screen.


  5. How can I get to main menu/Preferences tab from android ignition? if i need to emergency reboot? or get to other settings?

  6. As several of us at the App Store who have tabs with Honeycomb 3.1 or 3.2, found out it doesn’t work, which has been confirmed by tech support. Total waste of money and no refund. LogMeIn is losing a lot of customers with this.

  7. ASUS EeePad Transformer runs Honeycomb 3.1. This is the tablet that a lot of geeks are using because of its dockable keyboard. We (the geeks) need to remote into servers to troubleshoot, script, use directory services, etc. Ignition for 3.1. would be great.

  8. makes it seem like a phishing site. you should use your domain ( or /blog) so people know that the site is legit.

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