LogMeIn Ignition Now Available for Amazon Kindle Fire

We’re excited to announce that LogMeIn Ignition is now available for Amazon’s highly anticipated tablet, the Kindle Fire.  With the launch of Ignition for the Kindle Fire, owners of Amazon’s brand-new tablet can now benefit from the powerful blend of Ignition’s remote access with Kindle Fire’s lightweight, simple-to-use interface.

Ignition on the Kindle Fire lets you remotely access one or more computers anywhere, anytime. So you never have to worry about leaving anything behind.

  • Put your office in the palm of your hand.
  • Remotely access your PC or Mac as if you’re sitting right in front of it.
  • Use any business application like Microsoft Office on a remote computer.

The app is available immediately on Kindle Fire on the Amazon Appstore for Android for a one-time fee of $29.99.

Chaz Logue

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Chaz is a Cubby product owner.

15 thoughts on “LogMeIn Ignition Now Available for Amazon Kindle Fire

    • What are you talking about? LogMeIn works fine on Macs and has for 2+ years (when I started using it)

      • Be honest; do you even know what Logmein Ignition is? Because that’s what we’re talking about. I’m well aware that Logmein works on a Mac. That’s also not the product we’re talking about here; we’re talking about IGNITION.

        • I absolutely know what ‘Ignition’ is. I’ve used it on Windows, althought Ignition seems to mean different things on different platforms. Its 1 thing on Android/iOS (even though its not available on iOS anymore), and another on Windows, where its just a right click connect kind of thing. It seems kind of redundant when you can just put the shortcuts in a folder on your desktop, really.

          • Vincent is an idiot, Logmein works on all of my Apple products including my iMac 27″, Macbook Air, IPAD HD and iPhone 5. I’ve been using ignition on all my devices for 2 years now. Vincent either you’re stupid or a Troll but whatever the case you should stay away from electronics since your not smart enough to use them properly.

          • Yet again, someone that doesn’t understand that LOGMEIN and LOGMEIN IGNITION are not the same product.

            And by the way, it’s “you’re not smart enough” not “your not smart enough.” If you’re going to call someone stupid, make sure your spelling is spot on.

            And there’s no such device as an “IPAD HD”

            Reality check indeed.

  1. Wonder if you need to pay for this AGAIN, I’ve already bought the Android version (Twice – two accounts), and the iPad version!
    PLUS i have an ongoing mutliple device PRO & Central subscription
    It seems only fitting I would have to pay again! :/

  2. Can the app work the other way? I use LogMeIn to remote control my in-laws’ computers for tech support. I’d like to also be able to control my mother-in-law’s Kindle Fire.

  3. Great news….but Amazon will not permit the purchase due to “geographical restrictions”.
    I am perhaps one of many bearing the consequences of this farce. Even “free” apps are restricted!!!
    Sincerely Kimhof

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  5. the kindle would be there for you to run all kind of features with your program software via logmein, depending on the type of trustee you are going to use.

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