LogMeIn Ignition for iOS introduces My Cloud Bank

We just released an update LogMeIn Ignition for iPad/iPhone.  With the latest release users can link their Ignition product to popular cloud services, like Dropbox, Google Docs and WebDav, to access all their files anytime, anywhere on their iOS devices.   My Cloud Bank works like File Manager within the app, so users can easily move files between computers, their local device and their clouds.

My Cloud Bank allows LogMeIn Ignition users the ability to take full advantage of being remote by connecting them to their files no matter where they are. We’ve extended the functionality of our File Manager feature and given users the benefit of using cloud storage services in conjunction with remote access and local file storage on their devices.


Be sure you download the newest update, now available on the App Store. Let us know what you think with reviews and ratings.

Tara Haas

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Tara is the Vice President of Products at LogMeIn. Tara's team is responsible for cross-product coordination with regards to customer insights, product launches, data analytics and pricing and packaging.

12 thoughts on “LogMeIn Ignition for iOS introduces My Cloud Bank

  1. Despite being the much larger, and faster growing share of the market Android gets no love as usual. Why the Apple bias?

  2. Wrong, Sony. There were more VHS devices than Betamax because VHS was better marketed. That’s why VHS won.

    But this isn’t about one being better than the other, it’s about where the demand is. There are more Android devices so theoretically there’s more demand there. It’s possible that for their products LMI are prioritising a greater demand from iOS users than there is from Android users, but only they will know. Given the headline numbers, it looks like bias. If I was a shareholder I’d want them meeting the biggest potential market first.

  3. I’m an IT Consultant and have a Motorola Droid for work and a personal iPhone. After spending the day fixing things that are broke, I want something that just works and that’s my iPhone 4. The Droid is for email and sux. I still haven’t seen an Android phone that works with Active Sync better than the iPhone, which is the first Apple product I’ve ever owned. Android is really just an IOS imitator, and still a couple of years behind. I bought ignition for my iPhone but would never buy it for the Droid.

    • Have you tried a Windows 7 phone – no problems with emails or outlook intergration and is a fantastic phone that equals the iPhone except it doesn’t (my early THC Trophy 7 doesn’t anyway) have a front camera for video conversations and has less apps but does have lots of usefull ones – surely better to have a few useful ones than lots of rubbish?

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