LogMeIn Ignition for Android: Update for Honeycomb Tablets

LogMeIn Ignition Honeycomb Update

LogMeIn Ignition for Android has been reworked from the ground up so the Ignition UI looks, feels and works great on the most recent Android tablets.  We know you’ve been patiently waiting for our update; it’s here and runs well on the tablet-optimized OS.

We heard you loud and clear. The LogMeIn Ignition for Android update also addresses previous compatibility issues with certain models and builds and promises to deliver a more powerful experience on your Samsung Galaxy Tab, Motorola Xoom and other tablets running Honeycomb OS. The update is a testament to your ongoing feedback.  So please keep it coming.

Also included in today’s Android update is Direct Mode. Direct Mode blends touch and click navigation, allowing you to simply click the screen for easy navigation. Direct Mode joins “Screen moves” and “Mouse moves” as your computer scrolling methods, giving you the flexibility to navigate your files and information however you’d like.

The update is free for existing LogMeIn Ignition for Android owners and available now in Google’s Android Marketplace.

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7 thoughts on “LogMeIn Ignition for Android: Update for Honeycomb Tablets

  1. Tested on ASUS Transformer with Honeycomb 3.2.1, Resolved issue with Memory Crash. So far no issues found, 110% better than before!

    • Duh…couldn’t find update because Logmein updated automatically! App works great thanks for your effforts!!!!!!

  2. I have installed lmii on my iPhone, and was about to pay again to install it on my touchpad running gingerbread, but I read on the rootzwiki forum where the November 14 update to lmii made fixes for honeycomb but broke gingerbread & thus touchpad use.

    Can you provide an eta for backwards compatibility fix?

    Thank you.

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