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  1. I saw this come up on my logmein central account, and we have both central and join.me pro… but when I log in, all i see is an account settings page… is this what I’m supposed to see? I got the impression that I could, from there link to my central, and my join.me, but I see nothing for that…


  2. I’m Chrome user. I can’t log in since the new login page introduced. Is there a new plugin for Chorme (Windows)?

  3. I’ve found it frustrating. I was going to the normalold logmein.com URL & once logged in getting a menu down the left, but nothing in the center. I also got the accounts page with the new URL & only a Logout in the upper right. I was able to get one session open with the new URL today (currently logged in), but trying to open a 2nd session in another tab to go to a different client, the login keeps failing, then I got a captca & it failed a couple times, then I gave up. It also doesn’t help when you have a password manager, I had changed it to the new URL, but since it’s flaky, I’ve now added the old one back, so I have the new & old URL’s. Hope you folks get this sorted out. I sure HOPE you don’t make us type in a CAPTCHA each time we log in, that will be a royal PITA & slow us down logging in.

  4. Yeah, I hate it. Your user interface needs more obvious ways to take me to where I want to go after I log in. Also, the entire operation of redirecting me elsewhere made me think I was being scammed.

    Seriously. Hate it. HATE IT.

  5. I hate it. It slows me down. I want to be able to log in and go straight to work -not have to click through more pages,

  6. https://accounts.logme.in/accountsettings.aspx
    is not working with IE8
    It just shows a logout button and some options to change the email, name etc, BUT it does not shows any other option/menu to move fwd like my computers etc.
    I don’t know why this page has been provided for use without proper testing.
    Even after several complaints on this forum, No one incl the site managers have provided any solution on this forum.

    • that is all i am getting either, no idea how to get to the computers listing or even add a new computer. sent them a twitter message too and no response

      • Getting connection loops now …. Try to connect to someone and it flicks back straight to the list of computers on several customers, other people can connect to these people fine, but they get the same issue for different customers.
        Not happy considering how much we pay with this joke of a company.

  7. Can also now no longer see, at a glance, what ‘account’ list of computers you are using…. SUPER! That will save us all time…….. /sarcasm

  8. It works with FireFox, but not with Chrome. It took LogMeIn forever to be fully compliant with Chrome regarding compatibility. Here we go again. You’d think before introducing a new service change/product that quality control would be fully tested beforehand.

  9. What a terrible change! I have to keep signing in with username and password every single time. Who in the world thought that this would be easier or faster?

  10. This new login page sucks. I had multiple accounts and all I had to do was double click the username field and a list of my accounts would show up. Now they are all gone.
    I don’t remember all the accounts I used to use. Provide a link to the old login page!!!

  11. I’m with Larry Craig – having to type my username and password everytime (while holding a phone in my hand, listening to annoyed client) is no upgrade at all 🙁

  12. While I appreciate the clean, new design, I do not understand the UI/UX decision to open the actual login page in a new tab. This is thoroughly annoying as I am in and out of LMI all day long and it’s always open in my browser. Get your marketing team to do some research before you alter the user experience. Just open the login page in the current tab!

    • After working with this for a week I have to say my user experience continues to fall far short of optimal. I have dozens of clients with their own LMI accounts, as well as my own, and yes each one has at least one paid subscription. Being redirected to a new tab for a login link is just BAD DESIGN! Logging out opening up a new tab is just BAD DESIGN! Change the target attributes in your CSS already. It just can’t be that hard to do.

      • Adding to the new user hostile interface is the fact that the kewl new buttons don’t indicate when they have keyboard focus.

        Does LMI do any usability testing before rolling out changes?

  13. Not working at all for me in IE or Firefox. Have IE on Win XP, Firefox on WIn XP and Firefox on MAC OS. None are working …

  14. This change was poorly executed. No advanced warnings to users; I encountered the same Settings page hang up and somehow got past it. I see no improvement to use from having the disruption of having a new URL – that alone required changing my password/URL database that semi-automates my login to sites. Using Safari on Mac OS X.

  15. This login with Chrome has been a problem for a while now. Interesting that they do not support their customers who pay monthly fees. How can a company introduce a new login page without testing it first? Poor!

  16. What a shambles. My business seriously considered dropping our GotoMyPc accounts and moving everything to Logmein and then they break the whole thing – no working log-in using Google Chrome – basic schoolboy error!!

    Logmein can’t expect to be taken seriously in the business community when making such a grave mistake – blocking paying customers access to their service – thank God for professional services like GotoMyPc….

    • Change for the sake of change is never a good reason. Not being able to see what ‘account’ we are on is the biggest detriment as we have around 80 different accounts and 100 different users switching between them all…

  17. I think you should consider a design change in the new login screen. You have the login on the right hand side of the page, however, it’s inconvenient or impossible to get to for those users who use a lower resolution on their monitors. Can you move the login to the left? Would make logging in to multiple accounts easier from said lower resolution systems. (NOTE: Those systems are owned by the end users where we are not allowed to change the resolution).

  18. What a terrible change. Even worse that the old new login page, which you still have to navigate through even when using the new new login page. What were you guys thinking? How about providing a single login page that works with RoboForm? And then test it with the most common browsers (IE8, IE9, IE10, Chrome, Firefox) before releasing it. What would be so hard about that?

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