It’s Here! LogMeIn Rolls Out Ignition for Mac Beta

Now you’re only a click away from accessing all of your computers from any Mac with Ignition for Mac Beta.  You can now have all of the great features and functionality available in Ignition for Windows, including Remote Access, File Transfer and Computer Search, without having to open your browser and login.  All of the computers in your LogMeIn account will automatically appear in Ignition and are accessible with one-click access.

Try it out and let us know what you think, your feedback is always valuable to us.



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18 thoughts on “It’s Here! LogMeIn Rolls Out Ignition for Mac Beta

    • Beta section

      Hope ist will be offered through the MAS. Otherwise there will be no Ignition for me.

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  2. I know I’m a little late seeing this, but I’m still gonna say…. ITS FINALLY HERE!! I’ve been waiting for years for this to come out!! Thanks for listening to us! File manager / transfers coming soon hopefully.

  3. But allways problem between MAC and PC with AZERTY keyboard …. AZERTY -> QWERTY !!!

    Have you got a solution ?

  4. via google chrome heb ik van mac naar pc een azerty klavier .
    enkele is de m verdwenen . nergens te vinden op het klavier

  5. Awesome! Like it, only thing is… it does not use the saved computer passwords that I set in Central.

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